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VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE (First Edition): The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage Against the Darkness of Death: Before and After KKXG: King Kong vs Gigantosaurus

VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE (First Edition): The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage Against the Darkness of Death: Before and After KKXG: King Kong vs Gigantosaurus

by Alan Colosi


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CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE, at age twenty-four, accepts Japanese Prime Minister Renhou's orders to rescue her partner, USMC Marine Lieutenant John Max, from being injected with the same military-grade drug that forces all mission-assigned thoughts to be forgotten. Now ten years later to the day---eighteen months after KKXG---Kumage at thirty-four again chooses Max, a colonel, to return to Japan and help destroy through the Japan Defense Force a vicious vampire that has been haunting her since she was nine years old. By means of a breach that exists between the anaerobic and aerobic quadrants, an entity known as The Count (aka: the Darkness of Death) voraciously requires Kumage's blissful scent to ease his breakdown of lactose. However, he can only exist inside Kantou Prefecture which badgers Kumage's ability to live there in peace. To survive, the commanding woman has to engage in the most dangerous battles at night, inclusive of a sixty meter saurian beast that dogs her adversary; worse, the older Kumage soon realizes that she requires unity, and therefore prays for Max's assimilation inside the Japanese culture---a way of life that he knows nothing about or even remembers from a mind-altering tragedy.

"VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE - The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage Against the Darkness of Death" is the third beloved novel that completes a beloved trilogy written for Japanese actress and author, Yumiko Shaku. In addition, the story acts as the direct sequel to the popular "Captain Yuriko Kumage - Her First Adventure During the Greatest War on Earth", and then as a sequel to the very popular, bestselling, "KKXG: King Kong vs. Gigantosaurus - The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage During the Greatest War on Earth".

Written exclusively on-location in Japan, this novel like the others contains fantastic descriptions of Martial Arts combat, gigantic monster horror, and the specific visuals of the actual locations---right to the porch---just to feel it. Likewise, the story contains character cameos with dialog (not endorsed) from Bloomberg Television personalities, both current and previous, and the environment of the story is under the blessed thoughts and knowledge of Yumiko Shaku. Finally, the content endorses the Rady X Yumiko Shaku product line that was released through the Rady designer Shizuka Muto.

Registered Copyright (c) 2012-2013 ALAN COLOSI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.




"VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE - The Adventures of Yuriko Kumage Against the Darkness of Death"



Captain Yuriko Kumage is inspired and portrayed by Japanese actress and author, Yumiko Shaku.


VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE, KKXG, and CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE endorses Shizuka Muto's Rady brand products throughout the content.


"Kumage" is pronounced as follows: "Ku" as in "Kudos", "Ma" and in "Mama", and "Ge" as in "Gay")


"KKXG: King Kong vs. Gigantosaurus" (aka: "KKXG: King Kong vs. Godzilla") by US Registered Copyright (PAu003075664) is the prequel to "Vampire Military Police". "CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE - Her First Adventure During the Greatest War on Earth" is also the prequel to "Vampire Military Police" by US Registered Copyright (TXu001767476) !! Buy the complete trilogy!

All content, including "Captain Yuriko Kumage" have been submitted to representative agents.


Original Certified June 12, 2012, Prima Facie US Registered Copyright (TXu001832704).

Registered Copyright (c) June 12, 2012 ALAN COLOSI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781479113125
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/12/2012
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

ALAN COLOSI is a Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts degree graduate in Computer Science with Japanese as the foreign language from BOSTON UNIVERSITY, The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS '00). Having traveled to Japan 93 times from Boston, MA, USA with over 3 Million miles as an Emerald Member with The One World Alliance, Mr. Colosi maintains countless years of computer programming, radio, media, market research and journalism experience integrating both English and Japanese. Prior to BOSTON UNIVERSITY, Mr. Colosi worked at radio stations WXKS-FM, Boston, MA as a core programmer (1984 - 1988) and KISS-FM LONDON (as a reporter 1991-1993) and currently is the owner and operator of SHADO CONTROL management ... ... maintaining the site for over 16 years with business news and information, merchandise sales, and advertising in fields emphasizing science, the arts, and business analysis by constructing mathematical theory with successive growth. The current extension of SHADO CONTROL is the business plan push of KKXG: KING KONG VS GIGANTOSAURUS, CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE, ***AND*** VAMPIRE MILITARY POLICE after receiving very important blessings for it to succeed. The CAPTAIN YURIKO KUMAGE TRILOGY (aka: "KUMAGE TAICHOU") is dedication to and written for YUMIKO SHAKU. KKXG: KING KONG VS. GIGANTOSAURUS is the content derived from the original "KKXG: KING KONG VS GODZILLA" copyright created and owned by the author. All the content, including subsequent screenplays have been submitted to a representative agent. KKXG 2006 Prima Facie US Registered Copyright: PAu003075664. KUMAGE TAICHOU June 12, 2011-2012, Certified Prima Facie US Registered Copyright: TXu001767476. Please enjoy every part of it.

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