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Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire

Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire

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by Father Sebastiaan

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Since the dawn of civilization the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture, expressed in folklore, literature, and art. Today, this fascination resonates in pop-culture, through hit television shows and movies and bestselling books. But what does it mean to be a vampire, a living and modern vampire? What many do not realize is that the


Since the dawn of civilization the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture, expressed in folklore, literature, and art. Today, this fascination resonates in pop-culture, through hit television shows and movies and bestselling books. But what does it mean to be a vampire, a living and modern vampire? What many do not realize is that the Living Vampyre is on a serious, lifelong spiritual path. Best known as Strigoii Vii, the Living Vampyre is one who has embarked on a serious and lifelong spiritual path. Not just "kids in capes," the members of this magickal community seek to live in glamour and ritual every day. The Vampyre Sanguinomicon provides a profound perspective on the Vampyre culture, traditions, movement and philosophies, which are intended to challenge and inspire your views. Chapters include Vampyre Ritual, Vampyre Sensuality, Beginning Vampyrism, and The Vampyre Wedding.

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Father Sebastiaan here offers practical advice on how to adopt the vampyre (spelled to distinguish it from the more familiar creatures famous in movies and television) lifestyle. Vampyres feed on human energy, not blood. The book presents harmless advice on how to become a vampyre—rites, rituals, and codes of behavior, among other topics. There is even a strong emphasis on politeness and almost courtly behavior. Although this volume is rich in information, the writing style tends toward denseness and repetition. VERDICT Teens and Goths may find this an interesting but slow read, and New Age practitioners may also be intrigued. Some patrons will recognize Father Sebastiaan's name from his television appearances. A novel choice only for large public libraries looking to expand their paranormal collections.—Susan Flaherty, Portland P.L., ME

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By Father Sebastiaan

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2010 Father Sebastiaan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-314-1



Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night.

—William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence"

Since the dawn of civilization, the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture. These whispers have been expressed over the past four aeons through Our Glamour, evident in folklore, literature, art, and the media, as well as many other spheres. Each new generation recognizes and embraces some new masque of the Immortal vampire archetype.

Why is this so? Is there not truth in every myth? There truly is, but it is most often hidden beneath metaphor and thus not immediately recognized. Therefore, your first task is to put aside what you already believe or think you know about "vampires" and listen carefully. What lies within these pages may initially seem for many readers to be sheer nonsense. However, for some rare few it will ring of familiarity. These blessed individuals have the unique potential to experience the world in a manner quite unknown to the rest of humanity. It is for those with this Dark Flame that this book has been written.

"The Vampyre Prospectus" is the cornerstone and the first of a series of core syllabus texts of the Strigoi Vii written from the perspective of the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV) and the Synod. Each tome of the Sanguinomicon is organized into a regimented system that disseminates the core Mysteries, traditions, philosophies, and teachings of the Strigoi Vii. Thus, each book is intended to be a spark that ignites the Awakening of the Dark Flame, or the hidden potential, that may lie within you. That Awakening is the first step on the journey into the magickal, spiritual, and philosophical system We call Strigoi Vii. Whether you are a Seeker exploring the possibility of Strigoi Vii Initiation or a curious scholar of the esoteric, this book is the foremost authority and resource on the Mysteries of the Strigoi Vii.

This manifesto will set you on the first steps of understanding Zhep'r, or the evolution from a mortal's perspective to that of the Immortal. When beginning on this Great Work, you must first look within yourself as you would into a mirror, reading beyond the myths perpetuated in the mortal mind throughout history, and truly understand your own soul. Many splendid gems of truth are buried in the dull earth of history and legend. Consider the film The Matrix. Morpheus offers his student Neo a choice. He could explore the world beyond his ken by swallowing a red pill or instead take a blue pill and return to the mundane world. The original advertising campaign for The Matrix asked: "What is the Matrix? You will have to see it to understand!" Strigoi Vii is no different. At this very moment you are faced with the choice between living a complacent, "normal" life or rising above the world to transcend ordinary experience and gain a profound and extraordinary perspective.

In order to achieve success, you must test and experiment with the Strigoi Vii Mysteries. You shall begin to see through and beyond the mirror, a Quest which can only be embarked on in solitude. Only a few can possibly see past the enthralling Glamour that has seduced the mortal-minded for centuries. As one of Our mortal patrons has said, "This reality is beyond fiction." You must forget all you think you know about the vampire in order to comprehend the world known to the Family of the Strigoi Vii.

When reading and exploring the books of the Sanguinomicon, you may not agree with or feel drawn to some of the Mysteries that lie within. This is only natural, and skeptical questioning is the first step to unlocking this knowledge and comprehending how you may best apply it for yourself. We are catalysts of transformation for Our Family as well as others Awakened to the subtle world.

