Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy

Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy

by K.E. Turver (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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An Advanced Research Workshop on Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy and Related Topics was held at Durham, England during August 11-15 1986. The meeting was sponsored by the Scientific Affairs Division of NATO and the University of Durham. It is four years since the first Workshop dedicated to High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy was held at Ootacamund, India. At that meeting the developments in Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy over a period of more than 20 years were reported and the methodology, limitations, improvements and prospects for further progess were discussed. The possible requirement for a follow-up meeting was clear if the optimistic future foreseen for the field at the Ooty meeting was correct. The Durham meeting was suggested to fill this role. Although the arrangements for the Durham meeting were discussed as long ago as 1983 with possible dates in 1984 or 1986, the eventual date in 1986 has proved admirable and has coincided with a time when further advances have been reported. An important feature of the proposal for the Durham meeting was the emphasis on a series of Workshop sessions, the conclusions of each to be summarized by a Rapporteur. The purpose of these sessions was to provide a consensus view of many of the important areas in the field at a time of increasing interest by the rest of the astrophysics community.

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ISBN-13: 9789401082051
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Series: Nato Science Series C: , #199
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
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Table of Contents

Invited Papers.- High Energy Radiation from the Young Pulsars.- X-Ray Emission from Mass Accreting Neutron Stars.- Cosmic-Ray Acceleration in UHE and VHE Gamma Ray Sources.- In Days of Yore.- Rapporteur Papers..- TeV and PeV Source Status.- Cygnus X-3.- Source Mechanisms (Pulsars).- Source Mechanisms (Accretion Objects).- Techniques of TeV Astronomy.- Statistical Analysis in High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy.- A Survey of Gamma Ray Facilities - Current and Planned.- Contributed Papers..- VHE Gamma Ray a from Cygnus X-3.- Search for a 12.59 ms. Pulsar in Cygnus X-3 at E > 400 GeV.- Further Evidence for the Emission of 1000 GeV Gamma Rays with 12 ms Periodicity from Cygnus X-3.- Simultaneous Measurements of VHE Gamma Rays from Hercules X-l.- TeV Observations of Her X-1 at the Whipple Observatory: 1984–1985.- VHE Gamma Rays from Her X-1 in June–July 1985.- VHE Gamma Rays from the X-Ray Pulsar 4U0115+63.- Pulsed TeV Gamma Rays from 4U0115+63.- Very High Energy Gamma Rays from the Vela Pulsar.- Very High Energy Gamma Rays from the Crab Pulsar.- The VHE Gamma Ray Light Curve of PSR0531.- VHE Gamma Rays from the Crab Pulsar.- 1000 GeV Gamma Rays from the 1.5 ms Pulsar.- Pulsed TeV Gamma Rays from Vela X-1.- Search for TeV Gamma Rays from the Galactic Plane near Cygnus X-3.- Observation of Cyg X-3 from October 1985 to May 1986 at Akeno.- Observations of Cygnus X-3 near 1015 eV made at Haverah Park: 1979–1985.- Further Studies of Underground Muons at Soudan.- Search for Muons from the Direction of Cygnus X-3.- Underground Search for Particles from Cygnus X-3.- Too Many Muons from Cosmic Accelerators?.- The University of Durham New VHE Gamma Ray Telescopes.- The Haleakala Gamma Observatory.- The Adelaide Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy Programme.- Hercules — A New Instrument for TeV Astronomy.- Characteristics of Cerenkov Images produced by Primary Photons and Hadrons and by Local Muons.- Optimizing the Design of High Energy Gamma Ray Telescopes.- The Angular Resolution of the Haverah Park Array for Ultra High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy.- The UCD/FLWO Extensive Air Shower Array at Mt. Hopkins Arizona.- UHE Gamma Ray Astronomy with the EAS-TOP Array at the Gran Sasso.- UHE Gamma Ray Observations with the K.G.F. Air Shower Array.- UHE Gamma Ray Astronomy with the Buckland Park Array, a Review.- The Kiel EAS Experiment for Detecting UHE Gamma Rays.- Muons in Photon Induced Extensive Air Showers.- Calculated Time Structure of Air Shower Fronts.- The Normal Kernel Density Estimator applied to Gamma Ray Light Curves.- List of Participants.

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