Using the Power of Humor to Improve Your Life

Using the Power of Humor to Improve Your Life

by Forrest Wheeler


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Using the Power of Humor to Improve Your Life by Forrest Wheeler

Forrest Wheeler, Author Educator and Clown open new doors to better your life using the power of humor.
Imagine yourself in Afghanistan delivering and protecting emergency human supplies while wearing a colorful clown costume, bright makeup highlighted prominently by a red rubber nose, all of which brings a smile to hostile, armed-to-the teeth soldiers.
In his new book, Using the Power of Humor, he provides the reader with an easy to understand and usable definition of humor. It clearly separates humor from comedy. It demonstrates in simple language the appropriate from inappropriate uses of humor and comedy. It offers the reader new perspectives on humor, giving people permission to take humor seriously.
This book opens up a whole new category of humor which when combined with rational and physical humor improves our understanding of clowns. It broadens the potential role of these laugh makers.
Using the Power of Humor, in an easy-to-read narrative, offers practical application of humor in every day life. The author presents new and exciting ways to empower the reader by connecting humor to: health and healing, education and learning, as well as enjoying increased productivity. He also demonstrates in simple terms how humor is the natural activator to help us develop positive attitudes, make lasting relationships, reduce pain in body and soul.
Humor defeats the terrorist and protects our nation.

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ISBN-13: 9781412030847
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 01/27/2006
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

The author of this book is not supposed to exist. It was all a mistake. The mistake happened in 1933, when a twenty-year-old girl had sex with her seventeen-year-old cousin and I was the result. A failed attempt to "erase" this mistake was made by leaving me in a warm oven with the glass door closed. Had it not been for my grandmother who discovered me I would have smothered. I was left permanently brain damaged. My grandfather's suicide two years later did not help matters much. I grew up in an abusive dysfunctional household in which those responsible for me found my existence annoying. I was an outcast in my community, barely tolerated in school, and shunned. By the time I was eighteen I was so inflamed with rage that the only remaining question was how many people would I destroy on the way to prison and death?It is now sixty years later. Fifty of these years I have spent married to the most wonderful angel God created. Not surprisingly, she retired after thirty-five years as a special education teacher. We have two children who are adults and successfully fulfilling their lives with humor and adventure. I took my Masters Degree in Education Administration to the Far East where we worked with children from twenty-three different nationalities in elementary Joint Consulate schools. Upon retirement I became a clown volunteering in hospitals and throughout the community.The details of how this all happened are more complicated than I can relate. The point is I saved my life when at the age of nineteen I learned that anger - like debt - grows bigger and uglier. Humor is like an inheritance - it creates power and opportunity. Some of the things humor can do for youinclude helping you to:Develop positive attitudes Make lasting relationships Distance yourself from problems with minimum risk Increase your productivity Strengthen your immune system Reduces pain Enhances communication Change

This book started as a resource for "Humor 'R Us" club members to access the power of humor between meetings. "Humor 'R Us" is the national organization devoted to spreading the message that humor heals and is a gift from one person to another to improve the quality of life.

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