Vanish (Firelight Series)

Vanish (Firelight Series)

by Sophie Jordan


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The second book in the addictive, romantic Firelight trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan is perfect for fans of Laini Taylor, Tahereh Mafi, and Claudia Gray.

After revealing herself as a draki to hunters to save Will, the boy she loves, Jacinda and her family must return to the safety of the pride. But her fellow draki no longer trust Jacinda, so her sister, Tamra, and their prince, Cassian, are among the few who will even talk to her.

Jacinda longs for Will to keep his promise and come find her, even though she knows it is not only unlikely, it is dangerous. When, against all odds, he does track her down, Will’s reappearance sets in motion a deadly chain of events that nobody can stop.

In New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan's dramatic follow-up to Firelight, forbidden love burns brighter than ever.

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ISBN-13: 9780061935107
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/06/2011
Series: Firelight Series , #2
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Sophie Jordan grew up on a pecan farm in the Texas hill country, where she wove fantasies of dragons, warriors, and princesses. A former high school English teacher, she's also the New York Times bestselling author of Avon historical romances and the Firelight series. She now lives in Houston with her family. When she's not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes and Diet cherry Coke preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-TV shows.

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Kerrelyn Sparks

“Magnificent and masterful! A world so captivating, you’ll never want to leave!”

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Vanish 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 296 reviews.
twilight123256 More than 1 year ago
I got the uncorrected proof from a book convention, and it was a great book. A lot happens from the very beginning where it starts exactly where it left off with Jacinda leaving her home. I wont give any spoilers, but ill say i never expected the outcome of this book. If you like the first book, you'll Love the second.
theReader278 More than 1 year ago
I loved reading Firelight, so I couldn't wait to read Vanish and I wasn't disappointed. Love how Jacinda, Cassian, Tamra are trying to escape with their mother from the hunters and how Tamra saves them.
missmarisa More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank Harper Collins for generously allowing me to read an advanced copy on NetGalley. The second book in the Firelight trilogy does not disappoint! I was a little wary of where the first book left off and I thought that there was no believable way that Jacinda and Cassian would ever work as a couple, but I was pleasantly surprised. Usually I hate it when authors try and force a love triangle into their stories and separate the fans into different 'teams', however this dynamic seems to work in Vanished. There are plenty of twists to keep the pages turning; I devoured this book within hours. Jacinda's story is so unique compared to the majority of paranormal romances floating around these days and I am glad that this latest installments has taken us deeper into her world. Although most of the story takes place within the ground's of the pride, the ending promises that there is more to the world that is yet to be explored by the draki. Vanished is a perfect example of why I don't like to start trilogies until all of the books have been published. The last page of each story always leaves me wanting more! However, it is easier to get caught up in the excitement of a good book when you know that you have to wait to see what happens next; it makes the story seem more alive, feel real even. If you were a fan of Firelight, I urge you to pick up a copy of Vanished as soon as possible and experience the thrill of reentering the world of extraordinary draki and dangerous hunters and the enkros that haunt them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really did! I was a little disapointed though..... I thought the story could have lasted longer. I read it in like three hours. Great cliff hanger though! And im loving Will! Hes vary yummy! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Some of the twists were a bit predctable, but otherwise a great read. Kind of reminds me of some of my favorite anime. Lol, just referenced anime in a book review. Well anyway, a thrilling ride that had me reading past curfew, two thumbs up!
