Vexing the Viscount

Vexing the Viscount

by Emily Bryan

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ISBN-13: 9780843961348
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 02/24/2009
Edition description: Original
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

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Vexing the Viscount

By Emily Bryan
Dorchester Publishing
Copyright © 2009

Diana Groe
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8439-6134-8

Chapter One "Hmm! I wonder if that's life-size," Miss Daisy Drake murmured. She leaned down to inspect the ancient lamp on display in the corridor outside the Society of Antiquaries lecture hall. Talking to herself was a bad habit, she knew, but since none of her friends shared her interest in antiquities, she often found herself without companions on this sort of outing.

"Of course, it would be on the most inaccessible shelf in the display case." Solely to vex her, she suspected. Daisy scrunched down to get a better look at it.

The clay lamp was only about four inches long, but in other respects, so far as Daisy knew, was perfectly lifelike. The terra-cotta scrotum served admirably for an oil cruse, but even though she knew the ancients decorated their homes with such unseemly things, she still wondered about how the lamp worked. She opened her small valise and drew out paper, quill and inkpot in order to take a few notes. "Where does the flame come out?"

"Right where one would expect," a masculine voice sounded near her.

Daisy's spine snapped suddenly upright. The crown of her head clipped the man's chin with a thwack and she bit her tongue.

"Jupiter!" One of her hands flew to her throbbing mouth, the other to the top of her head, where her cunning little hat was smashed beyond recognition. Her sheaf of papers fluttered to the polished oak floor like maple leaves. The small inkwell flew into the air and landed squarely on the white lawn of the man's shirtfront.

"Oh, I'm so dreadfully sorry." Daisy dabbed at the stain with her hankie and succeeded only in spreading it down his waistcoat. A black blob dribbled onto his fawn-colored breeches. She decided not to chase that stain with her handkerchief.

At least, thank heaven, plastering the man with ink covered her unmaidenly interest in that lewd little lamp. It was clearly a mistake to come to the museum today, but the topic under discussion at the Society of Antiquaries was the possible discovery of an ancient Roman treasure. The lure of an adventure drew her like a lemming to the sea.

"How clumsy of me!" She made the additional mistake of looking up at the man. Her mouth gaped like a cod's.

Lucian, she almost said aloud. When she saw no trace of recognition in his dark eyes, she drew her lips closed by sheer strength of will.

He'd grown into himself since she'd seen him last. His fine, straight nose was no longer out of proportion to the rest of his face. As he rubbed his square jaw, Daisy saw that the little scar on his chin was still visible, a neat triangle of pale, smooth skin. She'd recognize that anywhere.

After all, she'd given it to him.

His dark hair was hidden beneath a dandy's wig. Oh, she hoped to heaven he hadn't taken to shaving his head, as some did. Daisy's uncle Gabriel was a dogged opponent of the fashion. Said it was nothing but French foppery. Since Uncle Gabriel's opinions were only slightly less authoritative than a papal bull, his aversion to wigs had rubbed off. Besides, hiding a head of hair like Lucian's was a sacrilege. Or ought to be.

An ebony wisp escaped near his left ear.

Good. Daisy breathed a sigh of relief. His dark mane was one of Lucian's finest points, after all. Not that there weren't plenty of others.

His lips twitched in a half smile.

"An interesting piece, isn't it?" He was still the same old Lucian. Still direct, even at the expense of propriety. He wasn't going to play the gentleman and pretend he hadn't caught her ogling that Roman phallus.

"Indeed." She met his gaze, determined to make him understand that her interest was purely intellectual. "Obviously a cultic object of some sort. It is certainly a curiosity."

"It is gratifying to find a young lady who is ... curious."

Daisy lifted her chin in what she hoped was a confident manner. "Of course I'm curious. Such an item makes one wonder what the people who used it were like."

"I suspect the ancients were more like us than we want to admit. People have been born into this world with the same wants and needs since Eden. Though I'll grant you our taste in home decoration has changed," he said with a laugh.

"Actually, I read a treatise only last week on the new fashion of tassels. The writer felt they were merely phallic symbols in subtle form."

"Hmph. I shall never look at a tassel the same way again."

