Using Assessment to Improve the Quality of Education

Using Assessment to Improve the Quality of Education



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Using Assessment to Improve the Quality of Education by Thomas Kellaghan, Vincent Greaney

Who would not wish to know if students, as a result of their exposure to schooling, are acquiring appropriate knowledge, skills, behaviour, and attitudes? And who would not wish to have this information if it could plan an important role in improving the quality of education? National and international assessment, by specifying procedures to use data on individual students to describe the achievements of a whole education system (or a clearly defined part of it) hold out the promise of providing this information. It is not surprising, then, that the number of countries that have embarked on these assessments increased dramatically in the 1990s. In this booklet, the nature, models, and purposes of national assessments, and how information derived from them has been used in countries across the world, are described. International assessments, which share many procedural features with national assessments, but are designed to allow comparisons across countries, are also described.

The booklet should be of interest to education policymakers, planners, and managers who wish to add information on student learning to the information they already have on inputs to their education systems. For those who have already carried out an assessment, the booklet provides the opportunity to evaluate it in light of practice in other countries.

Author Biography: Thomas Kellaghan is Director of the Educational Research Centre at St Patrick's College in Dublin, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Education. He served as president of the International Association for Educational Assessment from 1997 to 2001. Areas of research include assessment, programme evaluation, and factors effecting human development.

Vincent Greaney is Lead Education Specialist at the World Bank, Washington DC. He has worked in the USA, Ireland, Africa, and Asia. Areas of professional interest include public examinations, national assessment, reading, teacher evaluation, and development education.

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