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read Firelight and really enjoyed the story. I was excited to jump back into Jacinda's life. Firelight left off with Jacinda showing her Draki form to hunters in an attempt to save Will, the human that she loves. Cassian, the prince of their pride, who is also Jacinda's betrothed, comes to take Jacinda, her mother and sister back to their pride. Which... is where Vanish starts off. My favorite character in this book was Cassian. He is so patient and understanding when it comes to Jacinda even though all she does is mope around over Will. Little things that he did really made me like him, like when they return to their pride Cassian promises to do what he can to protect them from being punished for escaping. I also thought it was sweet when they got into an altercation and Jacinda went running off and he followed her. Most guys would be fed up by that point and would just shrug it off and say "whatever". Jacinda even acknowledges how great Cassian is by thinking, "I know what my life would be like if I stayed here. It wouldn't be a bad life. Cassian would always be my friend, would always have my back, and he would help me gain acceptance among the pride." And yet she still pines over Will. I have to admit that her obsession with Will was a bit extreme. With everything that is happening to her, she just continues to sulk. Not even 60 pages in and I was rolling my eyes hoping that the story would pick up. Unfortunately for me... it didn't. The entire book focuses on Jacinda's mixed feelings about Will and whether or not she can say good-bye to him. As well as sorting out the feelings that she is developing for Cassian. I think my last straw for Jacinda was when she and Cassian's little sister Miram were captured by the hunters and Will comes to save the day. Jacinda leaves Miram and takes off with Will. She tries to get Miram to leave with them but Miram is scared and says that she doesn't trust Will or Jacinda. So she just up and runs off with Will. Right there was when I lost all respect for Jacinda. I really wanted to like this book. I really liked Firelight but for some reason Jacinda took a nose dive and instead of being the draki that I knew from Firelight, she wound up being this whiny, moping girl who couldn't even see that a great guy was in front of her the whole time waiting patiently. The cliffhanger of an ending couldn't even redeem itself and make me want to pick up the third book. Favorite quote I chose this quote because it is exactly how I felt through the entire book. "You want to hear some truth, Jacinda? How about this? I can't stand the sight of you. Not when you are moping around here like someone who needs to be on a suicide watch... all for a guy who's probably already forgotten you and moved on to the next hunt." -Well said Cassian... well said.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Open your freakin eyes Jacinda! Will is not the right one for you! Cassian is! TEAM CASSIAN!!!!!
Dragina More than 1 year ago
Again - Too short - But I can't really complain, it was a really good story again! Great twist with Jacinda's sister, Tamra!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A surprising yet exspected twist in this series. A little slow but as good as the first book
Evvie More than 1 year ago
At first I felt Firelight, book 1 had some similarities to Twilight, but quickly I was drawn in. Now, that I've finished Vanish, book 2 in the series, I'm quite happy with the story thus far. I love the unique drakis. Let me just say the reader gets great insight into the character and even each love interest. We get to see a different side of each character and I love how we got to delve into pride life. Things definitely reach a smoking hot point towards the ending. I can't wait for book 3. Nice job to Sophie Jordan.
Dazzlamb More than 1 year ago
Jacinda fell in love with the human Will and disclosed her biggest secret - of being a draki - in the first FIRELIGHT book. It didn't end well and Jacinda and her family had to return to the pride they had once escaped. Now, the second part of her story offers a deeper insight into the tribe culture of the draki pride. We see how the system of power and social acceptance in the group work as a mechanism of control, even over Jacinda's personal life. Her people - who would do everything to stay hidden in the mountains and protect their group - put high pressure on Jacinda's relationship with Will and try to keep the young lovers apart. While being back in the pride, she has to adept to her old life again and try to mend all the broken bonds of friendship and family she had left behind. We learn more about several pride members like Cassian's cousin Corbin and his sister Miram, who didn’t exactly make an impression on me with their friendliness. Tamra, Jacinda’s sister plays and important role, too. Some sequences felt rather sluggish, whereas scenes featuring Will managed to at least satisfy me in some way. He is definitely my favourite character in VANISH, because he is most likely and convinces with his steady character and strong believes. It were Jacinda's feelings and struggles that didn't quite convince me though. In FIRELIGHT I’d felt more connected to her as our protagonist. In VANISH she’s got to choose between Will and Cassian and between staying in the pride or escaping to the human world. THE VERDICT VANISH - Kisses here, struggles there and only slightly convincing. Most of the story is set in the boundaries of the pride and constantly circles around Jacinda’s previous decision so that VANISH felt kind monotonous after a few chapters. The writing was good, but the story didn’t completely suck me in.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The second book of the Firelight series was great. I recommend reading all three books. Easy read and enjoyable.