Those pursuing the Mysteries must be willing to study, analyze, and test the material presented in these texts. If you read the Sanguinomicon and do not experiment with or attempt to solve the Mysteries yourself, it will be as if you took the trouble to perfectly learn all the rules of chess yet never played a single game. You will be just another bibliophile who adds the Sanguinomicon to their collection. Results are inarguable. They are the only way you will ever know the truth of the Mysteries and determine if you are of the Family. This is the first step toward experiencing Awakening and Initiation. Achieving these results will take time, patience, and effort. Yet without validation, you will never know the potential power of the knowledge that lies within your hands at this very moment.

The one glimpse he had had of the title was enough to send him into transports, and some of the diagrams set in the vague Latin text excited the tensest and most disquieting recollections in his brain. He felt it was highly necessary to get the ponderous thing home and begin deciphering it, and bore it out of the shop with such precipitate haste ...

—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Descendant" (describing the Necronomicon)

The Sanguinomicon refers to the collection of texts containing the written Outer Circle teachings of the spiritual and philosophical metaparadigms of Strigoi Vii, as defined by the Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV) and the Synod. Strigoi Vii are engaged with and dedicated to spiritual and material mastery of this mortal coil and beyond. They are willing to tread the path necessary to guarantee the Immortality of the Self and serve the Quest of Family.

The Sanguinomicon is essentially the modern equivalent of earlier works on the same subject, including the Pert em Hru, or The Book of Coming Forth by Day, better known today as the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It may also be likened to other sacred texts such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Buddhist Sutras.

The Outer Strigoi Vii Mysteries focus on achieving the equilibrium of the Dayside (Corporeal, materialistic, rational, and skeptical), Nightside (Ethereal, spiritual, and magickal), and Twilight (Astral, a condition of balance). "The Vampyre Prospectus" is the foundation for and introduction to the Sanguinomicon. Each subsequent book explores deeper and deeper Mysteries through exercises and lessons. The second book, "Coming Forth by Day," explores the Corporeal Dayside Mysteries of Strigoi Vii. The third book, "Coming Forth by Night," explores the Ethereal Nightside. Finally, the fourth book, a discrete text for members of the Sanguinarium, explores the processes of "Coming Forth by Twilight," which completes the Outer Mysteries of the Vampyre. Upon completing these Mysteries, the Strigoi Vii establishes a solid foundation from which to secure personal Immortality of the Self. This is a transformative journey from the mentality of the mortal-minded to that of the Immortal. We Strigoi Vii call this journey of transformation Zhep'r.

The name Sanguinomicon is indeed inspired by the Necronomicon, a fictional and nonexistent magickal grimoire created by American horror writer and fantasist H. P. Lovecraft (1891–1937) and often mentioned in his stories. The etymology of the word sanguinomicon is based in Greek and Latin. The word sanguine in Latin means "of blood"; the word nom means "law" in Greek. Thus, one approximate English translation of Sanguinomicon would be "Book of the Laws of Blood." For the Strigoi Vii, it is the core sacred text.

The Revelations of the Devout and Learn'd Who rose before us, and as Prophets burn'd, Are all but Stories, which, awoke from Sleep, They told their comrades, and to Sleep return'd.

—Edward Fitzgerald, Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam

Strigoi Vii is the plural for Strigoi Viu, the Romanian word meaning, approximately, "living vampire" and/or "vampire witch." This is the word from which We take Our name. In Romanian mythology the word strig (strega in Italian) translates to mean "witch." One source of this word is the ancient Roman mythological shrieking vampire bird known as the strix. We feel this name is best suited to describe Our Family and Its traditions, magickal systems, Mysteries, and philosophies. Strigoi Vii is Our distinct form of Vampyre witchcraft. It shares many elements with modern neopaganism and other esoteric systems, yet still remains completely unique.

Many great thinkers such as Aristotle, William Blake, Carl Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Ayn Rand with her philosophy of Objectivism, and Ragnar Redbeard (author of Might Is Right) have expressed elements of Our Corporeal Dayside perspectives in various ways. However, it must be noted that the Dayside Vampyre philosophy is only partially revealed by these viewpoints or thinkers. Moreover, many of these personages unfortunately incorporate objectionable sentiments (such as racism and sexism) into their more excellent philosophies. You can also see elements of Our Ethereal Nightside perspectives reflected throughout history in the esoteric realms, including the Chaos Magick of Peter J. Carroll, Sumerian and Egyptian magic, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Thelema of Magus Aleister Crowley, Gnostic teachings, Judeo-Christian mysticism, and Hermetic Magick from ancient times.

We define the process of syncretism as reading between the lines and seeing the elements of the Mysteries in disparate myths, stories, and thoughts, and then putting these fragments back together into greater and more practical truths. As Strigoi Vii, that is what We do, seeking truth and reason through Our own insight as well as that of other wise ones.

For the last millennium, and even during the days of Sumer and Khem (better known as today as Ancient Egypt), the forefathers of the Family have been in the shadows, working in secrecy with Our Ancestors. However, all of this is changing now. With the guidance of Our Ancestors, a new generation of the Family is finally deliberately revealing Our collective heritage. We are gathering together and slowly coming out of the shadows in order to take part in the future and embrace Our past as One.

