by Lucienne Diver


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"Vamped is a total delight! Lucienne Diver delivers a delightful cast of undead characters and a fresh, fast take on the vampire mythos. Next installment, please!"
—Rachel Caine, New York Times bestselling author of the Morganville Vampires series

Gina Covello's Perks and Pitfalls
of Vamp Life
1. Hello?! Eternal youth and beauty!

2. Free. Designer. Clothes.

3. My hot new boyfriend Bobby went from chess dud to vamp stud.

4. No reflection! First order of business: turn my own stylist to stop the downward spiral from chic to eek.

5. Vampire vixen Mellisande has taken an interest in my boyfriend, and is now transforming the entire high school into her own personal vampire army. If anyone's going to start their own undead entourage it should be me.

I guess I'll just have to save everyone from fashion disasters and other fates worse than death.

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ISBN-13: 9780738714745
Publisher: North Star Editions
Publication date: 05/08/2009
Series: Vamped Series , #1
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Lucienne Diver is the author of the popular Vamped series for young adults. Her short stories have been published in anthologies by Baen Books, and she contributed an essay to the Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories anthology from HarperTeen. Diver lives near Tampa, Florida, where she works as a literary agent.

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I’m here to tell you, rising from the dead just purely sucks. I woke in a blind terror. Literally blind … my eyelids tried to flip upward like cartoon window shades as con-sciousness kicked my butt, but they got nowhere fast. Something was holding my lids shut. My hands banged against the sides of my prison as I tried to raise them to my eyes, and a scream bubbled up from somewhere around my toes, but nothing came out of my mouth. Oh God, my mind gibbered—no breath! No air. I was suffocating

A microsecond later I realized how silly that was. I couldn’t suffocate because I wasn’t breathing. No heartbeat either. In fact, all was silent as … well, as the grave.
My mind stuttered to a halt. Somehow, I didn’t think that was just, you know, a simile or metaphor or … what-ever. No heartbeat equaled no pulse. No pulse equaled dead, right? And yet here I was. I fought down my rising panic—no, too calm a word—hysteria, with great unnec-essary breaths … until my inner Cosmo girl witch-slapped me with an order to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. I was Gina Covello, dammit. I’d survive now, panic later.

Okay, there was only one way I knew to wake up dead— well, two, but I didn’t feel like a flesh-eating zombie. So I must be, like, a vampire. A creature of the night, as in Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, and all that jazz. That could be cool, right? I mean, beyond the sucking blood and pointy-stick phobia, there was eternal youth and beauty and all … assum-ing I found a way out of the grave. Otherwise, it wouldn’t much matter. I’d be doomed to unlife, watching the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout … the childhood rhyme played in my head.

Ack! I felt around, appreciating that my parents must have sprung for the deluxe model coffin with silk lining and all, and managed with some squiggling to get my fin-gers up to my eyelids, which—ewwww—were held shut by creepy plastic things that felt like tiny, spiny sea urchins.

Gross! I didn’t remember Buffy-verse vamps having these kinds of problems.
I tossed the freakshow eyelid doohickeys aside and moved straight into screaming for help (after filling my lungs like bal-loons so that I had air to force through my vocal cords) and pounding on the lid of my coffin. Ten or twenty blows later, things were actually popping and I figured this whole unlife thing must have imparted some cool superhuman strength to me. Either that or my grave hadn’t had enough visitors yet to really pack down the earth, which stood to reason. I’d only been dead three days, if the legends could be trusted. My parents, if they ran true to form, had prob-ably taken themselves off to some exotic locale right after the funeral to drink away the discomfort of my death. It wouldn’t be so much that they didn’t care as that they didn’t like caring. Emotion messed with their Botox treat-ments, causing unsightly wrinkles and all. Crying made you blotchy.

Superhuman strength or no, by the time I broke through to the surface, my manicure was totally shot, my nails were split, and I was covered in dirt. And I mean covered. I was about to wig out when I realized just what I was brushing off—and one shock kind of cancelled out the other. My par-ents had buried me in a truly heinous dress of white eyelet, which made me look like a stylistically challenged child bride. I had a vague repressed memory of being forced to wear it to my first communion years ago and marveled that it still fit. Not that I’d grown out, except for, you know, up top. Sadly, I hadn’t done much growing up either; I’d maxed out at, like, five foot nothing. Anyway, if anything deserved to be covered in grave dust, it was this old rag.

I shook out my mane of black hair, trying not to think of all the things that might have fallen into it. Had there been maggots? Oh please, please, please don’t let there have been maggots. I forced that mental image down into a deep dark mental box labeled Spiders and all things icky, but somehow lifting the lid unleashed a hoard of other creepy crawly thoughts. The memory swarm knocked me to my butt on the fresh earth of my grave.