His eyes narrowed in speculation. Daisy hoped he might show some sign of remembering her, but it had been more than a decade since they'd met. She'd been a flat-chested ten-year-old, and he'd been a haughty woman hater of twelve. With soulful eyes and a blinding smile.

Now he turned that charming smile on her without a hint of recognition in his intense gaze. "You must possess an unusual library."

The library Daisy frequented most often belonged to Isabella Haversham, her great-aunt. Isabella had once been a famous courtesan. But even now that she was a married lady-the wife of an earl, no less-she still entertained philosophers and artists and "freethinkers" with regularity. Lady Wexford might be painted with scandal's brush, but an evening in her company was far more diverting than squirming through the tortured clavichord recitals that took place in other parlors around the city.

Daisy wangled an invitation to Isabella's soirees as often as she could. For that reason, as well as her great-aunt's library, Daisy suspected her education was considerably broader than that of most young women her age.

"Innocence and ignorance need not forever clasp hands," Isabella was fond of saying.

Daisy looked pointedly back at the lamp. There was no denying she'd been studying it before. She might as well put a bold face on it.

"I was wondering if there is any kind of mark on that lamp," Daisy said. "One that might indicate who the maker was."

"He left no mark," Lucian said.

"He? So you believe a man fashioned it?"

"Men were the artisans in antiquity," he said with confidence.

"Hmm. That surprises me," she said with wide eyes. "I can't imagine a man wanting to set one of those alight."

Lucian coughed out a laugh. "But you can see where a woman might have reason."

"Certainly. Male domination of nearly every field of endeavor springs to mind." As well as possession of the memory of a gnat, she added silently. "But the lamp poses a host of questions."

"Ah, yes, and you raised an intriguing one." One of his dark brows arched, a reminder that he'd overheard her. "I'd be happy to help you discover the answer."

Was he suggesting something improper? If he was, it would serve him right if she gave him another scar.

"You owe me no further assistance. Not after I ruined your shirt. And your waistcoat. And your ..." She shouldn't have allowed her gaze to travel the ink's path down the front of his breeches. For a moment, she imagined an appendage shaped like the lamp affixed to his groin, and felt her cheeks heat. To cover her embarrassment, she sank to the floor to retrieve her scattered notes.

"Think nothing of it." His voice was no longer the adolescent squeak she remembered. "I should be more careful where I put my jaw. I do hope you have not suffered an injury to your head."

The way his deep baritone rumbled through her, the fact that she even had a head temporarily escaped her notice.

"Please allow me." Lucian set down the valise he'd been carrying and knelt beside her. He helped her reassemble her pages. Then he offered his hand to help her up, and she took it.

Had someone loosed a jar of june bugs in her belly?

"Thank you, my lord," she murmured, for lord he was.

Lucian Ignacio de Castenello Beaumont. Son and heir of Ellery Beaumont, Earl of Montford. Daisy assumed Lucian was now styling himself Viscount Rutland, one of his father's lesser titles, since the earl was still very much alive.

But Daisy remembered Lucian as Iggy.

His ears had turned an alarming shade of red when she called him that. "Iggy" was not dignified, he'd complained. As if a skinny, dirty-kneed twelve-year-old were capable of anything remotely like dignity.

But Lucian was no longer twelve. He was a man. And the last time Daisy heard his name bandied about in polite society, the sober matron doing the talking lowered her voice, but the words reclusive rake and wastrel were unmistakably used.

Neither of which did anything to slow her racing heart, Daisy admitted with a sigh.

She accepted the stack of papers from him. "There's no salvaging your ensemble, I fear. Please permit me to have a new suit of clothing made for you."

She could afford to be generous. After all, she'd discovered the family fortune beneath the stones of Dragon Caern Castle just when other members of the nobility were losing theirs in the South Sea stock swindle.

"I wouldn't hear of it," he assured her smoothly, though she knew Lucian's father had invested heavily in the failed company. Perhaps his mother's family was still solvent. She'd been a noblewoman in her homeland. Nearly all the vestiges of Lucian's Italian accent were now gone. Daisy thought that a terrible shame.

"I've been meaning to retire this suit in any case," he informed her. "The style is tres passé, n'est-ce pas?"

That would be a pity, since the cut of that green frock coat does wonderful things for his shoulders, and as for those bree-Daisy caught herself before her thoughts completely ran away with her, but lost her fight with the urge to flick her gaze to where his breeches molded to his thighs.

