Vault of the Heavens: Exploring the Solar System's Place in the Universe (Portable Professor Series)

Vault of the Heavens: Exploring the Solar System's Place in the Universe (Portable Professor Series)

by James Kaler

Audio CD(Unabridged, 8 CD's, Full-length Course G)



PORTABLE PROFESSOR™ is a series of exciting and informative lectures recorded by some of today's most renowned university and college professors. Each course introduces listeners to fascinating, and sometimes startling, insights into the intellectual forces that shape our understanding of the world. Each package includes 14 riveting lectures presented by notable professors as well as a book-length course guide.

Since the beginning of recorded history, and likely for much longer than that, humankind has gazed to the heavens for clues to the most fundamental mysteries about our place in the universe. In the modern age, when the science of astronomy has replaced mythology as the primary tool for interpreting the heavens, we continue to search the skies for answers as we tumble through the solar system. In this remarkable course, award-winning astronomer James Kaler, moving outward from our vantage point on Earth, explains the workings of the planets and sun and shows how this knowledge provides remarkable insights into the mechanics of the universe at large.


  1. We and the Universe
  2. Reflections of the Spinning Earth
  3. Sun and Seasons
  4. Stories in the Sky: Constellations
  5. Romance of the Moon
  6. Happy Wanderers: The Planets
  7. Keeping It All Together
  8. Reaching Outward
  9. Our Domain: Earth and the Moon
  10. Iron Planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars
  11. Monsters of the Midway: Jupiter and Saturn
  12. Distant Outposts: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
  13. Leftovers of Creation: Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors
  14. Creation

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ISBN-13: 9780760750087
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 05/03/2004
Series: Portable Professor Series
Edition description: Unabridged, 8 CD's, Full-length Course G
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.25(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

James Kaler, Professor of Astronomy at the University of Illinois, has published more than one hundred scholarly papers as well as a number of popular books about astronomy, including The Ever-Changing Sky: A Guide to the Celestial Sphere and The Hundred Greatest Stars. He has received numerous awards and honors, including both a Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellowship, has served as a consultant to Time-Life Books, and appears regularly on television and radio as an expert on astronomy.

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