Vampire Slayer Vamp Candy (Light BDSM Paranormal Erotica)

Vampire Slayer Vamp Candy (Light BDSM Paranormal Erotica)

by Cat Wilder

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Vampire Slayer Vamp Candy (Light BDSM Paranormal Erotica) by Cat Wilder

Cat Wilder is bringing Sexy to Urban Fantasy.

Vampire slayer Buffy Beauchamp and two other slayers, Sidoney and Misty, are out on the town enjoying a rare night off from stalking the undead. Three powerful vampires catch them with their guard down, and the three beauties are quickly hypnotized and led away to serve and service their new vampire masters. Buffy struggles with her new life as mere Vamp Candy, forced to give any vampire who asked her body and blood, while trying to find a way to escape when she gets her hands on a passed out customer's cell phone. She calls the city's top Good Witch, but the vampires are ready and waiting for just such an opportunity. Will the Good Witch rescue them? Or will the vampires prove too much for even her, and bring the pure-hearted witch within their lecherous power as well?

Warning, this novella contains extremely explicit sex between adults, dubious consent, bondage, spanking, and vampiric powers used to exploit and manipulate beautiful women.

Urban Fantasy with lots of raw, naked sex that steams up your e-reader.

This is the first in the Vampire Slayer Series.
1 - Vampire Slayer Gangbang
2 - Vampire Slayer Werewolf Gangbang
3 - Vampire Slayer Fangbang
4 - Vampire Slayer Vamp Candy

* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *


Buffy continued to shake and tremble. She was only slowly regaining control of her faculties, and her body. Not that it mattered, she was securely bound to the spanking horse. By the time she was coherent enough to take in her surroundings, Sidoney was enchanted the same way and Elvira was in the middle of cursing Misty as well.

"There you go, Guy. Three bound slave girls," Elvira said, lifting her feet off the floor and gliding toward the front door. "As per your request, if they leave the building for any reason, they will die the most painful, gruesome deaths imaginable. And even thinking about escape will cause them intense pain. I think they will quickly become good, obedient slave girls."

Guy leaned over an iPad and tapped something out. Then he smiled at the witch. "Excellent. I always enjoy doing business with you, Elvira. I just transfer the agreed upon funds to your account, including your standard fee to enchant one of my girls. Times three. Thank you."

"I look forward to serving you again," Elvira said.

They all watched as she turned into the short passage to the front door. The vampire guards closed the thick black curtains, and they heard the door scrape open, and close. One of the guards then locked the door.

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BN ID: 2940014667104
Publisher: Smokin' Hot Press
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Series: Vampire Slayer , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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