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Publication date: 09/01/2009

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Champions Online 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Mr_Jester More than 1 year ago
The only problem with Champions Online is that it's a little too popular. The developers were not prepared for the onslaught of downloads it received during the first day of open-beta testing. Several fans were upset (unfortunately, some were completely turned off) that they couldn't jump right in and play because of the outrageously long queue times for the patch. Cryptic studios announced they had to solicit more servers to accommodate the thousands of unanticipated accounts. So what was the overall reaction of those who made it through a day and half of downloads and patches? Awe. Fascination. Joy. The game delivers everything it promises and more. From the extravagant but user-friendly character creation screen, to the addictive arena-play, to the cheesy voice-overs of signature heroes announcing, "They will pay sorely for threatening my home-world!" the game immerses players in bright, comic-book-style action. The first thing I noticed (after spending hours making not one, but eight unique characters using the hero creator's thousands of options) was that the game felt a lot more like World of Warcraft than any other MMORPG out there. I'm sure others might compare it to City of Heroes (to which it obviously owes a great deal of its conceptualization, both having originated from the same great mind-Jack Emmert's) or Warhammer or AoC. But the cartoony feel of the characters, their movements, the menus, the colorful landscapes, even the way the missions were accepted and completed, felt so reminiscent of WoW gameplay, I had to wonder if someone didn't sit down one day and ask, "What would Asteroth be like if there were spandexed superheroes instead of night elves?" That's not to say the game feels more like a fantasy RPG than a comic-book one. Au contraire! The game has comic-book-iness coming out of its pores. The game reeks of silly one-liners, yellow "POWs," purple "BOFFs," and an assortment of dastardly criminals out to thwart Millennium City's billions of do-gooders. If there's one thing that CO does better than CoH (there's several actually) it's to immerse the player in the genre more completely. Some favorite features: thirteen travel powers instead of four; being able to get travel powers at an earlier stage (right after the tutorial); having travel powers that contribute to or hamper PvP and PvE play; an inventory system; skill-crafting that's more useful than just combining balls into bigger balls; very, very quick arena instances; a combat system that is both complex and intuitive; being able to test out all powers before finalizing a purchase; a lifetime membership option; being able to mix-n-match powersets (a clawed, melee character with ranged force bolts? That's unheard of!); and finally, being able to pick ANY CHARACTER NAME I WANT EVEN IF SOMEBODY ALREADY HAS IT! Negatives: despite taxing my graphics card to the max, the visuals don't look a whole heckuva lot better than those in MMOs from five years ago; the currency system is baffling; the other online players are a surly bunch; my squishy sorcerer dies a lot in the arena. Overall though, the game is very well done. It seems to have borrowed the best elements from the most popular MMOs of all time and combined them into a real spiffy package. It's worth taking a look at.