Utah National Parks: Arches & Canyonlands Day Hikes

Utah National Parks: Arches & Canyonlands Day Hikes

by Anne Poe, Mike Poe


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ISBN-13: 9780982976630
Publisher: Take A Hike Guidebooks
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Anne and Mike Poe have been adventuring together since their marriage in 1970. From whitewater kayaking to glacier skiing, to bicycling for six months at a time, their adventures began to expand more and more. In the 1980's Anne started writing and photographing all their trips so the memories would always stay fresh. She published numerous articles in various outdoor magazines.

In 1984, they bicycled from Costa Rica to Peru. In successive years, they bicycled from Alaska to Idaho; six months through New Zealand; six months around Australia; and finally, in 1997, a six month odyssey from Bali, Indonesia to Hong Kong, China. Anne wrote her first book, On Our Own: A Bicycling Adventure in Southeast Asia, about that amazing journey.

From 1984 to 1990, they instructed downhill skiing in Vail, Colorado. During the summer months, they instructed Outward Bound Courses in the Boundary Waters Wilderness area of northern Minnesota.

By 1990, backpacking Canada's wilderness trails became the new focus. For six summers, they returned to explore new areas, photograph, and write.

In 2004, they started hiking Colorado's more than 4,000 miles of trails. When they went to Crested Butte, they knew they had found a hiker's paradise. For four summers, they researched, hiked, photographed and mapped this marvelous area, and produced their first guidebook: Crested Butte Colorado: 60 Scenic Day Hikes. When that sold out the first summer, before just printing another edition, they made revisions suggested by their followers and came out with the second edition: Crested Butte Colorado: 65 Scenic Day Hikes. The book is a hot item in local stores as well as in REI.

Summer 2010, they hiked trails in Silverton & Ouray, Colorado with the intention of producing another book. They knew the area's potential from having hiked many of the area trails over the years. In spring of 2011, they introduced their latest title: Southwest Colorado: High Country Day Hikes. You will find it in many stores in Silverton & Ouray as well as in REI.

All those years in Colorado, they spent the off seasons of April, May, and October in Moab, Utah hiking trails for this, their newest publication: Utah National Parks, Arches and Canyonlands Day Hikes. Hikers from all over continue to be enthusiastic about this new style of hiking guides that the Poe's are producing. So, put your boots on and go take a hike! The information you need is in your hands.

Visit their website, www.hikingbikingadventures.com to see all their adventures in photos, books and magazine articles.

To offer feedback or comments, and for updated trail information go to: Facebook.com/takeahikeguidebooks.

Anne is an Alpha. Alpha-1 is a lung emphysema that is inherited. It is progressive and life-long. She had lost 30% of her lung capacity before the disorder was discovered and abated through augmentation therapy. There are only 10,000 Americans currently diagnosed correctly, with a potential 100,000 possible cases. An estimated 20 million Americans are carriers of the abnormal genes. At risk groups include chronic COPD, irreversible asthma, and emphysema sufferers. Her goal is to bring awareness of the disorder to a public place. For more information, go to www.alpha-1foundation.org.

Read an Excerpt

Hike 14: Lathrop Options

14a: To Overlook/Return 1
Total Distance:
4.30 miles RT
Difficulty Rating: Easy
Surface: Hard packed sand
Gradient: Easy
Average Time: 2.5 hours
Elevations: TH: 6,008 Gain: +359

14b: To Top of Steep Descent/Return 2
Total Distance: 6.0 miles RT
Difficulty Rating: Moderate
Surface: Hard packed sand; slickrock ledges
Gradient: Easy to Moderate
Average Time: 4 hours hours
Elevations: TH: 6,008 Gain: + 1644

14c: To White Rim Road/Return 3
Total Distance: 10.50 miles RT
Difficulty Rating: Very Strenuous
Surface: Hard packed sand across the top; high steps down on much of the big descent
Gradient: Ranges from Easy to Very Steep
Average Time: 8 hours
Elevations: TH: 6,008 Gain: +2849

Maps: Trails Illustrated 210: Needles & Island in the Sky National Park Utah

Summary: Hike an easy trail through pretty grasslands to the edge of a superb lookout, or hike to the White Rim Road on a physically challenging descent and subsequent ascent unless you have left a vehicle on the White Rim Road for a shuttle.

Directions to Trailhead: From Island in the Sky Visitor Center, drive south on the main road 1.9 miles to the signed pull off parking area for Lathrop. Facilities: None. If you set up a shuttle vehicle instead of hiking back up, drive north from the Island in the Sky Visitor Center 0.9 miles and turn right (E) onto the signed Shafer Road. This is a serious 4x4 road with high cliffs and tight switchbacks. It is about 16 miles to the Lathrop TH near Airport Tower Camp. It takes about 2 hours one way.

Trail Description: Remember, the elevation gained on hiking any trail must include all the ups and downs for the entire journey to be more accurate. This trail has a significant number of big ups and downs to increase a straight mathematical elevation drop of 1662 feet to 2125 feet just to get to the bottom. If you climb back up, the total elevation gain comes to 2849 feet. From the start, hike across open grasslands observing numerous interesting rock formations. About two miles out, there is an unmarked junction in the trail that is quite obvious (2). Right goes .15 miles out to the viewpoint (2a) which is Return 1 and makes a very nice, easy hike. Go back to the main trail and turn right to continue the hike. The trail descends gently while following several amazing ledges with wonderful views. At (3),the trail makes a noticeable descent before climbing right back up again to (4). Between 3 & 4 is our favorite section of this hike. It offers many varied views of the canyon below as it contours around many small fingers out and back. If you hike this far, you will have seen the best views of the entire trail. Return 2 is at (4), before making the long descent to the White Rim. The switchbacks are long and winding; the difficulty is deceiving as many high steps down can be tiring. It took us 4 hours from the TH just to descend to the White Rim Road (6). The high steps made the ascent back up even more strenuous and time consuming. On a hot afternoon, this is a real workout! Still, the entire trail down to the White Rim has wonderful vistas; it is worth going all the way. That's why we give you the shuttle information!

Table of Contents

Hikes Chart
Why Hike Arches & Canyonlands
Where are Arches & Canyonlands
Why This Guidebook is Different
Find the Hikes You Want
Hike Options
Difficulty Ratings
Hiking Times
Summary Charts
How We Obtain Trail Data
Carry this Guide
Don't Bust the Crust!
Archeological Sites
Arches National Park
Map of all the trailheads
Hikes 1-12
Island in the Sky District, Canyonlands National Park
Map of all the trailheads
Hikes 12-26
Needles District, Canyonlands National Park
Map of all the trailheads & trails
Hikes 27-42
Meet the Authors
Appendix A: Entrance Fees, Addresses, and Park Regulations
Appendix B: Camping
Appendix C: Backcountry
Regulations, Permits, and Camping

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