Uteroglobin/Clara Cell Protein Family

Uteroglobin/Clara Cell Protein Family



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ISBN-13: 9781573312936
Publisher: New York Academy of Sciences
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Series: Annals of the New York Academy of Scienc
Pages: 358
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Table of Contents

Keynote Addresses: Blastokinin/Uteroglobin: Three Decades after Discovery
Discovery and Perspectives from the Blastokinin Era1
The Discovery of Uteroglobin and Its Significance for Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology9
Part I.Uteroglobin/CC10 Family of Proteins
All Human Genes of the Uteroglobin Family Are Localized on Chromosome 11q12.2 and Form a Dense Cluster25
Clara Cell Proteins43
Secretory Lipophilins: A Tale of Two Species59
Clara Cell Secretory Protein (CC16): Features as a Peripheral Lung Biomarker68
Mammaglobin, a Breast-Specific Gene, and Its Utility as a Marker for Breast Cancer78
Part II.Structural Biology of Uteroglobin/CC10 Protein and UG-Derived Bioactive Peptides
The Uteroglobin Fold90
Crystal Structure Analysis of Recombinant Human Uteroglobin and Molecular Modeling of Ligand Binding113
Antiflammins: Bioactive Peptides Derived from Uteroglobin128
Therapeutic Applications of Antiflammin Peptides in Experimental Ocular Inflammation141
Antiflammin Peptides in the Regulation of Inflammatory Response147
Part III.Regulation of the Uteroglobin Family of Genes by Hormones and Cytokines
Regulation of the Clara Cell Secretory Protein/Uteroglobin Promoter in Lung154
Uteroglobin Gene Transcription: What's the Rush?166
Physiological Regulation of Uteroglobin/CCSP Expression181
Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Stimulation of Human Clara Cell Secretory Protein Production by Human Airway Epithelial Cells193
Part IV.Physiological Functions and Clinical Applications of Uteroglobin
Pulmonary Phenotype of CCSP/UG Deficient Mice: A Consequence of CCSP Deficiency or Altered Clara Cell Function?202
Insight into the Physiological Function(s) of Uteroglobin by Gene-Knockout and Antisense-Transgenic Approaches210
Uteroglobin Binding Proteins: Regulation of Cellular Motility and Invasion in Normal and Cancer Cells234
The Role of CC10 in Pulmonary Carcinogenesis: From a Marker to Tumor Suppression249
Development of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Clara Cell 10-kDa Protein: In Pursuit of Clinical Significance of Sera in Patients with Asthma and Sarcoidosis268
Rationale for the Development of Recombinant Human CC10 as a Therapeutic for Inflammatory and Fibrotic Disease280
Poster Papers
C/EBP[alpha] and TTF-1 Synergistically Transactivate the Clara Cell Secretory Protein Gene300
Human Uteroglobin Gene Polymorphisms and Genetic Susceptibility to Asthma303
Amino Acid Residues in [alpha]-Helix-3 of Human Uteroglobin Are Critical for Its Phospholipase A[subscript 2] Inhibitory Activity307
Mammaglobin Complexes with BU101 in Breast Tissue312
Uteroglobin In Situ Hybridization: Novel Monitoring of Epithelial Differentiation in the Rabbit Endometrium316
Prolactin Augments Progesterone-Dependent Expression of a Nuclear P-Type ATPase that Associates with the Ring Domain of Rush Transcription Factors in the Endometrium321
A Novel In Situ Method of SV40 Transfection for the Establishment of Immortal Pulmonary Alveolar Type II Cell Lines325
Uteroglobin Expression and Release in the Human Endometrium332
Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines in a Mouse Transformed Clara Cell Line by Tumor Necrosis Factor-[alpha]336
Binding of rhCC10 to Fibronectin and Its Effect on Cellular Adhesion338
Mammaglobin as a Marker for the Detection of Tumor Cells in the Peripheral Blood of Breast Cancer Patients343
In Vivo and In Vitro Analysis of Hyperoxia-Induced Gene Expression in Mouse Lung and Mouse Transformed Clara Cells346
Nomenclature Session
Uteroglobin/Clara Cell 10-kDa Family of Proteins: Nomenclature Committee Report348
Closing Remarks and Future Directions355
Index of Contributors357

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