He caught the direction of her gaze and an amused grin tilted his lips. "My! You are a keen observer, aren't you?"

"Forgive me. Ruining your suit has upset me," she said, her cheeks flaming. "I'm acting like some pudding-headed debutante." Instead she was firmly on-the-shelf spinster of one and twenty.

"If you were a debutante, I'd have remembered you," he said.

Daisy doubted it. Especially since he showed no signs of recognizing her yet. Surely she bore some resemblance to the young girl who'd followed him about like a puppy so many years ago. His family had spent only a week in residence at Dragon Caern, but it had been the most frustrating, most splendid, most memorable week of her young life.

"However, if you want my advice," he continued, "your chances of remaining unmarried will decrease if you try not to douse every man you meet with ink."

"Perhaps remaining unmarried is my choice." She frowned until she noticed the way he flashed his teeth at her, clearly teasing. Lucian was the sort of man a woman might forgive anything so long as he smiled at her.

Daisy bit her lip to keep from babbling further. She sidled away from the case where the phallic lamp was on display.

Lucian looked around the nearly deserted exhibit hall. "It seems there is no way for us to be properly introduced, but perhaps you will allow me the honor of giving you my name."

Final proof that he truly didn't recognize her. Her belly spiraled downward in disappointment.

How was it possible that she could carry his image in her head for all these years while he completely forgot that Daisy Elizabeth Drake even existed? Bristling with indignation, she took another step backward to put more distance between them.

Before she could remind him that he should already know her name (and quite well, thank you very much!), the door behind her swung open and whacked her soundly on the bottom. Then the door slammed shut as whoever opened it realized he'd hit something. Daisy stumbled forward and Lucian caught her in his arms.

She was pressed tight against him, suddenly engulfed in his masculine scent, a clean whiff of sandalwood and soap. Beneath her splayed fingers, the musculature in his chest was rock hard. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Are you injured, miss?" Lucian asked.

"Only my pride." Daisy pushed against him as a signal he should release her. She wasn't about to admit that her derriere throbbed.

"No, I fear we have another casualty," he said, not loosening his hold on her a bit.

Daisy followed his gaze to her décolletage, where some of the ink from his shirt and waistcoat had been transferred. Part of the stain marred her pale blue stomacher and part darkened the mound of her breast that rose above it.

"Pity. An alabaster bosom should never wear black." He drew a fingertip along the froth of lace at the neckline she'd always thought of as modest, but never would again. "Alas, I forgot my handkerchief this morning or I should return the favor and try to wipe it off."

The thought of his hand on her skin with only a thin layer of cloth between them made her belly quiver.

The door creaked behind her and eased open a tentative few inches. A monocled gentleman peeked in and waved Lucian over with urgency.

"There you are, Rutland. We've been waiting for you."

Daisy started and jumped away from Lucian. She recognized the gentleman as Sir Alistair Fitzhugh, head of the Society of Antiquaries. She'd petitioned for admission several times, only to have Sir Alistair blackball her membership on account of her gender. The man cast a quick dismissive gaze over her and turned back to Lord Rutland.

A baron's niece counted for very little when measured against a viscount, she supposed.

Fitzhugh's monocle popped out and dangled from its silver chain as he eyed the large, oddly shaped ink stain on Lucian's clothing. "Good God, man, what's happened to you?"

"It was-" Daisy began.

"My fault entirely," Lucian finished for her. "I will be in directly, Fitzhugh."

Lucian turned back to Daisy. "Perhaps once I've delivered my presentation-"

"Hold a moment," she interrupted, stunned. She'd expected an Oxford-don type would lead the discussion. "You're the speaker?"

He nodded with a wry grin. "When I'm allowed to be."

She covered her mouth with her fingertips. When had Lucian become an expert in Roman antiquities? Or, more specifically, lost Roman treasure.

"As I was saying, I hope we may continue our discussion at a later time. I'd enjoy learning what else such a charming young lady finds ... curious in these dry halls." He retrieved his valise, made an elegant leg and shot her a wicked grin. "And for your information, the answer is no."

"No?" Her brows nearly met in a puzzled frown.

"It's not life-size."


