Varicocele and Male Infertility: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy

Varicocele and Male Infertility: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Therapy


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It is not surprising that so much investigation has been undertaken to establish the cause of childlessness, especially when the potentia coeundi of the male is not impaired. As long ago as 1957 the German Society for the Study of Fertility and Sterility was founded, embracing gynecology, andrology, and veterinary medicine. After its inception, meetings conducted in the spirit of its foundation were held every 2 years. This interdisciplinary, coordinated scientific work in the field of human reproduction achieved its value as a result of the stimuli provided by the permanent involvement of veterinary scientists. After about 20 years of activity, the Society adopted a highly differentiated pattern of work-directions in the field of human and veterinary medicine. Since 1976 annual meetings have been held on the topic of animal and human reproduction. These meetings have proved of great value, especially in the area of comparative medicine, and have led to excellent interdisciplinary associations. One of the most evident successes was the first extracorporal fertilization in humans with subsequent embryo transfer and full-term pregnancy. Gynecologists have found that in 40% of cases the cause of undesired childlessness rests with the male, and it is therefore no surprise that also in the field of andrology certain factors concerned with infertility have received great attention.

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Publication date: 12/14/1981
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I. Epidemiology.- Epidemiology of Idiopathic Varicocele.- II. Basic Aspects.- Pathogenesis of Varicocele.- The Varicocele: Clinical Aspects.- “Orchipathia e varicocele”.- Histological, Morphometrical, and Enzyme Histochemical Studies on Varicocele Orchiopathy.- Varicocele and Seminal Cytology.- Cases Illustrating the Variation of Results.- III. Diagnosis.- A. Phlebography.- Technique of Retrograde Phlebography of the Internal Spermatic Vein.- Radiologic Anatomy of the Left Testicular Vein in Varicoceles.- Phlebography of the Right Spermatic Vein in Varicoceles.- Technique, Indications, and Results of Transfemoral Phlebography of the Testicular Vein in Persistent Varicocele.- B. Other Methods.- The Value of Physical Examination for the Diagnosis of Varicocele.- Contact Thermography in the Diagnosis of Varicocele.- The Doppler Technique for the Diagnosis of Varicocele.- Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Varicocele by Ultrasound.- Comparison Between Different Methods for the Diagnosis of Varicocele.- IV. Endocrinology and Immunology.- Hormone Levels and Sperm Counts in Patients with Varicocele.- Testosterone in Peripheral Plasma, Spermatic Veins, and Testicular Tissue of Patients with Varicocele.- Varicocele Operation and Endocrine Parameters.- Hormonal Testicular Function in Patients with Varicocele.- Enhanced Chemotactic Activity of Microphages in Varicocele.- V. Therapy.- A. Surgical Treatment.- Surgical Treatment of Varicocele.- Recidivation of Varicocele, Prophylaxis, and Therapy.- Persisting Varicocele: Cause and Treatment.- B. Sclerotherapy.- Results of Transfemoral Testicular Vein Obliteration Using a Balloon Catheter.- Sclerotherapy: Technique and Results.- C. Embolization.- The Treatment of Idiopathic Varicocele by Transfemoral Spiral Occlusion of the Left Testicular Vein.- Treatment of Varicoceles by Embolization with Detachable Balloons.- Nonsurgical Cure of Varicocele by Transcatheter Embolization of the Internal Spermatic Vein with Bucrylate.- Modified Technique for Embolization of the Internal Spermatic Vein.- D. Complications and Risks.- Complications of Surgery for Varicocele.- Complications and Risks of Percutaneous Sclerotherapy.- VI. Results.- Long-Term Results after Surgical Treatment of an Idiopathic Varicocele.- Spermatologic Results Preceding and Following Varicocele Surgery.- Treatment of Idiopathic Varicoceles by Transfemoral Testicular Vein Occlusion.- Effects of Percutaneous Sclerosis of the Left Internal Spermatic Vein on Semen Quality.- VII. Discussion.- Phlebography of Persistent Varicocele in Boys.

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