Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics

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Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics by T. Miyahara

These volumes contain 365 of the 505 papers presented at the VUV-11 Conference, held at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, from August 27th to September 1st 1995. The papers are divided into three sections: atomic and molecular spectroscopy, solid state spectroscopy and instrumentation and technological applications. New aspects presented were both quantitative and qualitative improvements in fluorescence spectroscopy and magnetic circular dichroism measurements. The fluorescence data are complementary to those of photoemission in a sense but they appear to open up a new method to analyze the optical excitation and relaxation processes. The application of magnetic circular dichroism has proved to be useful not only in analyzing the electronic structures of magnetic materials but also in practical applications to material engineering as found in experiments combined with photoelectron microscopy. Excellent developments in applications are only found in the field of surface photochemistry, where the technique of etching using VUV light has been appreciably refined.

Although the majority of distinctive scientific features in the VUV-11 Conference have been brought about by the application of synchrotron radiation, experiments using a different type of light source appear to have progressed steadily. This is evident in the studies of plasma radiation.

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Table of Contents

A Selection of the Papers. Materials science research by synchrotron radiation spectroscopy (Y. Petroff). Theoretical studies on core–level spectra of solids (A. Kotani). X–ray photoemission electron microscopy: magnetic circular dichroism imaging and other contrast mechanisms (B.P. Tonner et al.). Multiple photoionization of free atoms (J. Samson et al.). Soft X–ray emission spectroscopy in the nineties (E.J. Nordgren). Spectral weight transfer, mass renormalization and chemical potential shift in Mott–Hubbard systems (A. Fujimori et al.). Disorder induced effects on electronic structure of transition metal oxides (D.D. Sarma). Electronic structures of noble metal–Pd binary alloys studied by photoemission using synchrotron radiation (S.–J. Oh, T.–U. Nahm). Electron spectroscopies and partial excitation spectra in Cr2O3 (R. Zimmerman et al.). Multiple–Cu–site effects on core–level photoemission spectra for CuO2 planar systems (K. Okada). Photoemission and inverse photoemission studies on actinide materials – does any model work? (J.W. Allen et al.). Selection rule in resonant photoemission in rare earths (M. Kai). Resonant photoemission study of Gd–Lu and Dy–Lu multilayers (T. Hanyu et al.). Resonant photoemission in titanium metal (T. Kaurila). UV reflection spectra of anatase TiO2 (N. Hosaka et al.).

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