Value Erosion: Hidden Flaws in Corporate Finance, the Root Cause of Financial Crisis.

Value Erosion: Hidden Flaws in Corporate Finance, the Root Cause of Financial Crisis.

by Rajesh D. Mudholkar


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Why does financial economics still not have complete answers to the single most important question that affects financial health -

'How do financial markets function?'

Why does the threat of financial crisis still loom large despite several advances in management science since the industrial revolution?

Are business enterprises the victims of faulty financial tools being taught worldwide for decades, and as a result actually contributing to irrational euphoria, and equally inevitable crashes in financial markets?

This book provokes the reader with questions 'Financial Economics' never asked! Albert Einstein said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it". Perhaps the answers to the world's most dreaded financial illness could be found by exploring within conventional practice!

41 Questions diagnose 'Corporate Finance' threadbare, to find remedies for the world's most dreaded, painful and chronic illness - 'Financial Crises'

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. One Decade, Three Crises
  3. The Hypotheses
  4. Anatomy of a Crisis
  5. A Fatal Communication Error
  6. The Role of 'Beta' in Corporate Finance
  7. Truth Behind The CAPM Mystery
  8. Models Deceive, Cash Flows Don't
  9. Does WACC Make Sense?
  10. If Archimedes Was an Economist
  11. Value Centric Capital Budgeting
  12. A Word on Pay Back Methods
  13. Measuring Value
  14. Financial Decision Making Standards

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ISBN-13: 9781489529145
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/25/2013
Pages: 170
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About the Author

Rajesh D. Mudholkar is a certified Management Accountant with over three decades of professional experience. He brings his knowledge, reflections and insights, gained from several years of MNC work as well as teaching finance, quantitative analysis and business research at post-graduate business management programs, into his writings. He has also authored two other books, 'The Timeless Essence of Financial Science' and 'The Entrepreneur's Oath', of which the former documents his path-breaking research that resolves decades old flaws in financial decision making and enterprise value measurement, the root cause of financial crises.

Besides teaching Business Management, he is on the editorial board of Anveshak International Journal of Management, and editorial advisor for a publishing firm, 'Intellipi Publishing' and has been a reviewer for Pearson.

His research work and publications have been nominated for various national and international awards.

He is an alumnus of 'University of Mumbai' and Associate member of ICAI, India's apex statutory body for Cost and Management Accounting.

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