by Karen E. Olson


by Karen E. Olson

Hardcover(Large Print)

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Computer hacker Tina Adler heads to Paris, France in search of the truth but discovers that someone is close on her trail in this tense and twisting thriller.

With a price on her head, computer hacker Tina Adler is determined to stay offline. Only one person knows how to reach he, and he's in as much danger as she is.

A chance discovery leads Tina to abandon her South Carolina hideaway in search of her old flame, undercover FBI Agent Zeke Chapman. What is Zeke doing in Paris, France? And what is his connection to the disappearance of American college student Ryan Whittier?

En route to Paris in search of answers, Tina realizes that someone is on her trail: someone who's getting disturbingly close. Has she been set up?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780727829030
Publisher: Severn House Publishers
Publication date: 10/31/2018
Series: A Black Hat Thriller , #4
Edition description: Large Print
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.74(h) x (d)

About the Author

Karen E. Olson, a longtime journalist and editor, has been nominated for a Shamus Award, was a finalist for the Gumshoe Award, and winner of the Sara Anne Freed Memorial Award. She has also written the Annie Seymour and Tattoo Shop mystery series. She lives in Connecticut.

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Sometimes I go to the library just to look at the bank of computers. I pretend to peruse the books, picking them up one by one, but always with an eye toward the machines that have defined me, that lure me with their promise.
   I don’t touch them. I don’t dare.
  I’ve done it before. Stayed away. But it was easier the first time, before my relapse. The withdrawal is all too real. My hands shake; my heart beats so fast I can barely breathe. Beads of sweat form at my temple, and I dab at them, my face flush. I close my eyes and see the code, pinpoint the backdoors, navigate my way inside in my head. None of it is real.
   I want to find him online. I want to see what’s happened to him. However, there’s no guarantee that I’d find him there. We went our separate ways; I have a price on my head. I can’t afford the risk of exposing myself. While the Internet offers anonymity, it’s a false promise. Anyone can be revealed. Anyone can be found.
  No, the best way to protect myself is to stay offline. I have no Internet footprint. No social media. No chat-room screen names. No bank account. No phone number.
  Only one person knows how to reach me, and he’s in as much danger as I am.
  Someday I might be able to come out of hiding.
   But someone will have to die first.

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