Vascular Anatomy of the Spinal Cord: Neuroradiological Investigations and Clinical Syndromes

Vascular Anatomy of the Spinal Cord: Neuroradiological Investigations and Clinical Syndromes

by Armin K. Thron

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988)

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ISBN-13: 9783709174463
Publisher: Springer Vienna
Publication date: 09/26/2011
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.01(d)

Table of Contents

I. Introduction.- II. Previous Studies on the Spinal Vascular System.- Experimental Methods and Clinical Examination Techniques.- 1. Anatomical Methods and Materials.- 2. Injection Techniques.- 3. Radiographic Techniques.- 3.1. Postmortem Macro- and Microangiography.- 3.2. Spinal Angiography in Animals.- 3.3. Clinical Spinal Angiography.- 3.4. Myelography.- 4. Own Investigations.- Anatomy of the Spinal Cord’s Blood Supply.- 1. Embryology.- 2. Sources of Arterial Blood Supply and Radicular Feeders.- 3. Extramedullar Venous Drainage.- Postmortem Angiography and Microangiography of Spinal Cord Vessels.- A. Arteries.- 1. Superficial Arterial System.- 1.1. Cervical Region.- 1.2. Thoracic Region.- 1.3. Thoracolumbar Region.- 2. Intrinsic Arterial System.- 2.1. Central System (Sulcal or Central Arteries).- 2.2. Peripheral System (Vasocorona).- 3. Arterial Territories of Supply.- 4. Arterio-arterial Anastomoses.- 5. Discussion of Arteriographical Findings-Physiological Aspects.- B. Veins.- 1. Superficial Venous System.- 2. Intrinsic Venous Systems.- 3. Transmedullary Venous Anastomoses.- 4. Discussion of Phlebographical Findings-Physiological Aspects.- C. Capillaries of the Spinal Cord.- D. Spinal Cord Arteries in Pathological Conditions.- Clinical Applications.- 1. Normal Anatomy in Selective Spinal Angiography.- 2. Spinal Vascular Malformations.- 2.1. Myelography.- 2.2. Angiographical Findings and Their Classification.- 2.3. Discussion.- 3. Vertebrospinal Space-occupying Lesions.- VII. Pathomorphological and Pathophysiological Aspects.- References.

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