Using Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition

Using Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition


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ISBN-13: 9780789717429
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 09/22/1998
Series: Using Series
Edition description: MILLENNIUM
Pages: 704
Product dimensions: 7.39(w) x 9.12(h) x 1.41(d)

Table of Contents


1. Getting to Know SmartSuite Millennium Edition.
Working Smarter with SmartSuite. What's New in SmartSuite Millennium Edition? Introducing the SmartSuite Applications.

2. Understanding SmartSuite Basics.
Launching SmartSuite Applications. Understanding the SmartSuite Application Interface. Working with Menus, SmartIcons, and Commands. Using the SmartCenter.

3. Working with Files.
Managing SmartSuite Files. Opening, Saving, and Closing a File. Switching Between Windows. Switching Between Applications.

4. Getting Help.
Using the SmartSuite Expert. Getting the Most out of Help. Using SmartIcons. Using Lotus Internet Support.


5. Creating Documents with Word Pro.
Producing Great-Looking Documents with Word Pro. Exploring the Word Pro Window. Creating a New Document. Closing a Document. Using Different Document Views. Using Special Word Pro Views. Zooming In and Out on Your Document.

6. Editing Word Pro Documents.
Moving Around in a Word Pro Document. Selecting Text in Word Pro. Entering and Deleting Text. Copying and Moving Text. Using Undo and Redo. Finding and Replacing Text. Using Word Pro to Check Your Spelling. Using the Grammar Checker. Using the Thesaurus.

7. Formatting Documents in Word Pro.
Changing Text Attributes. Changing Paragraph Attributes. Working with Tabs. Working with Bulleted and Numbered Lists. Understanding Page Formatting. Creating Columns in a Section. Adjusting the Margins on a Document. Changing Page Size and Orientation.

8. Using SmartMasters and Styles.
Understanding SmartMasters. Creating a New Document from a SmartMaster. How Styles Work. Using Styles. Creating Your Own SmartMasters. Using the Business Productivity SmartMasters.

9. Working with Tables, Frames, and Graphics.
Using Tables to Organize Information. Creating a Table in a Document. Working with Tables. Changing Table Attributes. Creating Charts from Word Pro Tables. Using Frames. Using Graphics in Word Pro.

10. Working with Mail Merges, Envelopes, and Labels.
Merging Documents in Word Pro. Creating a Data File. Creating a Merge Document. Performing the Merge. Merging Envelopes. Working with Mailing Labels.

11. Finalizing and Printing Your Documents.
Revising and Editing Documents. Creating Document Versions. Working with Headers and Footers. Printing Your Documents.

12. Automating Tasks with Word Pro Scripts.
Automating Tasks with Word Pro Scripts. Recording a Script. Using the Word Pro Glossary Feature.


13. Getting Started with 1-2-3.
Working in the 1-2-3 Window. Navigating in Lotus 1-2-3. Entering and Editing Data. Moving and Copying Data. Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns. Creating Special Worksheets Using SmartMasters.

14. Working with Formulas and Functions.
Using Formulas for Quick Calculations. How Formulas Work. How to Enter a Formula. Performing Complex Calculations Using 1-2-3 Functions. Copying and Moving Formulas and Functions. Using Range Names. Creating Links in Worksheets and Workbooks.

15. Using Advanced 1-2-3 Functions.
Working with Advanced 1-2-3 Functions. Working with @PMT. Working with @IF. Working with LOOKUP Functions.

16. Formatting Your Worksheets.
Working with Formatting Options. Formatting Numbers. Using Font Attributes and Colors. Using Borders and Backgrounds. Recycling Your Favorite Formats. Resizing Columns and Rows. Setting Column Widths. Aligning Data in the Cell.

17. Charting and Analyzing Data.
Getting Started with Charts. Creating a Chart. Creating Worksheet Maps. Using Data Analysis Tools.

18. Using 1-2-3 Databases.
Using 1-2-3 Databases. Creating a 1-2-3 Database. Using Forms to Enter Data. Working with 1-2-3 Query Tables. Saving Data for Export.