wordforteens More than 1 year ago
I feel like I would love this series so much more if Jacinda would just ditch the boys and run off and be badass with Az and Tamra. Don't get me wrong: I think Will and Cassian are very interesting characters. But we have Jacinda - this bloody brilliant dracon girl whose stubborn and fiery and smart and just wants to do what's right - and thrust her into a cliche love triangle. This is the worst thing you can do to a character like this. You're telling me that a girl who knows herself, who knows her mind, is going to let every action she does be dictated by whether or not she's going to run off with one guy or mate with another? No! I mean, if we took away the love triangle, the plot wouldn't be as dramatic. Insert candlelight and smoldering glances into any book, you're guaranteed dramatic. But it's not necessary! I want action! I want badassery! I want more about her best friend and her sister and less about the two boys who are trying to control Jacinda! Because let's face it - even if they both love her, they're just trying to stake a claim in her. It's just a pissing war between them now. Will pretty much demanded that Jacinda do as he says or she didn't love him and Cassian wrongfully manipulated his way into bonding with her. Gah. Boys. You are doing life wrong. I thought I'd be rooting for one of you at this point... ... but really, I think it would be MUCH better if you two were randomly murdered, Jacinda ran back and got Az, and together with Tamra they explored the world and freed trapped dracons and flirted with boys and did awesome stuff together. But since I can't have that, I suppose I'll have to settle for Tamra and Jacinda going to try to free another dracon and having to be stuck with these two stupid boys. Le sigh.
Rumor_Has_It More than 1 year ago
Man oh man… where do I begin? Ok. Ok. Ok. No, not there. Ok… How about… nope not there either. Yeah, I’m stumped. I’ll just start and see where this goes. I began this series with really high hopes. I honestly felt that the concept of the Draki was a pretty unique one because I for one have yet to read about dragons or descendants of dragons. You know this already because I mentioned it in my review of book one, Firelight. I walked away from Firelight not fully happy but happy enough to continue with the story. I walk away from Vanish just utterly disappointed. The Firelight series is definitely a teenage book. The teenager-ish feelings, the indecisiveness, the angst is all over this book. I was ok with that because Jacinda and Tamra are relatively still young, about 15/16. No biggie. I didn’t even mind the love triangle. I think the justification for the triangle is an ok one. I hate them but it works in this case. It’s like having your marriage arranged at the age of 5 and then actually falling in love with someone else but that arranged marriage is very much alive and in effect. No biggie. I can deal with all of this. What I couldn’t take anymore was the following: Jacinda has returned to her pride. She never wanted to leave the pride but did so because her mother took her away. While she was away she fell for hunter Will. She returns to the pride only to find out that she’s an outcast and no one treats her with the same respect or reverence that they once did. Why? Because she decided to manifest into her Draki form to save Will from a fall that Cassian (Draki prince) set in motion to begin with. Cassian knows this. Tamra knows this. Hell, everyone knows this and points out that Cassian kicked things off but yet still blame Jacinda for exposing the Draki and what’s worse is that Jacinda accepts fault for it. This is not the only time it happens. Something else happens in Vanish and although it is not Jacinda’s fault she not only keeps quiet about it but accepts fault and agrees that she is to blame for all that happened. Folks, Jacinda is a fire breathing Draki. The last one. She is FIRE! She should show some of that fire! She doesn’t and this irritates me. She doesn’t defend herself not once. Another pet peeve was that she was moping around mostly because her home no longer felt like home. The people had changed and she felt alone. Her mother checked out emotionally and mentally too. Instead of people recognizing this they turned things around and made it all about her pining for Will. Yes she was worried about Will but it wasn’t all about Will. Instead of Jacinda stating the facts and telling it how it is she decides to once again agree. She’s not accepting fault/accusations out of honor or to avoid conflict. No, she just accepts as if it were true. These books are told in the first person. We are in her head. We know what she is thinking even if it's not what comes out of her mouth. She fully accepted these things that happened as a direct result of her supposed actions. I think this is what people call a Mary Sue. I don’t know because I’m not too familiar with the concept. What I do know is that this girl had to be written to be a lot tougher than she really was. If she is meant to be some kick ass Draki then she needs a whole do over because this thing she has going on is not cutting it. Once again we don’t really get too much of the Draki lore which leads me to believe there really won’t be any in book three. I could be wrong but it’s not looking to be that kind of series. We find out about a few other Draki and what their strengths and weaknesses are but we don’t get actual history or much of anything else. There was a perfect opportunity to witness a Draki come into their “Draki” and hone in their power but we don’t even get a glimpse of it. UGH! I finished this book wanting a lot more. I expected a lot more. I expected this because I can see that the writer is a good one but the execution is falling short with me. I’ve already committed this much time to the series, so yes, I will read the final book of the trilogy this week and hope for the best. On the flip side: You might like this series a lot more than me. My son loves it and has been reading it with me. Try it and let me know what you think. On to the next one!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read it 4 times since I bought it and every time I read it is just as good as the first time. Love this series can't wait for the next book