Vampyre or vampire? As members of a tradition rooted in parcels through history, We Strigoi Vii make a clear differentiation between the words Vampyre and vampire. We use the terms Vampyre, Strigoi Vii, and Living Vampire interchangeably, usually with capitals to refer to Ourselves. Many of the original Vampyre covens of Angael Halo (Los Angeles) and Gotham Halo (New York City) were the "Old Guard" who employed the spelling of Vampyre with a y. This subtle spelling difference may be confusing at first; however, Our traditional spelling denotes a significant and profound difference between fantasy and reality. Thus the Strigoi Vii, when speaking in short text, spell Vampyre with a capital V and a y. We use the y spelling to designate the term representing Our existence and Our Mysteries. For example, when referring to the practice of energy tapping from the Strigoi Vii perspective, one would say Vampyrism. When We spell vampire with an i and lowercase v, it traditionally refers to the mythological, literary, or popular concept of the vampire.

Vampyre is also the older and more classic spelling popularly used in the nineteenth century, originating from the Latin word vampyrus. The word vampire came into the more modern usage with the translation from Eastern European names such as upior, upyr, vampire, and vapir. Some members of the Family feel the words Vampyre and vampire are both somewhat cliché and simply prefer to refer to themselves as Strigoi Vii. We Strigoi Vii are proud of and honor Our heritage and traditions, yet look to the future with vigor and excitement.

As proposed by a Sanguinarium contemporary Jack Dean Stauss of Fang Club Hollywood fame, a little research would show you that Vampyre with a y was the Eastern European spelling of the word, based on Wampyr and Valkrye. John William Polidori is often given credit for the first English depiction of a modern-day Vampyre in his classic short story "The Vampyre," written in 1819.

An interesting sidenote about this story is that Lord Byron was erroneously given credit for this original tale, even though he and Polidori both stated in several press conferences that it was written by Polidori. This tale was written on the same weekend and on the same vacation Polidori shared with Mary and Percy Shelley, during which she inked a little story called Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus. Lord Byron, Polidori, Claire Clairmont, and the Shelleys were on a vacation in Switzerland when they decided to try and scare each other with ghost stories over dinner ... The end results became the classics "The Vampyre" and Frankenstein.

Later on, during the end of Victorian era and right after Jack the Ripper terrorized the Whitechapel district of London, Bram Stoker was getting ready for the release of his famous novel, Dracula. His publisher thought it would be best that he change all the mentions of the word vampyre in his novel to vampire. Vampyre seemed too ethnic, and the main suspects in the Whitechapel murders were two Eastern European men named Seweryn K?osowski and Aaron Kosminski. (The Whitechapel murders were committed in 1888, but the official investigation wasn't until 1894. This incited an 1895 race riot on the east end of London due to Scotland Yard's inability to convict a suspect.) Stoker's novel was completed in 1894, refined and rewritten in 1895, excerpts were released to the public in various newspapers from 1895 through 1898, and the official book was published in 1897. Removing any ethnic overtones was not only socially acceptable in the English Victorian era, it was prevalent amongst members of high society at the time. After that, the word was popularly spelled with an i.



[T]here are two types of laws; just and unjust. I would be the first to advocate obeying just laws. One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws ... a just law is a code that squares with the moral law ... rooted in eternal law and natural law.

—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Letter from Birmingham City Jail"

The Five Principles

1st Principle: Law. Strigoi Vii are not criminals.

2nd Principle: Responsibility. Strigoi Vii are adults.

3rd Principle: Blood. Strigoi Vii see Blood as a metaphor for something far more subtle.

4th Principle: Quest. Strigoi Vii have a unified cause—the Current and the Quest.

5th Principle: Secrets. Strigoi Vii is an open secret, hidden in plain sight. The Black Veil lies at the foundation of the Mysteries and contains Our most sacred Principles. It has been created in order to ensure Us the freedom of a solid, real-world, Dayside foundation. The edition presented here pertains exclusively to the Strigoi Vii and the Sanguinarium.

The Black Veil has been the source of Our ethics and power and is Our staff and Our shield. It exists for the preservation and prosperity of Our Mysteries, Family, and the Sanguinarium and is endorsed by the Synod and the OSV. Those who are not Strigoi Vii or with the Sanguinarium are not expected to uphold these Principles, as they are not bound to them. Of course, We of the Strigoi Vii encourage even those who are not of the Family to recognize and respect the common sense inherent in Our Black Veil. These simple guidelines provide Us with the freedom to maneuver unhindered through the mundane world.

Excerpted from VAMPYRE SANGUINOMICON by Father Sebastiaan. Copyright © 2010 Father Sebastiaan. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Father Sebastiaan has been at the center of the Vampyre/vampire subculture since 1992. He is an avid student of chaos magick and esoteric studies, and is the founder SABRETOOTH, a fansgsmithing company, as well as the event coordination company Endless Night Productions. Author websites: sabretooth.com and fathersebastiaan.com.

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