I had a pretty good idea of how I’d become a vamp. I had flashes of prom gowns, yelling, screaming, Chaz haul-ing me around by the arm, his breath smelling of cheap beer, tossing me into his car, swerving all over the road, the painful shriek of metal on metal as we were sideswiped by a green muscle car, spinning out, a tree rushing at me way too fast …

I brought my mental shield crashing down on the memory that followed: the world careening out of con-trol, the sudden shock of impact, and … Anyway, that was how I died, not how I’d become a vamp—which must have happened earlier, I thought, at the post-prom party when I’d somehow found myself necking with Bobby-freakin’-Delvecchio, who’d become all mysteriously irresistible. And yeah, there’d been a bit of nipping involved too, which must have been where the whole blood-exchange thing took place. The details were a little fuzzy, maybe due tohaving dipped into Marcy’s punch, but that was probably just as well.

My stomach gave a lurch. I thought at first it was a rebellious reaction against the idea of blood, but then recog-nized it as hunger—no, bloodlust. I cringed. Well, that sealed it. Despite my attempt to sunny it up, undead equaled uncool. I was starting to realize why vamp films qualified as horror.

I mean, an all-liquid diet, a life without tanning options. I’d be doomed to an eternity looking like the bride of Fran-kenstein, especially in the gunnysack I was currently wear-ing. As soon as I got my hands on my sire, I was going to wring his scrawny little neck.

Speaking of which, you’d think the advantage to being turned by a geekboy like Bobby Delvecchio would be endless devotion, like he should be waiting for me to rise with a cup of warm blood and a spa robe or something. I flashed back to those Elijah Wood blue eyes of his and the way he’d looked prom night, with his kinda shaggy brown hair contrasting with his tailored tux. Okay, maybe not so geeky after all. Maybe his new vamp mojo had given him a totally inflated sense of himself as a ladies’ man. He could be out flashing those baby blues at some other girl right now. Creating his own harem, even. The very thought made me rise again from the fresh earth of my grave, fists clenched.

“Gina!” As if I’d conjured him, Bobby’s voice called out to me from across the cemetery. I almost turned toward him in relief before remembering I was mad at the two-timing bastard.

“Gina!” he yelled louder. “Wait.”

I allowed him to approach me, timing my turn for when he was about three steps away—optimum range for the whirl-and-glare maneuver. I was kind of amazed at how well I was able to pinpoint his position; my new vamp senses made the tiniest sound seem full volume.

“You’re late,” I informed him, ignoring the fact that I’d nearly whapped him with my hair as I spun. I punctu-ated my comment with a hand to one hip.

Bobby looked like he wanted to pull on the collar of his shirt, only he wasn’t really wearing one—a collar, that is. He had on a V-necked sweater the exact same shade as his eyes, and a black leather jacket that looked like it would be soft as butter. I wondered if the vamp transfor-mation had given him supernatural fashion sense and, if so, why everyone wasn’t doing it. It stopped the breath that I … wasn’t using anyway. And that was beyond weird.

“Um, yeah,” he answered, his ability to talk to girls still lagging behind his spankin’ new style. “There was some-thing I needed to do first.”
That was when my eyes lit on the shopping bags. Two of them. That most gorgeous Macy’s red. All my negativity just disappeared.