BookPortrait More than 1 year ago
Vanish was one of the books that I was eagerly awaiting this year, and I was beyond excited to not have to wait until September to read it. As good as Firelight was, Vanish was even better; all I could think when I finished this book was, "Wow...what a story." Vanish begins exactly where Firelight ended; there is just a brief reminder of what happened at the conclusion of Firelight before we are plunged back into the action. This action doesn't stop for the rest of the book, though Jacinda's internal conflict is prominent as well. While in Firelight she escapes the pride, in Vanish she finds herself back in the midst of it again, but all is not well. Not only do things begin to change with Tamra, but also the pride has lost their trust in her, and Severin (the pride leader) in particular seems determined to make things difficult for her. However, it was nice (or in some cases, not nice) to get to know Jacinda's extended family and learn more about Sophie's world of draki. As if readjusting to pride life isn't difficult enough, Jacinda also has to contend with her longing for Will and her inexplicable, growing desire for Cassian. The steamy scenes from Firelight are certainly rivaled here. Normally with books I have a definitive favorite, but I can't actually decide between these two guys. Both have their own good qualities, and I have to say that both of them surprise me in this book. Given certain events of this book, it will be interesting to see if Jacinda can still be with Will or if she will end up with Cassian. In Vanish, Sophie struck a great balance between suspense and respite, feelings and actions, pondering and decision. There were certainly twists that I did not expect as well as some very tender and touching moments. My only complaint is the ending: It's a major cliffhanger, and having to wait for another year will be cruel and unusual punishment...even though I'm sure it will be well worth it. Be prepared to be immersed in the world of the draki, to forget time and place until the last word on the page has been read. I needed the final book of the trilogy the minute after I finished Vanish; given the ending, especially, I will be eagerly but impatiently awaiting its release!
pnh002 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Let's first start with the cover.... You guys, its beautiful! I love how she went from the "firey" red one on the first one featuring Jacinda and on this one choosing a cool soothing one featuring her sister Tamara. And the way her draki skin is coming through on the top left corner, ahhh I love it! This series is by far some of my top favorites when it comes to covers. Now, on to the book. Vanish picks up right where Firelight left off. Tamara experiences a huge event in her life by a sick twist of fate and from then on things change. They then escape back to the pride. When they reach it, things are nowhere near the same. Everyone looks at Jacinda as a traitor and but at Tamra with a new sense of admiration. But out of nowhere Jacinda begins getting lonely and amazingly through it all Cassian is still there on her side. Which is why I LOVEEEE him! He is not giving up on his love for her. Although I was a little perturbed on some of the things he did at first, I was impressed that he didn't let that cloud his judgement. But in the end, Jacinda ultimately made her decision, and it was one that was not expected. Then, there's Cassian's sister, Miram. Although we are just introduced to her.... I hate her lol She made me so mad because instead of being a teenage girl she was acting like a bratty child who's never heard the word "No" before. Then there was Corbin..... Yeah don't want to go too much into him because I don't want to give anything away... I know anything I say about him won't be pretty. So after all that, things begin to get serious. Will comes back into the story and it causes a big turn of events. This story mainly shows how even your smallest choices never effects JUST you. The story ends on yet another cliffhanger which I would be upset about if I didn't have Hidden's ARC sitting on my shelf lol But overall, I kind of felt like this was sort of a filler book. I sort of saw it as her moping around alot because she was so depressed about not being with Will anymore... But yet she wasn't doing anything about it. Until almost the end. And then when the action arrived again, that's when I dove back into the story. It made me realize again why I don't like the dreaded second novel in a series. Don't get me wrong, Jordan did not disappoint. She hooked me again with her beautiful language. I felt like this was for the older crowd of YA. She really knows how to write. She also hooked me with the end. I will be reviewing Hidden soon, just stay tuned!