19. Printing Worksheets.
Strategies for Perfect Printouts. Getting Your Worksheet Ready to Print. Using Preview and Page Setup. Using Headers and Footers. Selecting Items to Print. Adjusting Other Page and Worksheet Options.

20. Using Macros and Scripting in 1-2-3.
Working with 1-2-3 Scripts. Assigning Menus and Shortcut Keys to Scripts.


21. Creating a New Database.
What Is an Approach Database? Building a Database from Scratch. Working in Browse & Data Entry Mode. Working in Design Mode. Creating Databases from SmartMasters. Joining Databases.

22. Entering and Editing Data in Approach.
Adding and Editing Records. Manipulating Records. Creating Data Entry Forms for Joined Databases. Importing Data from Lotus 1-2-3.

23. Creating Worksheets and Charts in Approach.
Working with Approach Worksheets. Editing the Worksheet. Creating a Worksheet. Charting Approach Data. Creating Charts. Modifying the Chart. Printing the Chart.

24. Creating Reports in Approach.
Understanding Report Layouts. Creating a Report. Editing Reports. Printing Reports. Creating Crosstabs.

25. Creating Mailing Labels and Form Letters.
Working with Approach Mailing Labels and Form Letters. Creating Mailing Labels. Creating a Form Letter.


26. Working with Presentations.
What Is a Freelance Presentation? Getting Familiar with the Freelance Window. Exploring Freelance Views. Creating a New Presentation. Saving the Presentation. Opening an Existing Presentation.

27. Working with Freelance Slides.
Creating a New Page. Adding Text to a Page. Editing Text. Creating Text Objects and Pages in Outliner View. Selecting a New SmartMaster. Creating Speaker's Notes. Rearranging Pages in Page Sorter View.

28. Creating and Manipulating Objects.
What Are Freelance Objects? Creating New Objects. Manipulating Objects. Formatting Object Colors and Borders.

29. Showing and Printing Presentations.
Setting Up a Screen Show. Taking Advantage of Transitions. Working with Special Effects. Adding Multimedia Events. Rehearsing Your Presentation. Understanding Freelance Print Options. Printing Pages.


30. Managing Appointments and To Do Lists.
The Lotus Organizer Interface. Working with the Organizer Calendar. Scheduling Appointments. Editing and Deleting Appointments. Working with the To Do List. Adding Tasks. Editing Tasks. Sorting and Filtering Tasks.

31. Tracking Contacts and Phone Calls.
Working with Contact Addresses. Editing and Deleting Address Records. Viewing and Finding Addresses. Working with Phone Calls.

32. Planning and Printing in Organizer.
Working with the Organizer Planner. Using the Planner and Calendar Together. Managing Anniversaries. Printing in Organizer.


33. Using Lotus ScreenCam.
How ScreenCam Works. Running ScreenCam. Saving the Movie. ScreenCam Screentracks and Soundtracks. Creating Captions for Movies.

34. Lotus SmartSuite and the World Wide.
Understanding HTML Documents. Saving to HTML in 1-2-3. Using Word Pro to Create HTML Documents. Creating HTML Documents in Approach. Saving HTML Files in Freelance Graphics. Using FastSite to Create Web Sites. Integrating SmartSuite and Lotus eSuite.

35. Using IBM's ViaVoice Gold.
What Is IBM ViaVoice Gold. Using ViaVoice with Word Pro. Creating New Users in ViaVoice. The ViaVoice User Wizard Quick Training.

36. Sharing Data and Using SmartSuite TeamComputing.
Sharing Data between Applications. Working with Linked and Embedded Objects. Sharing Between the SmartSuite Applications. Working with SmartSuite TeamComputing.


37. Installing SmartSuite.
How the SmartSuite Installation Program Works. Minimum System Requirements. Installing SmartSuite for the First Time. Custom Installation Options. Adding SmartSuite Components. Removing Applications. Installing Other Options from the CD-ROM.


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