Victory over Fear

Victory over Fear

by Bob Buess



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ISBN-13: 9780883680698
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 09/28/1997
Pages: 87
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Fear is the nature of the devil. 2 Timothy 1:7. "God has not given us the spirit of fear." Regardless of the particular problem, fear comes from the devil. Fear can come from many directions. We will not go into all of these here. We will discuss a few to get your thinking and understanding flowing together so that you may relate to these.


Ephesians 6:4 "Ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Abuse by parents brings many adverse reactions in the emotional and mental makeup of a child which carry over into adult years.

Children who have been abused by a parent or teacher by extreme correction delivered in the spirit of anger tend to be fearful and timid. These children may react in different ways. Some withdraw into a shell of insecurity and fear; others enter into rebellion against all forms of authority. One lad reverted to violence. When I cast out this spirit, the devil began to cry out, "Stop pushing me around. You aren't going to push me around." He left. The lad was free from rebellion and fear. One teen-age girl had been dominated by an unwise father and a mentally sick school teacher who kept calling her abusive names such as: "You stupid, ignorant brat." As this girl would enter into groups, fear would so dominate her thinking that she would feel like crawling under the table or getting alone by herself. Thank the Lord, she, too, received a glorious deliverance.


One pastor's wife who had been in an automobile accident was dominated by fear. It would hit her every time she would get into a car. Upon deliverance from this, she was perfectly normal.


Parental fighting in front of the children creates emotional disturbances which allow or cause them to have insecurity, fear, or mental blocks. A parent who is alcoholic creates such an instability in a child that, in many cases, this carries over to adult life.


Fighting and turmoil in a married couple can cause a violent reaction within the emotional life of one or both partners. A strong domineering husband who has little consideration for his partner can cause the wife to react by withdrawing into a dream world or by assuming violent, defensive attitudes. She later may succumb to self pity, suicide, etc. Fear of living, fear of men, or fear of every moment of life may begin to take the dominant roll of her thinking. When one partner learns that the other is running around with another person in an unfaithful manner, fear and insecurity sometimes come to them. This partner has a choice. He or she can move above it and live victoriously or yield to fears, self-condemnation, self-pity, or a multiple of similar attitudes.


The 1929 stock market crash is a good example here. Men in fear and desperation took their lives in no small number.


One lady recently said that before she and her husband were saved, she became pregnant. Her husband became angry; heated arguments followed which lasted for days. The wife became so confused and frustrated that she lost the baby. Later, she developed such a fear of having a child, that when she finally wanted children, she could not carry a child over a few weeks. We had the privilege of seeing her delivered from this spirit of fear in Jesus' name. One girl had lived with crime and violence all of her life. Her family had several criminals in it. She was involved in sex abuse. By the time I saw her, she was tormented with fear, nervousness, and suicidal tendencies. She was delivered in Jesus' name.


A mother or father full of fear can transmit this to the children. Much of the fear problem that I deal with comes from parental fear. The child is thoroughly indoctrinated with these attitudes during childhood. When adulthood comes, his heart is a perfect seedbed for Satan. Just recently a mother and daughter came to me for help. The mother was full of fear, frustration, hate, etc. The child had a mental block and had not developed beyond her early teens. She was twice that age at the time. Parental discord due to fighting and infidelity created fear of adulthood. Fear within the executives of a business can be transmitted to the employees to the extent that the business will fail. Fear within a nation can be transmitted to such an extent that it invades the entire framework of the society. This allows them to fall to smaller nations. Gideon told all the fearful ones to go home. Over and over God's Word tells us not to fear the enemy. God knows fear will grow and be transmitted to others. Fear is like a seed. Sow it in your heart, and it will grow more of like seed.

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1. The Source of Fear
2. The Results of Fear
3. How to Overcome Fear
4. Fear Ye Not
5. Fear Will Leave

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