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Vexing the Viscount 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
marcyw More than 1 year ago
Emily Bryan's books are such fun to read . . . lively heroines, manly heroes, humor, suspense, and spice -- and they get better with each one. I've been looking forward to Vexing the Viscount ever since finding out that this would be the story of Daisy, the smart young niece of the heroine of Pleasuring the Pirate (Bryan's last book), who I thought nearly stole the story from her aunt. And I'm not disappointed -- Daisy has grown up into an intrepid young woman who is again willing to try almost anything, but now as an adult, the things she tries can get her into more trouble than they could when she was a child!

The idea of her posing as a courtesan is both poignant and hilarious . . . the innocent Daisy 'learns all about it' from reading a book, which makes me laugh with recognition, as I've always gone straight to books (or now the Internet) for information on something new. However, Daisy has more nerve than I do -- she doesn't just learn about how to be a top-notch lady of the evening, but then acts on it! The excerpts from Daisy's 'textbook' are perfectly lovely, written with just the right voice of honest instruction. The author's research shows clearly, too, in the setting and voice of the book; I like reading romances of the Regency/Georgian period especially if there's more to them than balls during the Season and country house parties otherwise. The inclusion of the popularity at the time for 'antiquities' and archeology, and of Daisy's interest in such an unladylike pursuit, enhances my enjoyment of the book.

I love finding books (and authors) that make me smile just by arriving at my door, and make me think of ways to put off whatever chores are on my list, so I can start reading right away. That certainly is true in the case of this always-improving and clearly-having-fun author. Books like Emily Bryan's well-written ones, which I can count on for a bit of humor, saucy sexy scenes, and intelligent, interesting, even eccentric, characters, are just what I'm looking for.
booklover55 More than 1 year ago
I was one of the fortunate people to obtain a ARC copy of VEXING THE VISCOUNT by Emily Bryan.

I really enjoyed the book. It take place about 10 years after PLEASURING THE PIRATE. Daisy & Lucian were childhood nemesis. They meet at a collection of erotic artifacts. Daisy recognizes Lucian but he doesn't her.When he does watch out the sparks fly. Daisy goes undercover as a courtesan so she can help Lucian out on his quest to find the treasure to save his family.

I enjoyed the secondary characters-Geoffrey and Isabella. I adored the scene when Lucian realizes that Daisy and the courtesan are one of the same. Geoffrey was a hoot.

One should read DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS ( no connection) and PLEASURING THE PIRATE which is connected to the book. Visit Emily's web site and read A DRAGON CAERN CHRISTMAS which leads up to this book.

Keep up your great work Emily!!!
DenaW More than 1 year ago
This book was so good. I couldn't put it down. The double life that Daisy led was exciting and interesting. Lucian her boss, childhood crush and fellow treasure seeker was an interesting wonderful character that I won't soon forget. The story was different than other books that I've read from that time period and Emily Bryan's writing was so imaginable and fun. If you want to read a wonderful story that will keep you entertained throughout then you should definitely read Vexing the Viscount.
CrystalGB More than 1 year ago
I recently read an ARC of Vexing the Viscount and I loved it. Daisy Drake is a fabulous heroine. She is unconventional, bold and daring. She keeps Lucian Beaumont on his toes. This book has it all: romance, passion, adventure and danger. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hated to see it end.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Over a decade ago, Daisy Drake defeated Lucian Beaumont in a duel with play swords; the scar on his chin is a reminder of his childhood defeat. However, the South Seas Company scandal caused a schism between their families. Now ten years later, Daisy recognizes her childhood friend whom she had not seen in years. They briefly chat before the Viscount leaves to provide a pitch for funding his dig to the members of the Society of Antiquaries as he has recently found ancient Roman relics. No one will support Lucian because his father is blamed for the South Seas Company scandal and subsequent failure; that is no one except Daisy. However, his father holds her uncle culpable for the South Seas Company failure so he cannot accept funds from a Drake if he wants peace.

Daisy's great-aunt Lady Wexford was a renowned courtesan "Isabella" who kept a diary that her niece is reading. She also finds the memoirs of French courtesan Mademoiselle Blanche La Tour. With Isabella urging her, Daisy attends her aunt¿s masquerade as Blanche; in that disguise she becomes Lucian's investment partner and his tutor on pleasing a lady. The only problem is that his kisses leave her wanting more.

