Vault Career Guide to Fundraising and Philanthropy

Vault Career Guide to Fundraising and Philanthropy

by Anne McCaw, Staff of Vault



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ISBN-13: 9781581314502
Publisher: Vault, Inc.
Publication date: 06/15/2008
Series: Vault Career Library
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
The Scoop     3
History of Fundraising and Philanthropy     5
The Oldest Profession?     5
Early Thoughts on Charitable Action     8
Origins of Modern American Philanthropy and Fundraising     9
The Booming Business of Fundraising & Philanthropy Today     13
The Nuts and Bolts of Fundraising & Philanthropy     17
Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Organization     17
Types of Nonprofit Organizations     19
Where Does the Money Come From?     25
Common Fundraising Jobs     29
Common Philanthropic Giving Jobs     30
Key Trends     35
Increases in Philanthropic Giving     35
Developments in Fundraising     38
Changes in How We Give Money     40
Fundraising & Philanthropy Highs and Lows     42
The Great Divide between Fundraising and Program Staff     46
Getting Hired     49
Education and Training     51
Academic Programs     51
Other Classroom Training     52
On-the-Job Training     54
Resumes and Cover Letters     59
The Winning Resume     59
The Winning CoverLetter     63
Examples of Cover Letters and Resumes     65
The Interview     77
Interview Process     77
Typical Interview Questions     80
Questions to Ask     83
Negotiating Salary and Benefits     86
Finding the Right Job     89
Know the Cause     90
Effectiveness of an Organization     91
Choosing the Right Work Environment     95
Transitioning Careers     97
On The Job     103
Fundamentals of the Field     105
Begging for Money: The Fundamentals of the Job     105
Practical Skills     109
Day-to-Day Activities of a Fundraiser     112
Examples of Effective and Defective Fundraising     117
Day-to-Day Activities of a Philanthropic Giving Professional     121
Examples of Effective and Ineffective Philanthropy     125
Fundraising and Philanthropic Giving Career Tracks     129
Career Track for Fundraisers     129
Career Track for a Philanthropic Giving Professional     133
The Consulting Path     138
Fundraising Career Snapshots     143
Institutional Giving/Grant Writer      143
Planned Giving Officer/Specialist     152
Major Gifts Officer     161
Membership/Direct Marketing Specialist     167
Special Events Coordinator     174
Corporate Giving Officer     176
Philanthropic Giving Career Snapshots     181
Foundation/Program Officer     181
Donor Advisor     189
Social Entrepreneurs and Venture Philanthropists     192
Final Analysis     195
Appendix     197
Glossary of Terms     199
Key Associations, Web Sites and Resources     207
Selected Bibliography     211
About the Author     215

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