Vegan Bite by Bite

Vegan Bite by Bite

by Marilyn Peterson


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ISBN-13: 9780982413005
Publisher: 3 Ton Tomato Press
Publication date: 11/11/2010
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Vegan Bite By Bite 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
unclecharles More than 1 year ago
This book is a great service to humanity and the beautiful children of The Age of Aquarius. These are the children of higher consciousness and love, who are finding this book a companion to their soul and heart! May more and more brothers and sisters who are inhabiting Grandmother Earth realize the vital necessity of a plant based diet for their good health, physically, mentally and spiritually, and therefore naturally giving back and healing this great, loving gigantic organism who perpetually gives without asking anything in return! Oh, one more thing...My wife and I have eliminated Dairy, I being lacto - vegetarian for 41 years and my wife, Katharine being lacto vegetarian for 20 years, as a result of reading and following VEGAN BITE BY BITE, AND ARE EXPERIENCING A DYNAMIC, MIRACULOUS CHANGE IN OUR OVERALL HEALTH! BRAVO, MARILYN!!!!! " MAN, THOUGH ART GOD; AWAKE AND REALIZE THY GLORIOUS DESTINY " ~ Swami Sivananda ~
Vegiegail More than 1 year ago
In Vegan Bite by Bite, chef Marilyn Peterson has created a gentle, step-by-step guide to adopting a more healthful, sustainable, and compassionate diet. As both mentor and cheerleader, she offers readers a clear and simple path that can be taken at one's own pace, without time restrictions, judgments, or hard-and-fast rules. The transition is presented joyfully and light-heartedly, and as you read, you will feel as though you have a partner and friend holding your hand and guiding towards more vibrant health and vitality. The book opens by asking (and answering) the questions, "Why Vegan?" and "How?" and is peppered with thought-provoking, inspiring, and humorous quotations from famous vegans. Peterson then walks readers through a complete kitchen makeover, teaching them how to organize, store, substitute, and shop for healthier vegan foods. And since so much of the apprehension people have about going vegan is centered on wondering what they will eat and how it will taste, she offers more than 100 delicious recipes along with six-week menu plans so that readers don't even have to think about what to shop for or prepare. In later chapters, readers will gain insightful health and nutritional information from medical doctors and be inspired by transition stories from vegans who represent many walks of life. Don't be surprised if their stories resonate with you, as they may sound a lot like your own. It's comforting and supportive to know that other people had the same questions, doubts, and struggles with their diets as you do. From these stories we also learn that there's no one "right" way to move towards a vegan diet, and each one of us travels our own evolutionary dietary journey. My favorite chapter by far, is the one in which Peterson shares her own story. It's a moving survival narrative detailing an extraordinary life journey filled with suffering, joy, challenges, and successes. At 75-years-young, she is the perfect vegan ambassador. One glimpse of her photo on the back cover reveals how it is possible to maintain our vitality, ideal weight, fitness, and health at any age by nourishing our bodies with the most healthful foods. Readers won't feel stranded when they reach the end of the book, as the author has thoughtfully provided supportive books and websites for newbie vegans. Whether you are fully committed to plunging into veganism or only ready to dip your toe into vegan waters, Vegan Bite by Bite will not only answer the question, "so, now what do I eat?" but will show you how to start eating vegan with flavor and ease.
Sci-fi_Buff More than 1 year ago
Reading this book opened my eyes to just how much what we eat effects our lives on a day-to-day basis and how, by changing just a few of our eating habits and by making a few relatively easy substitutions, we can live healthier lives. More than just good health, Marilyn Peterson argues that a vegan diet is the key to living a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle. She offers us general guidelines to follow and delicious recipes to prepare, leaving it up to us whether or not to continue when we experience the changes they inspire. A great book for those looking to develop healthier eating habits!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A lot of good information here. Really makes one think. To be honest, I wasn't vegan before reading this. I was a vegetarian, and while I always knew meat was a problem (especially with the hormones and antibiotics being added to it), but never realized eggs and milk had so many bad health aspects, until I looked at the scientific evidence presented in this book. It's not something you will hear on television, with the meat and dairy lobbies controlling the flow of information, but it may be more important to your daily health than anything playing on the six o'clock newscast. But what may be the best part is the way the book teaches you to transition to such a diet, and gives recipes to help do so in the most painless way possible. I never thought I could live with such a diet, mainly due to not knowing where to begin, or how to proceed. This book covers all that. It also taught me ways to make (many times better tasting) substitutes for my favorite milk products, such as sour cream and cream cheese. This book will challenge many commonly held beliefs, that are, frankly, no longer relevant with the new medical data coming out. If you read with an open mind, you will get a whole lot out of this book. Quite possibly the key to a happier, healthier life!
