Vanished Flight 777: A Suspense Thriller and Thought Experiment Based on the True Story of Flight 370 in March 2014

Vanished Flight 777: A Suspense Thriller and Thought Experiment Based on the True Story of Flight 370 in March 2014

by John T. Cullen


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NOTE: for an update on the second anniversary of MH370's disappearance, see John T. Cullen's new book titled Lemma 3: MH370 Solution. Contains updated info as of 8 March 2016 (detailed new intro) plus the complete June 2014 text as in Vanished 777. Finds of wing debris in African waters strongly support the author's 2014 proposal now called Lemma 3 or Africa Gambit. Website info soon at Clocktower Books.

What really happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? Author John T. Cullen unleashes an imaginative wake-up call against complacency. Here is a plausible, scary, fact-based theory that avoids crackpot conspiracies while delivering a chilling "what if" thought experiment. Yes, it is possible that the plane met with a tragic accident and fell into the sea--but the circumstances of its vanishing are so bizarre that we must think outside the box and suspect a diabolical plan by the terrorists who caused 9/11 and other assaults on civilization.

The default premise is that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 (fictionalized here as Flight 777) was taken by terrorists, will be weaponized, and will be used against the West in the most spectacular terrorist attack to date. The story never takes its eye off its entertainment mission, while delivering a battery of plausible, hair-raising scenarios - culminating in a cliff-hanger climax you guaranteed will not see coming.

A vacation in paradise becomes an adventure in hell for Jack Dorsey and his deeply covert Team Gray troops. Returning from a top secret mission in the Middle East, the men enjoy a few innocent days of R&R with their young wives on a remote, tropical Malaysian island - just hours before being hurled into aviation history's darkest mystery.

The circumstances of the plane's disappearance are too suspicious to ignore. Even more ominously, the presumed hijack comes just before the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's May 2011 death during capture by U.S. Navy SEALs in Pakistan. Forensically, talk about motive (revenge), opportunity (a rich choice of horrifying targets), and means (the hijacked airliner). In particular, think about method. This enemy often uses common means of mass transportation for his spectacular mass murders. Think World Trade Center 2005 (car bomb); NYC 9/11 (planes); Madrid (trains); USS Cole (warship); London (subway, cars)... the list goes on. Flight 777 (aircraft), anyone?

The author, a U.S. Army veteran comfortable with military culture at all levels, takes you directly to command centers as well as action scenes. Our primary hero is Jack Dorsey, a historian and millionaire in private life, and a U.S. Army Reservist on duty. He is the hero of Doctor Night, a futuristic Jack Gray thriller, for which Vanished Flight 777 is now a prequel. Jack is preoccupied with his beautiful wife Catherine, who is due to deliver their first child at their Temecula (San Diego County) ranch.

All the heroes and heroines of this novel seem real and compelling, with personal lives and families, but without slowing a breakneck pace. They also have a special stake - Team Gray member Rob Keaka and wife Marian took off on Flight 777.

Supporting Jack, as he uncovers the riddle of Vanished Flight 777, are engaging characters including tall, capable U.S. Navy Cdr. Mary Rose 'Maro' Rodriguez; the gritty and hard-moving young Admiral Paul Falk; and heroic Special Forces troops from all services including Master Sergeants Ben Latoni and Ray Marston and USMC Captain Shep Sepak. Jack also works with regional intelligence analysts like IDF Colonel Rebekah Goldstein and Saudi RAF Col. Mustafa 'Don' bin Malik.

Civilization's relentless enemy has only death in his dreams for us, day and night. We must assume that Flight 777 is weaponized and ready for the deadliest, most spectacular assault yet. Only through awareness can we anticipate and defuse the next chapter in our ongoing nightmare. Join us for Vanished Flight 777 - and think about the implications while enjoying a

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ISBN-13: 9780743316422
Publisher: Clocktower Books
Publication date: 06/05/2014
Pages: 170
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

John T. Cullen is the author of Vanished Flight 777 and other suspense fiction, in addition to many works of poetry, nonfiction, and various categories of fiction. A scholar and U.S. Army veteran living in San Diego, he is a seasoned, talented writer with many interests and fields of knowledge. As a veteran, he has first-hand experience of life and culture inside the U.S. military, especially at high-echelon headquarters.

He is a life-long journalist and professional writer; multilingual world traveler with three college degrees including a Master's from Boston University). He is a history writer (A Walk in Ancient Rome, nonfiction/ancient history, first authorized edition Clocktower Books 2015), translator of Goethe's Faust from German into English (Clocktower Books 2015), and much else. Visit often at johntcullen dot com and clocktowerbooks dot com for more info.

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