Venom: A Dark Retelling

Venom: A Dark Retelling

by Dee Garcia

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From the moment I befriended him, I set a conspiracy in motion.

A revolution.

Kill Peter Pan.

And I was their ultimate weapon.

I was also none the wiser, falling hopelessly and irrevocably in love with him as the years went by.

Just as they hoped I would.

But their plan comes to a screeching halt when Peter vanishes into thin air, something I'll learn has nothing to do with Rosewood at all.

You see, Peter never truly loved me...because he loved a wench instead.

He lied to me, he used me, he left me, and he broke me. 

Forever altering me in ways that incite revenge when Hook sweeps in with revelations and the ultimate truth.

Peter may have turned his back on me, but in the end, he and his precious little Wendy will choke on every last tear I once shed.

And I'll have Hook to thank for that.


It's no secret I always despised Peter Pan.

A common threat amongst the factions, I should've killed him when I had the chance, long before he sank his claws deep into Tinksley's heart.

But his death at my hands wasn't what the plan called for, despite how I felt for her.

I'd always been drawn to the girl, innocently enough at first…until that vile abomination marked her with his stamp, unleashing a sense of propriety I had no rights to.

Didn't matter—he had her...and I wanted her.

Then like magic, he disappeared.

I thought my time had come, but the road to owning Tinksley's heart comes with a price.

A price so dark and depraved it strips her of her purity and awakens the beast within.

All because of the truth.

Sometimes, there is honor in revenge, and it will be my utmost pleasure to watch as Peter Pan finally meets his maker.

His maker who will soon be my Queen.

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BN ID: 2940163709083
Publisher: Dee Garcia
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Venom: A Dark Retelling 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
fantasylandblog 3 months ago
*New to me author Oh, my freaking god. So I went into this story not knowing what I was getting into. All I knew was that I wanted to read this new collection that is coming out from a group of authors that I love. I had never read Dee, but I was jumping in with both feet. This collection is a retelling of fairytales- which, if you are like me, I have tried before with a mix of emotions. Venom is NOTHING of what you think it is. And I am not giving it away. All I am going to say is Jesus, what a beginning to the collection. I could not and would not put this book down. And a word for the wise, not only will I own this story in ebook, but I will be a paperback owner as well!! What an ingenious story!!!
FS_Meurinne 3 months ago
Wow, just wow, this was my first book by Dee Garcia, it won't be the last, I have read fairytale retelling before, non had me captured and intrigued me more than this book did. I love the dark side of the story, having Captain Callan Hook and Tinksley going on was an amazing story. I will never see them any other way again. The twisted dark side of the story is fantastic, it had everything I ever wanted to get from a villain turned to hero and well you just need to get this book and star reading because believe me you haven't read anything like this before. I am so on board into reading the whole Sinister Fairy Tale Collection for sure.
ElysianF 3 months ago
Have you seen that meme that gets around? The one that says I read fairy tales, there just dirtier know? Yeah, this book is the perfect example of that. This story is based on the classic Peter Pan with Captain Hook, Tink and all the aspects you enjoy; but with more dirt, more darkness, and more heat! This book is addicting, and not in the traditional great writing way, but in the way I was absorbed into this world, these characters became so interesting (and a bit mysterious) that I HAD to turn the pages, I HAD to know what was next. I love the liberties the author took with such a traditional story; it really set this story a flame. Well balanced with action and steamy scenes this book is fantastic and a must read for dark fairy tale lovers! This story does have triggers, I would not consider this a safe read, but if you are here looking into this author and this series (it is the sinister fairy tale series after all) then know what you are getting!
Joyffree 3 months ago
This is a part of the Sinister Fairy Tales Collection - Each is a dark retelling of once treasured fairy tales Each is standalone though they interconnect to an overall story line Neverland re-imagined Garcia sets the stage for the first release in what is a heart-pounding twisted variation of one my childhood favorites Our sweet little Tink is crushing on Peter ... as it should be. But her parentage is a bit more corrupted? Dare I say? In the first half of the book, her "innocence" factor and head over heels "you are my forever" with Pan was a touch nauseating. Never fear though she finds her insanity I can only reveal all bets are off once she does. Tink has always been one of my favorite characters and if it is possible I like her even more now. Hook ... his side of the tale is a bit different than the childhood version. Still, not a fan of Peter's and still enjoys tormenting his captives. Hook dominates the pages. He comes off to others as this dark and dangerous villain but Tink sees past the outer shell. Have to say he was a bloody delicious main character I don't want to give spoilers - sooooo I am not going to say much. This does start a bit slow (IMO) but it seemed a necessary evil - Once our little Tink finds her wings again -Hold on tight and no peeking! We are also briefly introduced to some characters that will feature in future releases as well as give an idea of how the lands are laid out. Different kingdoms providing different backdrops but interconnected still. I am excited to read the next in this series. Just a fantastic read! OH, before I go I really need to share this thought - That OMG moment - the one that changes everything? OMG!