Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off

Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off

by Brendon Baker
Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off

Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off

by Brendon Baker


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We are in a crisis!

85% of the change initiatives in your organisation could be worthless... Throwing money at an unknown result. They aren't just accepting ambiguity; they are driving off a cliff, blindfolded and hoping the car flies.

...But I get it. The alternatives are just too hard. The industry has over-complicated it. From obtuse jargon to complex spiderweb maps that are stuck in the weeds. No one has time for that!

But what if there was a better approach? Something a little ...Simpler? ...Easier?

Valuable Change is a Change Leader's complete handbook to setting up, driving and realising truly Valuable Change.

Valuable Change provides you with what you need to set the best possible course for your change. You will soon be ramping up the return on your projects, turning outcomes into reality, generating untold momentum, and eliminating fluffy paper claims. When you are running valuable change projects, you can say goodbye to: slow project start-ups, unwieldy plans, teams stuck in despair, communities and training that just doesn't work, and the endless teams of graduates sitting in dark rooms staring at spreadsheets.

You can expect:

  • Massive Improvements Across Your Project ROI
  • Huge Time Savings for Execs, Project Managers, Delivery Teams and PMOs
  • Career-Defining Reputational Boosts


  • The Secret to Faster, Cheaper, More Consistent Project Success
  • Two Insanely Powerful Shortcuts To Generating Change Buy-In
  • The Value Equation that Underpins All Change Adoption
  • The Heart of Clear Decision Making in Projects
  • The Antidote to Overzealous Bureaucracy
  • How to Build Momentum, Leverage Community, and Create Valuable Fanaticism

and more...

Stop wasting time and money. It's time to make the shift to truly Valuable Change.

See you inside.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780645122718
Publisher: Quality Project Initiative
Publication date: 08/30/2021
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

In a world filled with armies of consulting graduates sitting in dimly-lit rooms retroactively justifying why the latest 'transformational' initiative went ahead... Brendon is converting others to a radical new idea...Keep it simple. We are all involved in changing our organisations, whether we know it or not. The issue is the industry has over-complicated it. From the obtuse jargon and untold reams of paperwork. It's just too hard, too confusing and too academic. You don't have time for that. No one does. As a leading expert in the field, Brendon Baker has consulted on over $10 Billion in key transformation projects and programs across a range of industries. This has included public infrastructure, business/cultural transformations, shared service implementations, restructures, process overhauls, technology deployments, social policy & more. Brendon Baker is the Managing Director of the Valuable Change Co. His mission: Help Change Leaders Drive Real Value.

Table of Contents


A Quick Note from the Author.


About Valuable Change.

Some Scary Stats and Worthless Projects.

What You Are Going to Get with This Book.

Part One: Your Change

Chapter 1: Ask the Right Questions.

The Essence of a Valuable Project.

Don't Fall into The Money Trap.

Learning from Failure

Valuable Question One: Why Are We Doing It?

Valuable Question Two: How Will We Prove It?

Valuable Question Three: What Are We Doing?

The Top Four Mistakes Projects Make

Chapter 2: Have A Spine

The Secret to Building Valuable Projects

Two Steps, That's It

Build the Core

SO WHAT - Creating Your VQM

PROOF - How You Plan to Show Off

HOW - Answering the 'Delivery 6'

Chapter 3: Drive the Core

The Impossible Victory

The Power of A Better Platform

Driver Aid 1: Valuable Decisions

Driver Aid 2: The Learning Habit

Driver Aid 3: Simplest Practical Artefacts (SPAs)

The Truth About Driver's Aids

Part Two: Your People

Chapter 4: Stack The Value Equation

Why We Do Things (Or Don't)

The Interesting Science Behind It

Stacking the Equation in Your Favour: A Sustainable Reward

Stacking the Equation in Your Favour: The PITA Factor

Deploying The Value Equation In Your Change

Gamification: The Art of Creating New Rewards

A Final Note On A Valuable Mindset

Chapter 5: Rally Your People

The Better, More Effective Way: The VP Approach

Build and Protect Core Momentum: Elevating from Despair to Evangelism

Identifying Where You (and Your Team) Are

Strategies To Level Up

Maintaining High Momentum

Chapter 6: Forge Influential Champions & Communities

Identify and Enlist Internal Influencers: Find the Right People in Your Organisation to Recruit to Your Cause

Engage & Grow through Community: The Essence of A Great Community

But Wait There's More! Bonus Tactic: How To Truly Shift Capability

Rallying is Hard Work

Chapter 7: Value Balance Your Change Support

The Secret Behind Effective Change Support

Why Command & Control Isn't The Answer

An Imbalanced Equation

Breaking The Cycle

The Path To The High Value Service Cycle

A Final Note on Change Support

Part Three: Your Next Move

Chapter 8: Shift To Valuable Change

Ripple Area 1: Your Change Core

Ripple Area 2: Inside Your Change

Ripple Area 3: Outside Your Change

Valuable Change is a Journey not a Destination

Chapter 9: TLDR: Valuable Change In A Nutshell

About Valuable Change

Your Change

Your People

Your Next Move - Shift To Valuable Change



About The Author: Brendon Baker

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