Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space: What You Are Before You Became

Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space: What You Are Before You Became

by Mooji


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Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space: What You Are Before You Became by Mooji

Brilliant Illuminations for Awakening to the Absolute

What if all that you believe yourself to be—your body, mind, emotions, and conditioning—is actually what you are not? What if this is merely a self-portrait shaped by false identification, habit, and assumptions?
In ever-growing gatherings worldwide, the revered teacher Mooji has opened the eyes of thousands through his rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with uncommon clarity, humor, and warmth. Now, with Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space, Mooji invites and inspires readers everywhere to discover the true essence from which we all arise.
The Advaita Vedanta tradition teaches that through simple questioning and introspection, we can awaken to something far greater than the ego self, a nondual Oneness with the ground of Being. In Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space, Mooji guides us into the adventure of deep inquiry, sparking direct Self-realization through parables, insights, wisdom teachings, and responses to the common questions of readers, such as:
If I've always been one with the eternal Self, why do I feel so anxious, depressed, or angry?
How do I attain a state of peace, joy, and timeless presence?
As pure and infinite Being, of what importance are my personal relationships, aspirations, or efforts to help others in need?
I’ve suffered so much trauma in my life—is psychotherapy helpful on this path?
How do I forgive others who have hurt me?
Are intimate relationships a help or a hindrance to awakening?
I understand these words, but I continue to be filled with the chatter of the mind—what should I do?
Through our own engagement and self-exploration, Mooji helps us to arrive at the answers, not from the limited perspective in which we’ve been conditioned, but from our own deepest Knowing—revealing the timeless, boundless love and freedom that is the natural perfume of the Absolute.

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ISBN-13: 9781622037889
Publisher: Sounds True, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/01/2016
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 331,697
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mooji is a direct disciple in the lineage of AdvaitaVedanta master Sri H.W.L. Poonja and the great sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. In 1987, Mooji was brought into the direct experience of the Divine within and began a life of quiet simplicity and surrender. Drawn to his light, beings began seeking him out to discover the living Truth. Mooji shares satsang in the form of retreats, intensives, and spontaneous gatherings across the globe. For more, visit

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Preface: The Greatness of Being xix

Part I Stepping Into Oneness

1 Is What You See All There Is? 3

The Power of Self-Inquiry 6

Freeing Up Your Being 9

Self-Inquiry Guidance-Stay as the 'I Am' 17

Self-Inquiry Guidance-You Are Nothing Perceivable 20

2 The Heart's Way to Truth 25

The Call from Your Inner Being 27

Devotion and Self-Knowledge: Two Wings of One Bird 29

Beyond the Psychological Mind 37

The Heart's Way to Truth 39

3 Transcending Our Conditioning 45

Transcending Cultural Conditioning 46

Moving Beyond Religious Tribalism 50

Breaking the Spell of Personhood 54

Merge with the Infinite 58

4 The Person's Work Is Never Done 63

The Theater of Consciousness 66

Belief Must Become Reality 68

Self-Inquiry Guidance- Identity Implies I-Entity 73

Dissolving the Mind's Residue 76

Trust in Life 80

Self-Inquiry Guidance-Remain Empty 86

5 Go All the Way 91

Beyond Opening and Closing 95

Freedom Is Free-But Not Cheap 102

The Ultimate Truth Is Not an Experience 106

6 Grace Is on Your Side 111

Backlash of the Ego 117

The Guidance of a Master 122

Bursting from the Cocoon 127

Part II Life in its Dynamic Expression

Your Life Is a Discovery 135

7 Be in the World, But Not of It 141

When You Want Truth and Worldly Success 142

Your Place in the World 146

Nothing Is a Distraction 151

Self-Inquiry Guidance-Follow Me Inside 154

8 Truth-Centered Relationships 165

Let Love Be Rooted in Presence 166

Relating Beyond Neediness 175

Self-Inquiry Guidance-Facing the Suffering 'I' 178

When Relationships End 184

Wrap Yourself Around the Eternal 188

9 Truth and Family 193

Make Some Time to Discover the Timeless 194

Your Life Has to Feel Right for You 197

When Life Give, You a Shove 202

10 Healing Through Transcendence 211

Self-Inquiry Guidance-Stay as Awareness 213

The End of Suffering 214

When the World Seems Full of Cruelty 223

11 The Self Alone Is Real 235

Waking Up from the Waking State 236

Beyond the 'I Am' Presence 238

Just Sitting 241

Glossary 247

Acknowledgments 251

About Mooji 253

Further Information 255

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