Van Helsing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Van Helsing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by Alan Silvestri
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Van Helsing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

A wild sonic ride to Transylvania -- and more than a few eerie thrills upon arriving there -- is what's in store for the unsuspecting Hugh Jackman fan who tunes in to the soundtrack to the vampire slayer blockbuster Van Helsing. Alan Silvestri's vivid orchestral score seems even more densely action-packed than the thrilling film itself. The driving rhythms gallop forward while a creepy chanting chorus looms overhead like a bad omen. As for the battle scenes, they scarcely need any visuals to convey whether the heroes or villains are winning. Best of all is the inventive orchestration: The string section sounds like buzzing insects one minute, skeletal scratchings on a windowpane the next. With its distorted, spectral waltz theme, the comically grotesque "All Hallow's Eve Ball" offers a brief respite from all the mayhem -- and a disc highlight. Van Helsing is everything a blockbuster soundtrack should be: equal parts adventure, suspense, and just plain fun.

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Release Date: 05/04/2004
Label: Decca
UPC: 0602498619995
catalogNumber: 000233112

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alan Silvestri   Primary Artist,Conductor
Walt Harrah   Choir, Chorus
Morgan Ames   Choir, Chorus
Joan Beal   Choir, Chorus
Dick Bolks   Choir, Chorus
Susan Boyd   Choir, Chorus
Amick Byram   Choir, Chorus
Alvin Chea   Choir, Chorus
Randy Crenshaw   Choir, Chorus
Steve Grimm   Choir, Chorus
Linda Harmon   Choir, Chorus
Terry Harrington   Choir, Chorus
Sheri Izzard   Choir, Chorus
Clydene Jackson   Choir, Chorus
David Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Jon Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Melissa MacKay   Choir, Chorus
Gene Merlino   Choir, Chorus
Michael Mishaw   Choir, Chorus
Andrea Robinson   Choir, Chorus
Sally Stevens   Choir, Chorus
Gary Stockdale   Choir, Chorus
Maurita Phillips Thornburgh   Choir, Chorus
Carmen Twillie   Choir, Chorus
Maxine Willard Waters   Choir, Chorus
John West   Choir, Chorus
Ann White   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Whitman   Choir, Chorus
Elin Carlson   Choir, Chorus
Susie Stevens Logan   Choir, Chorus
Bob Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Ron Colward   Choir, Chorus
John Duykers   Choir, Chorus
Kerry Katz   Choir, Chorus
Guy Maeda   Choir, Chorus
Kerry Walsh   Choir, Chorus
Dwayne Condon   Choir, Chorus
Mike Geiger   Choir, Chorus
Debbie Diedrich   Soloist
Samela Beasom   Choir, Chorus
Edie Lehmann Boddicker   Choir, Chorus
Sean McDermott   Choir, Chorus
Jeannine Wagner   Choir, Chorus
Bill Edwards   Choir, Chorus
Dick Wells   Choir, Chorus
Reid Bruton   Choir, Chorus
George Stern   Choir, Chorus
Laura Bohn   Choir, Chorus
Cindy Bourquin   Choir, Chorus
Virenia Lind   Choir, Chorus
Jonathan Mack   Choir, Chorus
Steven Dunham   Choir, Chorus
Jody Golightly   Choir, Chorus
John Beeney   Choir, Chorus
Kenneth Knight   Choir, Chorus
Christie Lawrence   Choir, Chorus
Agostino Castagnola   Choir, Chorus
Debbie Hall Gleason   Choir, Chorus
Hollywood Film Chorale   Vocals
Diane Freiman Reynolds   Choir, Chorus
Sandie Hall Brooks   Choir, Chorus
Mary Hylan Cain   Choir, Chorus
Chris Saranec   Choir, Chorus
Gerald White   Choir, Chorus
Stephen Amerson   Choir, Chorus
Rich Logan   Choir, Chorus
Donna Medine   Choir, Chorus
Jenny Graham   Choir, Chorus
Teri Eiko Koide   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

David Bifano   Producer,Audio Production
Harry Garfield   Music Executive
Mark McKenzie   Orchestration
Dennis Sands   Engineer,Engineering
Alan Silvestri   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Kathy Nelson   Music Executive
William Ross   Orchestration
David Slonaker   Orchestration
Carla Leighton   Art Direction
Patricia Weber   Stage Engineer
Adam Michalak   Engineering

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4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Alan Silvestri has churned out an enjoyable, bombastic, catchy, memorable - at times OTT - but always fun to listen too score. Well worth it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved the music to the movie.i usually don't like this kind of music,but this time i did. i could really feel it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once I heard that filmmusic powerhouse Alan Silvestri was going to score the Stephen Sommers film "Van Helsing", I knew that it was going to be a mind-blowing score. He had done a brilliant job on Sommers' previous film, "The Mummy Returns", and has such an incredible knack for adventure scores. And when I finally got to hear this score, I wasn't disappointed in the least. Great brassy fanfares, a fantastic villain theme, and much more make this a CD for any fan of adventure scores.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I LOVE the vocalizations in some of the main theme, the entire CD is incredible and well done.