Daisy really works the story line as she is herself during the day especially with her family, Blanche in the evening especially with Lucian, and Miss Clavenhook with Lucian's father who hates all Drakes and would detest Blanche for bringing more scandals to the family. Her masquerades make for a fun historical romance with a bit of suspense brought by unscrupulous people wanting the ancient loot for themselves. Fans will enjoy Daisy and Blanche VEXING THE VISCOUNT, who falls in love with both ¿women¿.

Harriet Klausner
HuntressReviews More than 1 year ago
It has been over a decade since they had sparred with play swords and she had scarred his chin. Yet Daisy Drake recognized Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland, the instant she saw him again. The pair speaks only briefly before Lucian enters a meeting with the Society of Antiquaries. Lucian has discovered ancient Roman relics and hopes to gather a partner or two for funding. However, his father is still held accountable for the South Seas Company scandal, so no one will take the risk ... except Daisy. Problem is that Lucian's father blames Daisy's uncle for the doom of the South Seas Company because the man refused to invest. Should Lucian accept funding from any Drake, life with his father would become even more unbearable.

Daisy's great-aunt, Lady Wexford "Isabella", used to be a highly sought after courtesan. For over a month now Daisy has been reading in Isabella's library. Being "on the shelf" meant she could do as she pleased, within reason of course. It is in this library Daisy found the unpublished memoirs of Mademoiselle Blanche La Tour, a French courtesan. With Isabella's approval, Daisy dons the guise of Blanche and joins her great-aunt's masquerade party. As Blanche, Daisy becomes Lucian's partner. Not only does Daisy become his business partner, but "Blanche" also promises to teach Lucian how to kiss and please a lady. Blanche's memoirs were very detailed so Daisy would have no troubles. At least that is what Daisy told herself. Yet any time Lucian touches her, Daisy is hard pressed to remain in character.