MonikaL More than 1 year ago
This is by far the very best vegan cookbook, in my opinion, on the market!!! It has wonderful recipes and tons of additional valuable information related to the dishes you are going to prepare. I have learned so much from this book, and many of the people I know who took a look at this book agree, that it is the best vegan cookbook available! I've tried a lot of vegan recipes and always come back to this book for reliable results. You've got to try it and thank you Marylin for making "going vegan" so easy! Monika Logalbo, Chicago
Malaikanam More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be a groundbreaking accomplishment. It will be enlightening for so many people. It totally addresses all the reasons that Vegan is the best and healthiest diet. The recipes are sensational, definitely try these: Hot & Cold Slaw, Polenta Croquettes, Millet Burgers, Jazzy Jerusalem Artichokes. Wow, these recipes are fantastic and there are so many more. The chapter on animal rights and karma shines the light on the horrific abuse and suffering that animals have to endure. This is something people need to consider! Share this book with your friends and family who are interested in improving and maintaining their health with the most wonderful, easy, affordable recipes. In this book, I found wonderful, colorful, sumptuous photos of dishes on display. I feel so inspired by the photos and enjoyed their captions. I can't wait to make those recipes.
DrCasey More than 1 year ago
This is a fabulous book. I am a holistic MD and I am always looking for ways to educate and inspire my patients. There are lots of choices out there when it comes to reading about the vegan diet. But there is none that is so comprehensive or so much fun to read. This book includes scientific information from researchers and doctors. Personal stories from lots of interesting vegans and several doctors. The author's personal story, which will delight and inspire you. More practical information than I have seen in other books. From how to approach making changes in your diet, how to navigate shopping for ingredients and recipes to please your whole family. It is like having your own personal coach to walk you through the steps and encourage you along the way. There is a chapter full of menu plans to get you going. There are over 100 pages of recipes, with little asides with interesting facts about the ingredients. They are easy to make and quite beautiful to look at, so they nourish your body and soul at the same time. There are lovely color photos of her recipes, which will make you want to schedule a dinner party. Chapter 4 tells you how to shop, with pages of information about how to stock your kitchen. There are lists of alternatives to common ingredients and even brand names of things you will want to have. The references are more extensive than I have seen anywhere. Ms. Peterson will have you laughing with her delightful sense of humor, making this a book that is not only informative, but fun to read. Note some of the chapter titles: Karma Kitchen: The True Meaning of "Soul Food", Truth or Consequences: Meat Ain't Neat and Dairy is Scary, What to Stash and What to Trash, and Life is Just a Bowl of Cherish. You can tell that this lady walks her talk. This book is really one-stop shopping for all you need to know about eating healthfully, and saving the planet and the animals, to boot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best personal recommendation I can give is that after reviewing this wonderfully engaging book, I plan to purchase a copy. This book is for those who want to transition to a vegan diet, including those like myself who have been vegetarian and interested in the vegan lifestyle for a long time. I especially enjoyed reading Chapter 3, "Truth or Consequences: Meat ain't neat and dairy is scary". The style is conversational, but includes many references from nutritionists and their writings, including the China Study, which, according to the title of the book by the same name, is "the Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health". In addition, there is advice about what to do and say when traveling and ordering in a restaurant, such as calling ahead with questions - something so simple and clearly helpful. The recipes are included in one chapter (Chapter 6), and number over 100. Each recipe is not difficult to make: the ingredients used are readily available, and the number of ingredients are not large. The directions are clearly given, and, what I liked most, some practical advice and suggestions are given at the beginning of each recipe. For a book with such a comprehensive scope, there are bound to be some topics that I would like to have read more about, such as a discussion about using sweeteners (maple syrup and agave nectar are part of the recipes, but brown rice syrup and barley malt are not). Finally, there is a very useful and interesting list of references at the end of the book, which can be used for further reading. The list is not comprehensive: two of my personal favorites are not included - Michael Pollen and Meredith McCarty. This book is an extremely valuable resource and guide for following a vegan lifestyle.