Venom Is Her Mercy

Venom Is Her Mercy

by Bernard Philips


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A female assassin? No, she is more than that, she is a widow of opportunity, and venom is her mercy.

Each time Sophie started to writhe and gasp towards an orgasm, she would almost scream for David to get into the bath with her, but at that moment he would slowly stop caressing her and...
Corporal Bludger has throughout the ages guaranteed that no item of clothing, or footwear issued to a soldier will fit, he is the khaki nemesis of military tailoring, and the backbone of Her Majesty's armed forces.

The Fannies are the nicest, warmest couple ever to pull a pint, unless of course you have been named to suffer an out of court settlement. Then you will have to endure the careless nature of their brutality, "Oh dear! Oh my, does it hurt? There now, don't cry, the blood will congeal soon enough, once you've stopped bleeding."

Sarah's neophyte wit cracked out loud and clear, like a champagne flute succumbing to the careless fingers of a greedy hand.

Whisper and a head will tilt the better for an ear to listen. Yet none have heard the trembling fear of a child victim in the groomed clutches of a predator.

"The speckled spider has your sentence written,
Tippy toe tippy toe, for your heart darkly smitten,
Your liver riddled tasty toxic, by venom all a bitten."

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ISBN-13: 9781545212097
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/21/2017
Pages: 336
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