by Tara Simone

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In Author Tara Simone's fun romantic comedy, Vacationista, newly single Patience De La Rosa heads to Maui in search of a casual rebound that a tea leaf reader predicts is the only way to get over her ex – can Patience cast aside her breakup baggage to indulge in island debauchery or will that annoying weird guy sitting beside her at the pool interrupt her mission?

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BN ID: 2940044663961
Publisher: Tara Simone
Publication date: 07/16/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 239 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

So who is Tara Simone? I'm just a girl, an American girl, who writes stories that are fun and funny, sweet and sexy. Stories that let you escape for a few hours so you can forget about that crappy day at work and that idiot boss who never gives you credit ... or forget about that guy who didn't text you back, he's an idiot ... or forget how the drive-thru server messed up your venti, skinny, four pump hazelnut macchiatto latte that you were ordering to soothe the stress of the idiot boss or idiot guy. The world is full of idiots. My goal is to make you forget them. If I succeed drop me a line. If I haven't, well I suggest you try either Yoga, Meditation, Xanax or Raspberry flavored Vodka... I guarantee one of the four or a combination thereof will work.**I'm also an unapologetic fan of chick lit. Chick lit rules. All the great romantic comedy films are basically chick lit screenplays. Love Actually? Yep. Notting Hill? Yep. Sleepless in Seattle? Yep. The Holiday? Yep. Reservoir Dogs? Umm ... no. Definitely not. But love Tarantino. Okay, let's move on.I like to call my novels Bliss Lit - chick lit's wiser, more self-assured big sister who is seeking her bliss - personally, professionally and romantically. And aren't we all seeking our bliss? And you deserve to find yours. And you will. And if it doesn't come soon enough, refer to the four remedies above.**I do not advocate mixing prescription drugs and over the counter medicine a.k.a. alcohol as this could be dangerous and I need you alive so you can read my books. I am however a fan of mixing one or the other substance with outrageously difficult yoga moves. You have no idea how limber you really are.Thanks for visiting my author page. Happy reading and I wish you a Happily Ever After.

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Vacationista 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book so much! Very fast-paced, clever, laugh out loud and so inventive! Plus, I felt as if I were in Hawaii!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In a single word - Fabulous! Vacationista is a delight to read. In the pages of her debut novel, new author Tara Simone gives us witty dialogue, fun and fleshed out characters we want to cheer on, a vacation spot that makes me long to hop a plane, and shoes I can only wish I owned. The tone of the story is lively and the pace is just right. Vacationista is the kind of read that makes you unable to stop at the chapter's end. I'm so happy to have found a new favorite author and highly recommend this book if you like chick lit and women's fiction. Tara Simone is an emerging author to watch - can't wait for the next Soul Mates story.
starznstripes24 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun, light, fast read - exactly what I was in the mood for. Patience (that's her name) buys a surprise Hawaiian vacation for her and her boyfriend of 3 years only to have the relationship end 3 months before the trip. She goes to what is essentially newleywed central for a week and meets the most interecting characters. BTW: Her luggage is lost by the airline and she only has $200 for a week. All of the men in Hawaii cracked me up and there's a special place in my heart for each of them. If you're looking for a lot of angst, a triangle or a cliffhanger...this is not the book you want. If you hant to smile, laugh and feel good about an ending, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed!
Just_Booked_Monique More than 1 year ago
HILARIOUS…ROMANTIC...COMEDY! Vacationista is a wonderful romance about Patience Mercedes Cecilia De La Rosa, a twenty-six years old assistant buyer to Gina Reale the goddess buyer in the retail footwear industry. Patience considers herself the luckiest girl in the world with the best job and boss ever, but unfortunately her personal love life has not been lucky recently. Patience had planned a week vacation a year ago to take a much needed paradise retreat to Maui at a beautiful resort, but she finds herself unexpectedly breaking up with her boyfriend, Dan, of several years. Patience was now single and determined to go to Maui to enjoy herself regardless of her recent breakup and Gina was sending her well wishes with two departing gifts. One was a complimentary waxing with Svelanka, what Patience did not expect was the fortune Svelanka was going to share with her after her wax and tea. The other gift was a pair of limited edition denim espadrilles with a huge Chanel logo, which she names Coco. Coco is now her best friend on all her adventures on her vacation, because she has decided her going to look for a rebound man. While enjoying herself on the poolside, she meets Houston ‘Huey’ Anders a thirty-two year old movie screen writer who is just a little quirky, funny, pale skinned, and very sweet. Patience takes Coco with her on her different dates, Quinn the HOT Californian Bartender/Surfer, Ted Caifiano the Italian pharmaceutical sales god, Stefan a HOT German science engineer, but always ends and/or starts her days with Huey because Patience is Huey’s literature muse.  Whom will Patience decide to have rebound sex with or will she and Coco just simply go home after a week in paradise? Vacationista is a HILARIOUS LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and will be unable to put the book down. Author Tara Simone debuts her first novel, Vacationista, and has done a FANTASTIC job writing a romantic comedy that captivates you immediately capturing your interest to go on the adventures with Patience and Coco and laughing uncontrollably. I rate Tara Simone’ first novel in the Sole Mates series, Vacationista - 5 AMAZING STARS!