Validation: Attack of the Grunge

Validation: Attack of the Grunge

by Marc Live


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Validation: Attack of the Grunge

One could spend hours talking about all the local flavors that exist in hip-hop these days. Some MCs have strong regional prejudices, but others keep themselves creatively healthy by turning to different parts of the United States for inspiration -- which is what Marc Live (formerly Marc Rippin') does on his first solo effort, Validation. The former Raw Breed member favors a very bicoastal approach on this 2004 release, drawing on influences from both California (Ice-T, Dr. Dre) and the Northeast (Redman, the Notorious B.I.G.). A Bronx native with a Miami address and many Los Angeles connections, Live features guest rappers who became famous in California (Ice-T) or in New York (50 Cent, Kool Keith, Smoothe da Hustler). Of course, some of the rappers who have been closely identified with L.A. are originally from the East Coast -- including Ice-T, Everlast, and Donald D -- and for Live, having a bicoastal outlook makes perfect sense on this 2004 release, which lists Ice and Kool Keith as executive producers. By 2004 standards, Validation isn't groundbreaking; many of the topics Live addresses -- the dangers of thug life, the surplus of sucker MCs who lack genuine rhyming talent -- have been addressed on numerous hip-hop discs over the years. But if Validation is less than innovative, it is still successful on several levels. The grooves are infectious, the production is attractive, and Live's rhyming skills are never in question. Live shows himself to be a skillful, focused MC who has been around the block more than a few times, and that historic perspective serves him especially well on the thought-provoking "Street Music" (which discusses the way hip-hop has become so corporate since the early '90s). Validation may not be the most original rap CD of 2004, but all things considered, it's a solid, respectable, well-executed solo debut for the former Raw Breed member.

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