The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods Series #4)

The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods Series #4)

by Melissa de la Cruz


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With the stunning revelation surrounding Bliss's true identity comes the growing threat of the sinister Silver Bloods. Once left to live the glamorous life in New York City, the Blue Bloods now find themselves in an epic battle for survival. Not to worry, love is still in the air for the young vampires of the Upper East Side. Or is it? Jack and Schuyler are over. Oliver's brokenhearted. And only the cunning Mimi seems to be happily engaged.

Young, fanged, and fabulous, Melissa de la Cruz's vampires unite in this highly anticipated fourth installment of the Blue Bloods series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781423102274
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 07/20/2010
Series: Blue Bloods Series , #4
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 171,096
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.68(h) x 0.81(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Melissa de la Cruz is the author of the best-selling Au Pairs novels for teens and the co-author of the popular adult title The Fashionista Files: Adventures in Four-Inch Heels and Faux Pas. Melissa has appeared as an expert on style, trends, and celebrity for CNN and the E! Entertainment network and is a frequent contributor to popular magazines like Glamour, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Melissa is not a Blue Blood, but she knows people who are?

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The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods Series #4) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 901 reviews.
Kady More than 1 year ago
Melissa De La Cruz's fourth book in the blood blue series is her best book yet. The pace and plot are rich and driven, leaving the reader with a focused, engaging story. Schuyler Van Alen is on the run from the New York coven, blamed for the murder of her grandfather, Lawrence. Her conduit, and best friend, Oliver Hazard-Perry is with her as she tries to seek the aid and protection of the European coven, all the while trying to discover more about The Van Alen Legacy. Meanwhile, Mimi and Kingsley, part of the Venator team, are back in Rio trying to find Bliss' younger sister Jordan, who was revealed at the Watcher, Sophia. Bliss is trying to deal with and overcome being a silver blood, and harboring Lucifer himself inside of her. Super charged with secrets, backstories, revelations, and a less than ordinary bonding ceremony, The Van Alen Legacy promises to satisfy readers while leaving them begging for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Completely opposite from the horrific Count Dracula and far better then your average Edward Cullen is the fabulous, rich, prissy, and most of all fanged cast of Blue Bloods. But with all praise aside, this book is really fast past, having little detail and many fashion references. The characters come together nicley though and the way they're are written, it makes you hate the vilians and love the heroes and have mixed feelings about the people stuck somewhere in the middle. Although I have to say I get really annoyed but their thought process and reactions sometimes. I enjoyed it I'm not one for socailites and vampire books, and anyone who loves fantasy and realistic fiction will love this series!
Phoenix_12 More than 1 year ago
I had been waiting for this book forever. Totally worth the wait. <Spoiler Alert...Don't read if you haven't read the book yet> I was so happy at the ending when they got together at last. I was sorry for Ollie and I was kinda sad he had to loose her, but he was right. They are so perfect together and I can't believe it took them this long to realize that they had to be together.
Starluv9227 More than 1 year ago
Melissa de la Cruz has been holding out on us! The Van Alen Legacy is by far the best in series. As a reader, I got everything I wanted, plus many amazing things I never would have thought to ask for. This series is basically a vampire soap opera, but man, what a well done soap opera it is. It has been over a year since Rio and Schuyler and Oliver have been on the run nearly as long. It would seem as though she has made her choice, but just as she makes a daring move to secure her and Oliver's safety, she is thrown into the very thing she fears the most and into the arms of the one she can hardly bare to live without. Being her mother's unncorrupted daughter has made Schuyler the Blue Bloods last hope, but despite the fact that she has embraced her task, she has managed to run from the biggest similarity that she and her mother share, until now. Is her mother right? Are there some loves worth dying for? Bliss has been in a lost state, struggling just to remember her name. She can't account for over a year of her life, and there is a Visitor living inside her, taking over whenever he pleases. As Bliss fights to regain control of her mind, body and future, she uncovers the truth of who she is and in the process uncovers a scheme that could undo everyone and everything she has left, but how do you fight something that lives in you? Will she be strong enough to stop the Visitor, before its too late? Mimi has trapsed acrossed the globe, searching for the watcher with her venator team, lead by the very one who nearly caused her death, Kingsley Martin. But everytime they think they've finally caught up, they are left wanting. Is it the year of adventure and near death experiences that has caused Mimi to reevaluate her life, or has she only just found someone that allows her to be as she truly is? Is it just meaningless nothing, an impulse of this life, of this time, or has Kingsley been there, every cycle, pushing her and possibly loving her and worse, her loving him back? I'm not going to reveal anymore, it would spoil the fun. Once again I was swept away in this complex world, with it's vibrant characters, spot on dialog, and nerve wracking plot. I can't wait to for the next installment as I am sure Cruz will manage to shock me yet again, many times. Loved it!
Keziah_MJ More than 1 year ago
I love this book..Its one of my favorite from the series and I cant wait for the next one.its going to be even more exciting.the ending of this book was so twisted yet exciting and it really leaves you wanting more.Read this book you will love it!!!! Sucks, I have to wait till 2010 for Misguided Angel.Can't wait!!
AsakoNarahash More than 1 year ago
When does book five come out! I've heard there is also a beautifully illustrated companion on the way! I hooked and cannot get enough.
TheAaronChicka More than 1 year ago
Best book in the series. I can't wait until the next book comes out because i want to see if Schuyler ever sees Oliver again? Is Jack Schuyler's boyfriend? Is Mimi going to look for Jack for revenge? Is Mimi going to save Kingsley from the Underworld? Is Allegra going to find Charles? So many questions, desperate for more shocking answers!
lilfarielvr More than 1 year ago
Continues the excellence of the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ive always liked the series since blue bloods first came out. but it was never my favorite series or anything. this book definitely made the series one of my favorites. it did everything a good sequel should. it answered everyone of the questions i had from revelations without ending all of the problems. it fixed what was lacking in the previous books plots. the character dynamics really showed a great deal more than previous. and this book showed what a great story the series was. the only problem i had was that the beginning was a little bit slower but now that i finished it makes since that it was supposed to be slow. i absolutely loved it. de la cruz couldnt have done any better.
jam4muzic_always More than 1 year ago
I just loved it! I read the 3 previous books and I like how de la Cruz kept them sequential. It's not like each book has their own idea, they connected. It was crazy!! The journeys of Schulyer van Alen and Bliss Llewelyn and the Force twins were amazing. They found out about their history. It's a great read for many teenagers who love adventure and maybe a little bit of the genre where you have to think about what you're reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this is the 4th book in the blue bloods series. this was by far the best book in the series! the best part of the series are the exciting twists and turns.
CES1222 More than 1 year ago
Love the story of between Skye and Jack. Very happy with new book, already craving for next book. Mimi character is wonderful example of a strong women.
The_Shadow412 More than 1 year ago
loved it!!! sky, mimi, and bliss tell the story. sky is running from the new york vampires with oliver. mimi is hunting down silver bloods with the help of good silver bloods and falls in love with one of them just before she is to bonded to jack, who still loves sky. bliss is possessed by the devil, finds out about her past lives, and reunions with a lost love. great book, you'll be unable to put it down. the blue blood series keeps getting better and better.
HopelessRomantic81 More than 1 year ago
I loved these books! And I recomend them. But if your a sucker for a happy ending (like me) you'll feel yourself hatting skylar and felling sorry for oliver!!
Ashlynn_James More than 1 year ago
Really good! Can't wait for more stories to munch on.
Random_Mandi More than 1 year ago
got this book as a birthday present from m best friend (both of us have been reading the Blue Bloods series since it first came out). When I first read the reviews and synopsis i was skeptical, cuz i'm all for Jack and Sky. But I read the book in just over a day and it quickly became my favorite in the series! I will definitely read it again...after i get it back from my best friend (who borrowed it from my little sister who borrowed it as soon as i put it down lol).
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Blue Blood Schuyler Van Alen and her Conduit, Oliver Hazard-Perry, are on the run. Her grandfather has just been murdered by the Silver Bloods, but the Conclave thinks she did it. Their last hope is to ask the European Conclave for refuge and aid as she tries to fight the demon that killed her grandfather and is looking to maybe get her next. Meanwhile, her best friend, Bliss Llewellyn, in is the Hamptons, where her body has been taken over by an unknown spirit she calls "The Visitor." Mimi Force is flying around the world, looking for Bliss's sister, Jordan, who is actually The Watcher, an age-old Blue Blood who keeps a lookout for the fallen angel, Lucifer. Old love brings Schuyler back to New York along with Mimi as Bliss fights to overcome her mysterious Visitor. But in the end, they must all come together to fight the Silver Bloods when they return with a vengeance. I really enjoyed this installment of the BLUE BLOODS series. Seeing the characters mature and change along with their relationships was so satisfying. We also learn a lot about the history of the Blue Bloods and the Croatan betrayal, which all ties into real history, which was really interesting. Overall, this was a great read, and I can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has by far(and I mean BY FAR) intrigued me far more than Twilight ever did or ever will. Turning each page, I found myself buzzing with so many questions flying through my head. Will Jack and Schuyler last? Is it true love? Is Oliver truer and better for her? On a more serious note, Is Dylan really dead? Is Bliss truely Lucifer, leader of the Silverbloods? What will happen to the BlueBloods? These questions could only be answered by reading, one page at a time... I am anxiously awaiting the next book "The Van Alen Legacy" (And truely hope that Schuyler stays with Oliver) Guess I'll just have to wait til October! And, just to let you know, if you read one page of this addicting series, you'll find that you won't be able to stop....
thereaderAV More than 1 year ago
I am a librarian and I just finished previewing the book for my student. An amazing Read.
JennieLynn25 More than 1 year ago
First time poster, long time reader here. I felt compelled to add my applause to the others that have written in on BN. I've read all four books and found this latest the most wonderful of all!
ktdumastier More than 1 year ago
All I wanted for christmas was the boxed set and a copy of TVAL. Not a moment disappointed. I cannot wait to re-read the series!
bookfreak67 More than 1 year ago
I was so happy when I found out that this is not the last book the the blue bloods! I was very happy by the way VAL ended! BB forever!
Tigerbud More than 1 year ago
This keeps you wanting more. Story line takes a few lefts and right (turns), but it's definetly thrill ride. Love the characters.
Silvermist24 More than 1 year ago
I can't WAIT! I want Scyler with Jack and i want Mimi to DIE! she needs to! Long live Jack and Scyler Anyways, I also want to know what happens to bliss, I feel sorry for her. And the Jordan thingy kinda puzzeled me.
GreenJosie More than 1 year ago
Melissa de la Cruz has done it again! This is the best book in an awesome, original series, I can't wait to read what happens next!