Vascular and Interventional Radiology: The Requisites / Edition 1

Vascular and Interventional Radiology: The Requisites / Edition 1

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Elsevier Health Sciences

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Vascular and Interventional Radiology: The Requisites / Edition 1

Part of the definitive Requisites series, this volumes offers all the essentials necessary to pass exams in radiology and practice in the field. Practicing radiologists will use it as a handy, practical, daily reference tool in this subspecialty area. The first part on Vascular Radiology covers the following topics: vascular imaging techniques; vascular pathology; lower extremity and pelvis; abdomen; thorax; and the great vessel. The second part on interventional radiology covers topics such as: basic principles; vascular interventional techniques; biliary tract; GU and reproductive systems; gastrointestinal system; biopsy and drainage in the abdomen; cervicothoracic biopsy; and drainage in the thorax.

• Provides a comprehensive yet manageable review of the principles and practice of vascular and interventional radiology for the resident preparing for exams and for the practitioner needing a quick-consult resource of information.
• Provides a solid foundation laid in the basics of state-of-the-art vascular and interventional radiology.
• Includes discussion of vascular procedures in the lower extremity and pelvis, abdomen, thorax, and great vessel, and other interventional procedures in the biliary tract, GU and reproductive tracts, GI tract, and thorax, placing principles in a clinical context.
• Includes personal and to-the-point discussions in a well-organized format, providing a friendly tone for enjoyable, effective learning. Appropriate to read from cover-to-cover or to skim for off-the-shelf consultation.
• Provides chapter-opening outlines revealing topics to be covered in the chapter and providing a useful search engine for quick location of material.
• Includes numerous boxes and tables which highlight differential diagnosis, radiologic patterns of disease, key findings, indications for procedures, procedural steps, handy tips, and other critical guidelines to emphasize key facts and concepts and help the reader identify and absorb important information.
• Includes approximately 750 high-quality, multimodality images integrated into text.
• Provides a suggested readings list of journal articles and books relevant to the chapter topic at hand, recommending further study and review.
• Part of the highly-acclaimed series, THE REQUISITES, which offers an effective formula for exam preparation and practical daily reference.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780815143697
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/08/2003
Series: Requisites in Radiology Series
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 510
Product dimensions: 8.56(w) x 11.28(h) x 1.24(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1: Vascular Radiology

I. Vascular Imaging Techniques A. Angiography B. MR angiography C. CT angiography D. Ultrasound
II. Vascular Pathology: General Principles A. Atherosclerosis B. Trauma C. Inflammatory D. Neoplasm E. Inherited F. Entrapment/impingement syndromes G. Arterial embolism H. Venous thromboembolism

III. Lower extremity and pelvis A. Arteries B. Veins C. Lymphatics

IV. Abdomen A. Abdominal aorta B. Visceral arteries C. Renal arteries and veins D. Inferior vena cava E. Portal venous system

V. Thorax A. Thoracic aorta B. Pulmonary arteries C. Pulmonary veins

VI. Great Vessels A. Upper extremity arteries B. Upper extremity veins C. Extracranial carotid artery

Part 2: Interventional Radiology

VII. Basic Techniques A. Aspiration/biopsy B. Drainage C. Stents D. Ablation

VIII. Vascular Interventional Techniques A. Recanalization B. Embolization C. Compression of pseudoaneurysms D. Repositioning/retrieval foreign bodies E. Venous access

IX. Abdomen: Biliary A. Biliary drainage/stents B. Biliary stricture dilatation C. Percutaneous cholecystrostomy/ cholecystolithotomy

X. Abdomen: GU and Reproductive A. Nephrostomy/ureteral stents B. Cystostomy C. Prostate biopsy/ablation D. Renal biopsy E. Fallopian tube recanalization/occlusion

XI. Abdomen: Gastrointestinal A. Gastrostomy/gastrojejeunostomy B. GI stricture dilatation/stenting

XII. Abdomen: Biopsy/Drainage A. Intra-abdominal B. Pelvic C. Retroperitoneum

XIII. Cervicothoracic Biopsy A. Lung B. Mediastinum C. Pleura D. Neck E. Breast

XIV. Thoracic: Drainage A. Pleural B. Lung C. Mediastinum

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