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Valor at Polebrook: Last Flight of Ten Horsepower

Valor at Polebrook: Last Flight of Ten Horsepower

by Rick School, Jeff Rogers
The incredible true story of a WWII B-17 Crew's struggle to survive.


The incredible true story of a WWII B-17 Crew's struggle to survive.

Editorial Reviews

World War II history comes alive in this story of ten men on their second combat mission who struggle to fly their bomber back to England from inside German territory. Black and white photos pepper a historical account which holds a 'you are there' feel with its interviews and personal revelations.
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On February 20, 1944, hundreds of miles behind enemy lines, the ten-man crew of a World War II B-17 bomber found themselves without pilots to fly them home. Valor At Polebrook: The Last Flight Of Ten Horsepower is a true airforce war story vividly recounted by Medal of Honor winners Lt. Walter Truemper and Sgt. Archie Mathies. Valor At Polebrook is a thrilling story -- the stuff of which military legends and major motion pictures are made!
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T.M. Lawler
Valor at Polebrook could only have been created by thousands of hours of research, many focused trips to gather firsthand, accurate information, and the keenest application of brilliant minds. (Lt. Col. T. M. Lawler, Jr., USAF (Ret.)
Mark Wells
The research is meticulous and the prose riveting. What an incredible story of human compassion and steadfast courage! I'm sure that readers of Valor at Polebrook will be as inspired and touched as I was. (Col. Mark Wells, Senior Military Professor and Deputy Head United States Air Force Academy)
Whitney Miller
Valor at Polebrook is written with a startling accuracy and feel of a combat mission. It puts one right into the aircraft with crewmembers as no other book I have read has done. There is a personal aspect to the narration that is most unusual. I would recommend this book to anyone, veteran or not. You can't put it down! (Whitney Miller, WWII B-17 Navigator)
Peter Moll
Valor at Polebrook isn't a Hollywood recreation, but true words which tug at the heart and soul of the reader. Enough cannot be said about this book. Read it. You won't be sorry. (Peter Moll, Executive Director, EAA Warbirds of America)
Judy Friebel
Valor at Polebrook performs a wonderful act of kindness to the loved ones of these courageous men by perpetuating their memories and easing the great sense of loss. Now the loss doesn't seem to be totally in vain. (Judy Friebel, WWII enthusiast)
Ellen Moore
I was spellbound by this most wonderful book. Rick School and Jeff Rogers have told the story as it was. (Ellen Moore, wife of Sgt. Carl Moore, Top Turret Gunner on Ten Horsepower)
William R. Lawley
As a World War II pilot of a B-17, and a recipient of the Medal of Honor, I highly recommend reading Valor at Polebrook. Many years were spent in researching the material for this book and it is evident that this is a well-told and true story without any of the misconceptions that are often used to enhance war stories. Read Valor at Polebrook and know that you are experiencing one of the great stories of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. (Col. William R. Lawley, Jr., MoH, USAF (Ret.)

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