kmartin802 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was an exciting story that is a love triangle with dragons and dragon hunters. After escaping from the Hunters, Jacinda, Cassian, her mother and sister Tamra are on their way back to the Pride. Jacinda is forced to leave Will behind. Jacinda is not happy to be back in the pride. The leader separates Tamra from her mother and sister because Tamra has manifested as a shader and is living with the current shader to learn her job. Jacinda and her mother are forced to do unpleasant duties and are viewed with suspicion by the others. Jacinda has to be courted by Cassian when all she wants is Will. Tamra, however, would love to be courted by Cassian making a second love triangle in the story. Cassian's cousin Corbin is also hanging around Jacinda and wanting her to belong to him. Jacinda tries to reconcile herself to the idea of bonding with Cassian and forgetting Will but it doesn't work. She is determined to run away again to be with Will. However, on her escape attempt, she is caught by Hunters. Also caught is Cassian's sister Miram who has been spying on Jacinda for her father. Will helps Jacinda escape but Miram refuses to go along.I can certainly understand why Jacinda wants to leave the pride. It is a very closed and restrictive society run by a cruel despot. Jacinda knows that if she stays she will be forced to bond with someone she doesn't love and forced to have babies for the pride. Both she and her sister are very rare draki. There is no chance that the leader will ever let them go their own way.The story was filled with action, adventure and romance. I recommend it to young adults who enjoyed Firelight and who want to read a dragon story.
Icecream18 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vanish is the much awaited sequel to Firelight. So, what's going on with the characters? In this book, Jacinda struggles with adapting to the pride-the community of dragons-and to her former life. Cassian appears in this novel a lot (!) as well, much to the excitement of *ahem* certain readers. Jacinda's sister, Tamra, also discovers a unique part of herself and actually grows closer in a sense to the pride while Jacinda is left out. The crush Tamra has on Cassian doesn't abate much in the beginning of the book. Jacinda's mother becomes depressed and turns to the dragon's equivalent of alcohol. Severin, Cassian's father, remains as controlling and manipulative as ever-going so far as to send his daughter, Miram, on a certain errand that will work against Jacinda in the long run. The plot is still phenomenal. New developments with the enkros, dragon hunters, occur that force Jacinda to set out on a task she never would have imagined herself doing. Cassian and Jacinda actually grow closer in the beginning of the novel...but then Jacinda still vacillates between Cassian and Will. Normally, love triangles become annoying and too irritating to read about; however, this love triangle, though it verges on annoying, is bearable for whatever reason in this book. Jacinda is a tad too "doom and gloom" and subservient to be the "great main character", however, a flawed main character can make for a better read. The reader will love getting to know the secondary characters and potential love interests, Cassian and Will, better in this novel. The plot is fast-paced and contains quite a few intriguing little sub-plots to keep the reader occupied. The ending leaves the reader on a cliff-hanger, which means...ANOTHER GREAT BOOK will be coming soon! This novel is recommended for young adult/teen readers who enjoy fantasy and romance genres.
booktwirps on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Jacinda manifested into her draki form in front of a group of hunters in order to save Will¿s life, she not only put herself in danger, but also exposed the most treasured secret of her kind. To keep she and her family safe, Jacinda must return to her pride with Cassian, the boy she is to be bonded to, leaving Will behind.Jacinda, her mother and twin sister Tamra are all welcomed back to the pride, but there is a cost. Jacinda is closely guarded and her mother is treated as a second-class citizen because she took her daughters away in the first place. Jacinda does her best to regain the trust of the elders, but she can¿t help but think about Will. Is there a chance that he will keep his promise and come for her, and if he does, can she risk leaving again? Even more importantly, will she be able to extinguish the feelings she¿s started to feel for Cassian?Vanish picks up right where Firelight leaves off. The book starts out with a bang and keeps a fast pace the entire way through. The writing is strong and fluid, and I especially enjoyed getting a deeper look into the lives of the different types of draki. Ms. Jordan has definitely crafted an interesting and very involved society. I think my biggest complaint about the book is that there didn¿t seem to be anything new as far as central conflict. I felt the book got a little repetitive in the sense that the reader spends a lot of time witnessing Jacinda¿s bad decisions and how she manages to get herself out of them. I think my biggest problem with the whole story is the love triangle. It felt overly familiar to me. With that said, the book is enjoyable and worth reading. The ending definitely leaves you hanging (which also kind of bothered me) but it sets up for what appears to be a very exciting book three.(Review based on an Advanced Reader¿s Copy courtesy of the publisher via GoodReads Giveaways)
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
At the close of Firelight, Jacinda had revealed herself to the hunter's in order to save Will's life after Cassian had shown up and went all, "You belong to me." on her. Narrowly escaping the hunters, they collect their mother before Cassian has them in the car and already returning them to their pride 's home in the mountains.This is literally where Vanish picks back up! No, seriously... they had almost made it out of town, when the hunters surround their car! Will is nowhere to be seen, but his family is relentless. The hunters beat Cassian to the ground, as the air around them begins to shift and change... I won't tell you what happens, but- Oh. My. God.Anytoobadyouhavetoreadit... When Jacinda returns to the pride, so returns the threat of having her wings clipped by the elders for her continued disobedience in the first book. Cassian has promised to do whatever he can to ensure her safety, but Jacinda can't forget Will...Just when she is sure all is lost, no one speaks to her and she's treated as a pariah- Cassian comes to her, "My feelings haven't changed for you, Jacinda. Even if you drive me crazy, here, in the pride... you're still that single bright light for me." ~CassianUm YEAH. Lets' pause for a moment and have a Team Cassian moment...Never fear, I was a complete fictional boy toy "chick with no inhibitions" in this book- so I switched teams as often as I turned the pages okay? I couldn't choose!!!Jacinda has accepted that she has to let Will go. But, does that mean can she really take the ONE person her sister has always loved? Cassian swears that his feelings for her are true, and run deeper than just because she's a fire-breather. Can she trust him?Then WILL SHOWS UP... but is he too late?! Cassian's sister is taken by the hunters, aka: Will's family, while she is spying on Jacinda! Oh yeah! Did I mention the BEAR?This book was freaking fabulous! Like Firelight, I read this in one sitting! Yet again, my only complaint was the back and forth between not only Jacinda and Will, but also her and Cassian! So many feelings for everyone, I was on overload!I found myself rooting for Cassian through most of Vanish, unlike in Firelight when I desperately loved Will! Then Will would fight his way onto the page and back into my heart... Like I said, I switched teams OFTEN in this book!Sophia Jordan has weaved us a tangled web in Vanish and I'm already wishing for the third installment of the Firelight series!4.5 Stars!
psteinke1122 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
To save Will¿s life, Jacinda has done the unthinkable and revealed her true nature. And Cassian has arrived to bring them all back to the protection of the pride.The pride is not likely to forgive Jacinda¿s indiscretion and since her twin, Tamra, has finally manifested, then there is no way anyone will allow Jacinda back into the place of honor she once held. Jacinda clings to the hope that Will will somehow remember her and find a way for them to be together. Meanwhile Cassian is there to help pick up the pieces of her broken heart.OH MY¿let me just say I belong to ¿Team Cassian¿. Nothing against Will, but Cassian makes my blood raise a few degrees, or 20. This series just gets better! Vanish doesn¿t seem to move as fast as Firelight did, but there was no lack of stuff going on. So the pacing change didn¿t bother me like I thought it might.I am finding I really enjoy Sophie Jordan¿s writing style. She knows how to make some steamy (pardon the pun) kissing scenes¿they make my knees weak! Probably TMI but it¿s true!I felt for Jacinda, between the two books she went from ¿hero to zero¿, initially through no fault of her own. But when she saw the Pride for what they truly were, I couldn¿t blame her for just wanting to be free of everyone and everything. Poor lamb is in such a tough position. Staying with her ¿home¿ pride is suicide at this point, going it alone is suicide at this point, and trying to join another pride is suicide. She is truly damned if she does and damned if she doesn¿t. Good job Sophie!I can¿t wait to see what happens next¿I will continue to root for Cassian, I loves me some tall, dark and handsome underdogs!
sithereandread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
VANISH, by Sophie Jordan, is the highly anticipated sequel in the Firelight series. For those who have read my review of Firelight (above) know that I was not quite into the first book as much as I would like. But Vanish, BLEW ME AWAY. We pick up right where Firelight left off where Cassian is bringing Jacinda, Tamra, and their mother back to the pride. These three have to deal with Tamra's new manifestation, the pride's doubt about their loyalty, and Jacinda's love for the draki hunter. A lot of things to put into a book, so as you can guess it was non-stop insanity and I could not put it down.In Firelight, I definitely disliked the relationship between Jacinda and Will for reasons I could not put into words, until now. I didn't like Will and Jacinda because I LOVE Cassian and Jacinda. I tend to root for the double supernatural couple over the supernatural/human combination more often then not. In the first book, Cassian seemed hard and unapproachable which could turn a girl off, but in this book the exploration of his actual love for Jacinda softened my heart. And therein lies the love triangle. But in Jacinda's mind, the draki-hunter human (who had draki blood inside him) came to the forefront of her mind. Grrr.I loved the transformation of Tamra into a shader. Her time had finally come to be a great asset to the pride. Through the seclusion of the twins and their mother, we learn a lot more about the pride and just how not-human they are. The hierarchy and instincts that keep the pride safe make Jacinda and Tamra question their true loyalties.Poor Jacinda. Jordan did not give this girl a break! Each time she came closer to being a part of the pride again, something happened to make them question her motives. Until ultimately a decision had to be made (I won't ruin it!) that changed the course of the story and love triangle. But Cassian fans will love it!As I neared the end of the book I knew it could not be wrapped up that quickly so obviously there was a big cliffhanger. I didn't feel unsatisfied though. The major plot points were covered and just the loose ends were left hanging for the next book. I feel really bad that I wasn't into Firelight, but Vanish definitely made me invest so much more into the series and I am dying to read the next book!
pollywannabook on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyBeing a teenage girl torn between obligations and dreams is never easy. When you¿re a teenage girl who also happens to be a fire breathing draki shifter whose obligations include mating to someone you don¿t love and giving up on a star-crossed romance with a human who hunts your kind, things are exponentially more difficult. VANISH picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending in FIRELIGHT. Jacinda is forced to flee with her mother and sister again, but this time they aren¿t escaping pride life, they are fleeing to it. Much to my delight, the draki mythology that was only touched on in FIRELIGHT is explored in much greater detail in VANISH. Since the majority of the book takes place within the draki pride, we get to see more of the politics, relationships, distinctions, and practices of the draki. How they have remained a secret from the world, how their various abilities are ranked within the pride, and how they view humanity. It was all fascinating. I especially responded to the way the female draki were treated within the pride like possessions, with no choices, and severely punished for any perceived disobedience. I saw red so many times I lost count and can¿t wait for Jacinda to finally and fully rise up against the pride.I only wish that Jacinda had been more consistent in her thoughts. When she was within the pride and forced to submit to the barbaric subjugation of the elders, she rightly longed to escape. But when she was faced with freedom, she only remembered the too few benefits to pride life. I understand that she¿s a teenager and therefore prone to conflicting emotions and indecisiveness, but I could not fathom how she could forget about the atrocities that waited for her in the pride just hours after escaping it. VANISH is a very different story from FIRELIGHT. Jacinda isn¿t trying to control her draki and blend in at high school. She isn¿t struggling with a heart that keeps leading her to a draki hunter. Instead, she is forced to try and reacclimatize into the draki pride while weathering the animosity of her fellow draki who view her as a traitor, and ward off the attentions of two draki who want to claim her as a mate. Life is fairly miserable for her and promises only to get worse since her pride gives her no choices. So, yes, I missed the impossible romance from FIRELIGHT, and as interesting as pride life was, I preferred watching Jacinda in the human world.Overall, VANISH mixes of dragons, danger, and despotism in a well written love story that while not burning quite as bright as FIRELIGHT, does still continue what is currently my favorite dragon paranormal YA series and sets up what promises to be another wild and romantic ride for the next book in the Firelight series.Sexual Content:Kissing. References to sex
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"Jordan never stops surprising me! Vanish is absolutely stunning, a great follow up to Firelight!Back into the world of Draki, Vanished is seriously an understatement when it comes to Jacinda¿s life. Everything is just not going well for her. In Firelight we see her as a free spirited, (trying to past as) a normal teenager, In Vanish she¿s kind of defeated, lost her brethren¿s trust & respect. I admired Jacinda for her determination, strength and bravery.But when I comes to guys¿she is just torn. It¿s a recipe for someone getting hurt (someone always does.). I was Team Will but Caspian surprised me. He¿s definitely not the guy I pictured him to be. My mom LOVES this series, with much great debate (Will vs. Caspian) She thinks Jacinda ¿wants her cake and eat it too¿ I think she¿s confused. But she can¿t have it all.I have my predictions for the 3rd book in the Firelight series. They¿re not good. I have a feeling that someone is either going to die or seriously get hurt. After that ending¿Will, Tamra, Jacinda, and Caspian marching into the ¿hell mouth¿ itself, is not a good feeling. It can either be a complete WIN or turn into a complete disaster.I¿m so invested into her characters and plot. Jordan¿s writing is so vivid and capturing, I wonder what she has coming for us next. I can¿t wait for the 3rd book! Team Caspian! lol