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Vamped 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
The_Shadow412 More than 1 year ago
gina gets bitten by bobby and dies in a car crash that same night. when she wakes 3 days later( so twilight) she finds out shes a vampire. gina and bobby get kidnapped and are taken to the vampire who turned bobby. great book, with great and funny characters.
acornucopiaoflove More than 1 year ago
After Gina wakes, and is forced to claw her way out of her grave, she knows something is off. This is confirmed after she is greeted by Bobby, a geek-turned-vampire, who tells her that she's a vampire, too. One mistake on prom night, and she's now the undead. After being abducted, she is a forced to live in a dorm setting with her other classmates (who have also been vamped). That's when the trouble really begins. This book has been called "Clueless meets Buffy", and it doesn't disappoint. Gina acts a lot like Cher, except less clueless, and more undead. At first Gina seems like a typical "popular" teen girl. She's a fashionista who concentrates on her looks (which is pretty hard to do with no reflection). When it's necessary, however, she is able to take control, and lead everyone against some of the less savory characters (without giving too much away). That's why I connected with her character. In high school I acted fairly immature most of the time, but certain situations required me to take charge, and act like an adult. I loved that this vampire novel was completely different from a lot of the other ones being published. Instead of dark, angst-ridden vampires, there was a bubbly heroine. Even the villains were fun in a love-to-hate way (well, except for a certain psychic). I had a lot of fun reading it, which I can't say for some of the "comedy" novels I've read in the past. Overall, I can't wait for the sequel, and more Bobby!
mesmericrevelation on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is yet another vampire book that I was not planning on buying, or liking for that matter and was even laughed at by my mom when I picked it up and added it to my huge pile in my arms. The only reason I bought it was because it was a vampire book and my mom was rushing me because she wanted to get home and I still had money left and I can't leave a bookstore with money left in my wallet. It's just not possible.I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I really enjoyed it. Vamped is hilarious and a fun read. I am glad I picked it up and I can't wait for the next one, ReVamped.
StaceyMacWrites on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
No sparkly, brooding vampires here. Main Character Gina is turned Vampire and with her to the other side she took her good fashion sense, her desire to keep her hair dresser, her same confident (not-quite-but-almost) man-eating attitude.This is a fun quick read about Gina, the boy who turned her, the boys gifts (which is causing all of the hair tangling ruckus,) and a lair, or in the case house, of vamps being used as a mini-army. No matter what the situation Gina is as much worried about her inability to dress herself in a mirror as she is about kicking-butt to stay un-dead.Action, humor, and a girl who isn¿t relying on anyone to get her out of a situation. Gina takes charge and offers a different side to the girl-who-falls-in-love-with-a-vampire then many of the books today. This is fairly written, using the storyline and characters personalities to hold the humorous story well.
sithereandread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In VAMPED, Gina woke up in her new vampire life. I loved her hilarious freak out moments about how she would be unable to see herself in a mirror. She definitely was not a mean girl but she had style, a bit of a 'tude, and she never let anyone put her down. And I loved the fact that the drama of the story wasn't created by a love triangle. There are so many books that use the romance as the main conflict, but this book was different. Bobby and Gina had a hot and heavy makeout session before she died and she woke up to her new life with a hottie boyfriend. They had legitimate feelings for each other, and explored them throughout the book. Another different aspect of this book that I loved was that the main character, Gina, was not a focal point of the action. Bobby was the center of vampire prophecy and Gina started off just being another teenage vampire pawn in the grand scheme. I liked how Diver only revealed to the reader what Gina knew, which amped up the anticipation. The end of the book was jammed packed with heart pumping action. Diver truly has talent for enabling the reading to fully visualize the action and at the end of this book I dug right in to Revamped.
hrose2931 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
At the beginning of this novel, I felt like I'd missed the first chapter or so. It took me awhile to catch up with things and figure out what was going on. Even so, I was about halfway into the novel before I felt like I was really into the novel and knew what was going on, who the characters were and where things were headed. But, once I got there, it was fun. There was Gina, obsessed with her looks who had no reflection. Then she's separated from her boyfriend who has some kind of superpowers for vampires. She's held prisoner and her best friend treats her like she's got a disease, no one is talking to her. But, Gina isn't going to take it lying down. She's the kind who takes charge now and falls apart later. So, she does makeovers. When Marcy goes missing, she gets out to rescue her. And she wants to find out why the evil vamp holding them captive is building an army of high school vampires. Does she even care about them?When Gina hides out in the head vamps office and hears a conversation she shouldn't, she finds out more of what's going on. She hopes she can round up the troops to help save Bobby and take their own fates into their hands, but mayhem ensues and retreat is required. When they are attacked the next night, more mayhem ensues and Gina and Bobby are made an offer they can't refuse!It's not a hardcore vampire book. Other than the confusion in the beginning, it was a fun book. I'm looking forward to reading Revamped. I like the snarky way Gina talks and thinks and her comebacks. She isn't at all upset about being a vampire other than the fact that she can't see her reflection. She's a take charge kind of girl and even though she's not sure if she's making the right decision, she stands behind it so that everyone else believes in her. And she's got a boyfriend that has her back. And really knows how to talk to win a girl's heart.I can't remember any bad language. Only one scene where Gina and Bobby are in their underwear. But that's all it says. I think this would be fine for thirteen and up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Destini and Darren are locked out of res 5
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Liked it byt sucks the next ones are so expensive like 9 bucks is to much specially if its as short as the first one tell writet she good but not 9 bucks for eletronic copy duh!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just leav me alone please.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok babe bye love u
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There was an Ethan who roleplayed here for a short while. He soon decided this wasn't the roleplay for him, and left. His current whereabouts are unknown.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hi!! Im Sarena, a vampire. Wanna talk? *she asked* &#9825Sarena&#9825
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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