**** There is more than one charade going on in this story. Daisy by day, Blanche by night, and Miss Clavenhook whenever Lucian's father is near. (Lucian's idea.) There is also a pair of treasonous men after the Roman treasure. It all adds up to one of the most wickedly fun reads I have had in quite some time. Terrific! ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
jjmachshev on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
"Vexing the Viscount" is my second read by Emily Bryan and I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the first! This is a Georgian era romance and even though I'm a little skeptical regarding the freedom and behavior of the heroine for that time period, I enjoyed her very much. The sizzle between the hero and heroine was great, their banter entertaining, and even the mystery/treasure hunt held my interest.Daisy considers herself firmly on the shelf as she just can't seem to dredge up any interest in the fribbles and fortune hunters who can't seem to see beyond her dowry. She's very well educated and has a special interest in ancient ruins which is how she meets up (again) with an old friend from her childhood. And how DARE he not recognize her when she knew at first glance who he was even after ten years? But a history of 'issues' between their families causes him to turn from her so Daisy (with a little help from a scandalous great-aunt) hatches a plan. She'll disguise herself as a famous courtesan and get herself in on his treasure hunt that way. Only things don't exactly turn out as planned.Lucian and his father are all that is left of the proud Montford family and Lucian is quite afraid that he's losing his father to madness. Their family estate is in dire need of renovation and their tenants need help too, but unless he can locate the lost Roman treasure there's nothing Lucian can do. His interest in Daisy lasts until he learns her name. His father's hatred of her family is not something Lucian cares to poke at. But when Lucian meets Blanche the courtesan, he's enthralled...and very, very attracted. It just figures that the only person he can convince to fund his dig would send Daisy as her agent! Even if she is smart...and helpful...and really quite attractive.Fun, fun, fun. Laughter and love get me every time and Emily Bryan does a fabulous job combining the two. I found myself cheering for Daisy in BOTH her characters and could see where a woman with her characteristics would definitely push beyond the normal boundaries for her time. Lucian is just a hottie. And any man that can wield a rapier with rapier wit (yes, I couldn't resist) is one I'll dream of tonight!
Nurture_Your_BOOKS on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Vexing the Viscount is a marvellous book, full sexual tension and wonderful characters whose stories pull you into their world for a few lovely hours. The pacing is smooth and steady, with vibrant visuals and intensely amusing banter. This story is very well written with an unerring focus on supplying the reader with a captivating story that includes lots of romance. The plot includes some fun twists and turns, that are sure to surprise. Lucian and Daisy are an enchanting mix. When they get tangled up together, sparks fly and sexual tension abounds! These characters have a sizzling chemistry which is sure to satisfy the romantic in all of us. Emily Bryan writes with talent and skill; she pours her heart into each and every page. I really enjoyed this book and I¿m positive that you will enjoy it too.I highly recommend this book!
janeeyre01 More than 1 year ago
I love Emily Bryan's books AKA Mia Marlowe. I always love when the heroine or hero pretends to be someone else. I loved the banter between Lucian and Daisy. All in all a great read. look forward to her other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Jennifer: Vexing the Viscount by Emily Bryan is a charming story about Daisy Drake and Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland. Daisy, the niece of a pirate, has quite a spark and unique flare in how she lives life. She speaks both French and ancient Latin, but since she doesn't know about the pleasures of the flesh is reading some risqué books in her great aunts library. (Luckily her great aunt's a fantastic supporter of a woman's right to learn about these things.) Our leading Viscount, whose family is in dire straights financially, is a little stubborn (as most great heroes are) but a bit lonely as well. Due do the financial troubles, which Lucian's fathers blames on Daisy's uncle, he's not dared to marry. Little do they both realize they have a common interest in antiques At a costumed ball held at her great aunts house that Daisy decides she just can't miss, she decides to play the part of a lady of pleasure. This despite her great aunts warnings she plunges into something she doesn't truly understand. Even though she had read Blanche La Tour's Journal and thought she grasped the contents pretty well. Lucian comes across the French courtesan at said party, and is immediately smitten by her. I can't go on, because I certainly don't want to ruin the book for you! This book is a very amusing but not silly by any means. It's a sweet story of two people who once friends as children meet again as adults. There are several twists, some a bit more subtle then others. Also including many intriguing tidbits about both English and Roman history. Emily Bryan has a way with words to be sure, and a way with creating a romantic tale not to be missed! I can say whole heartedly that I enjoyed this book, and very much look forward to reading more of her work in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PhyllisUT More than 1 year ago
Emily Bryan really knows how to write a book! From page one, I was pulled inside her world and fell in love with her characters. Lucian is so charming, and Daisy is such a spitfire...but I love heroines like this. The sexual tension in this story is PERFECT! And believe me, I love a story that has these elements. The treasure hunt aspect in the story had me curled up and reading until the words were blurred. But that didn't stop me. I couldn't wait to find out what happened at the end. Emily Bryan does NOT disappoint her readers. High marks for Emily Bryan! ~Phyllis~
elainec More than 1 year ago
"Vexing the Viscount" appeals to me on several levels. Daisy has a history with Lucian going back to adolescence when she accidentally stabbed him with a sword. The book opens with a funny scene in which Daisy is looking at an antiquity and wonders aloud if it's life-sized. Lucian comes behind her and responds. She turns and recognizes him - partially by the scar on his chin inflicted by her ten years before. Lucian needs financial backing to do an archaeological dig for Roman artifacts on his family's estate. He's turned down by the local antiquarian society members. Later, Daisy masquerades as a famous courtesan, Mlle. Blanche La Tour, to meet Lucian and offer financial help. The masked ball is an effective device for letting Lucian get interested in Daisy (as Blanche La Tour) when their families' troubles in the past would have kept him from getting close to her. In this guise, Daisy also offers to help Lucian learn to sexually please a lady. Of course, Daisy has to read the courtesan's private journal late into the night to stay ahead of Lucian. Daisy's role here is totally at odds with her complete innocence in sexual matters. I find this very funny. It doesn't take Lucian long to figure out this deception. Daisy is a smart, well-read, funny heroine. Lucian is an engaging, smart, and altogether delicious hero. Digging for Roman artifacts is a welcome change to so many romances filled with parties and balls and how the characters dressed and wore their hair. I also like the parts of the story going back to the Roman period in Britain. They set the stage for the ending of the story when the "treasure" is found. There's definitely suspense leading to the end. All in all, this novel has many of my favorite things going on in it. : Interesting and engaging main characters, witty dialogue, funny scenes, and searching for antiquities. I like reading it and look forward to Emily Bryan's other novels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago