Vedge: 100 Plates Large and Small That Redefine Vegetable Cooking

Vedge: 100 Plates Large and Small That Redefine Vegetable Cooking


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ISBN-13: 9781615192830
Publisher: Experiment, The
Publication date: 08/11/2015
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 250,811
Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Rich Landau is a co-owner of Vedge, a modern vegetable restaurant that opened in 2011 to rave reviews from diners and critics alike. Landau has been at the forefront of vegetarian dining since 1994, when he opened his first restaurant. In 2009, he served the first-ever vegan dinner at the James Beard House. He lives in his native Philadelphia.

Kate Jacoby is a co-owner of Vedge, with her husband Rich Landau. Jacoby is Vedge’s pastry chef and manages its cocktail and wine program. She lives in her native Philadelphia.

Table of Contents

Foreword Joe Yonan xiii

Introduction 1

Reading and Preparing Recipes 5

Pantry Essentials 7

basics 13

Stocks 15

Vegetable Stock 16

Mushroom Stock 17

Shiitake Dashi 17

Spice Blends 19

Montreal Steak Spice Blend 20

Island Spice Blend 20

Latin Spice Blend 20

small bites and small plates 23

Charred Shishito Peppers with Smoked Salt 25

Olives 27

Green Olives with Preserved Lemon and Fennel 28

Black Olives with Fresh and Dried Chiles 29

Baby Cucumbers with Sambal and Peanuts 31

Daikon "Summer Rolls" 32

French Breakfast Radishes with Nori, Tamari, and Avocado 34

Heirloom Tomatoes with Grilled Shiitakes and Green Goddess 36

Kohlrabi Salad with White Beans and Horseradish 38

Portobello Stem Anticuchos 39

Lupini Beans with Piri Piri 41

Roasted Rutabaga Salad with Pistachio and Charred Onion 42

Salt-Roasted Golden Beets with Dill, Avocado, Capers, and Red Onion 45

Sea Bean Salad with Daikon and Cucumber 46

Spiced Little Carrots with Chickpea-Sauerkraut Puree 49

Roasted Sunchokes with Smoked Paprika Aïoli 50

soups and stews 51

Pho with Roasted Butternut Squash 52

Saffron Cauliflower Soup with Persillade 54

Peas and Carrots with Jamaican Curry 56

Posole with Chayote and Poblano Peppers 59

Puree of Chinese Broccoli with Crushed Cucumber and Ginger 60

Hedgehog Mushroom, Turnip, and Barley Stew 61

Fresh Chickpea "Bourdetto" 62

Honshimeji Mushrooms "Beach Style" 63

Napa Cabbage Funky Kimchi Stew 64

Lentil Mulligatawny with Cilantro-Onion Salad 66

Oyster Mushroom and Corn Chowder 67

Parsnip and Chestnut Bisque with Mulled Wine-Spiced Onion Confit 69

Soba Bowl with Shiitake Dashi and Market Greens 71

Spring Bean Stew 72

Shanghai Bok Choy and Okinawa Hot Pot with Spicy Miso Broth 73

Peruvian Squash and Giant Lima Bean Stew 74

the dirt list 75

Broccoli Rabe Philly Style 77

Dandelion Greens Horta with Skordalia 79

Fingerling Potatoes with Creamy Worcestershire Sauce 80

Red Potato "Ash" with Sauce Gribiche 82

Grilled Baby Bok Choy with Tamari and Chinese Mustard Sauce 83

Hakurei Turnips with Falafel Crumbs and Creamy Sesame 84

Nebrodini Mushrooms as Fazzoletti 87

Roasted Asparagus with Hazelnut Picada 89

Roasted Cauliflower with Black Vinegar and Kimchi Cream 90

Watermelon Radish Carpaccio with Fava Beans and Tarragon 93

Roasted Kabocha Squash with Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Madeira 94

Savoy Cabbage Colcannon 95

Seared French Beans with Caper Bagna Cauda 97

Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce 98

Summer Corn with Green Chile Cream 101

Swiss Chard with Pickled Golden Raisins and Pistachios 102

Tatsoi with "Seawater" Broth 105

Seared Yellow Wax Beans with Togarashi 106

Warm Ramp Hummus 107

Whipped Salsify with Red Wine and Truffle Jus 109

Greens 111

Baby Scarlet Turnips and their Greens with Garlic Jus 113

Marinated Chioggia Beets and Their Greens with Nigella Seeds and Sherry Vinegar 116

Grilled Broccolini with Pistachio, Cured Olive, and Preserved Lemon 118

White Eggplant with Catalan Spices and Saffron Aïoli 120

Zucchini with Pesto Trapanese 121

plates (aka mains) 123

Hearts of Palm Cakes on Curried Lentils 125

Yukon Gold Potato Pierogies with Charred Onion 127

Celery Root Fritters and Remoulade 130

Grilled Leek Salad with Black Lentils 132

Tarts 135

Olive and Onion Mini Tarts 136

Potato and Spring Vegetable Tart 138

Zucchini, Tomato, and Olive Tart 140

Thanksgiving Root Stew 141

Portobello and Celery Root Shepherd's Pie with Truffle 142

Royal Trumpet Mushroom Cioppino 144

Whole Roasted Carrots with Black Lentils and Green Harissa 146

Roasted Baby Turnips with Maitake "Champignons au Vin" 149

Portobello Frites 150

Royal Trumpet "BLT" with Basil Mayo 153

Fazzoletti with Peas and Morels 154

Lentil Haggis with Neeps and Tatties 156

Winter Vegetable Cassoulet 157

Eggplant Braciole 159

Baked Potato Poutine with Porcini Gravy 162

Squash Empanadas with Green Romesco 165

Black Kale as Spanakopita 167

Grilled Zucchini with Green Olives, Cilantro, and Tomato 168

Korean Eggplant Tacos with Kimchi Mayo 170

desserts and baked goods 173

Apple Cake Fritters with Waldorf Frosting 174

BBQ Cherries with Jalapeño Cornbread 176

Beetroot Pots de Crème 179

Blueberries with Pie Crust and Lemonade Ice Cream 180

Caramel Panna Cotta with Red Raspberries and Tarragon 183

Chocolate Stuffed Beignets 185

Figgy Toffee Pudding with Madeira-Quince Ice Cream 187

Cranberry Jelly Doughnuts with Hot Cider 190

Summer Corn Custard with Blackberries and Hazelnuts 192

Vanilla-Bourbon Peaches with Pecan Pie Ice Cream 193

Strawberry Sorrel Bread Pudding with Saffron Ice Cream 195

Sweet Potato Turnovers with Sweet Kraut 199

Zucchini Bread French Toast 201

Breads 205

House Bread 207

Nine-Seed Rye Bread 209

Pumpernickel Bread 211

Baguettes 213

Warthog Bread 214

cocktails 217

Alpine Sensation 218

The Van Gogh 219

Pomegranate Sangria 221

Sherry Temple 222

The Creole Gent 223

Kyoto Sour 225

The Elder Sage 226

Bitters 228

Final Note 229

Acknowledgments 231

Index 233

About the Authors 239

About Vedge 24

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Vedge: 100 Plates Large and Small That Redefine Vegetable Cooking 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like everyone else, I am trying to add more vegetables to my meals, so I was excited to receive this cookbook. Unfortunately, there are not enough pictures to accompany the recipes. Most of the recipes include vegetables and ingredients that I have never used before so I need to have pictures of the finished recipes to see what they are supposed to look like. It is hard to even shop for ingredients when you don't have any idea what the item looks like. There are too many pictures of their restaurant, glasses of wine and even the authors, but not enough pictures of the finished dishes they want us to make! They should have included pictures of all the dishes. I will be returning this book and looking for one that has pictures and is easier to use.
Beans_on_Toast More than 1 year ago
We're hooked on the roasted cauliflower with kimchi mayo!