View from the Medicine Lodge: Stories from the American Indian's Soul

View from the Medicine Lodge: Stories from the American Indian's Soul

by Jim Great Elk Waters


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ISBN-13: 9781931643054
Publisher: Seven Locks Press
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Pages: 266
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Epigraph--My Smoke Prayerv
About View From the Medicine Lodgexv
About the Authorxxiii
1Tomorrow's Contemplation on Today1
Grandmother Turtle3
Been Trying6
I Recall9
Miracles in Commonness10
Have by Love13
Cry Not For My Father14
2Our Deep Roots19
The Boy and the Snake21
Beyond History27
Then There was Light on the Bundle28
Tecumseh's Shawnee Creed31
The First Encounter32
There is No Word37
First Journey38
Why the Possum's Tail is Bare40
3Of the Soul and Spirituality53
Red Fox Camp55
Walk in Balance58
The Day the Sioux Ran60
I Have Seen the Promise So Often Broken, Made Whole64
The Gift of New Life67
4Markers in the Forests69
Creation and Growing Up Indian71
The Shawnee Woman78
On Character79
It Is Now81
The Sacred Weed84
5Of Indians Today87
Poverty of the Mind89
We are the Ones91
A Message94
The Destination96
In the Rain97
On Ritual and Ceremony98
The Reburial Ceremony102
That's What Grandmas are For108
Dream Catcher111
Faith in the Family114
Are We Still Here?116
Are You an Indian?118
How Can You Be an American Patriot and a Good Indian?121
Through the Veil127
6For the Joy of It All129
A'ho, Let's go Powwow!131
Bird Dog140
Night Flight145
Go Carefully148
Puffer and the Mountain Lion149
Java, the Path Is Long153
I'm Too Old155
Cold Winter161
7Wisdom, and Other Elder Traits163
A Letter To My Grandchild165
I Am In Balance168
In This Ancient Place169
Dinner With171
My Life Is a Mess173
Why Are There Masks?176
The Lesson of the Electric Mower179
The Tree and the Eagle182
The Old Stone Pipe183
Will We Make a Difference?186
The Life Circle We Call Earth190
Dare to Live the Proud Dream191
Mystical Spirits193
Fry Bread197
History of the Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band198
History of the Blue Creek People--Eski'seppi Naube201
Ohio Area206
Long Journey207
Shawnee URB sites208
Blue Creek209
Serpent Mound210
Selected Bibliography234

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View from the Medicine Lodge: Stories from the American Indian's Soul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
bctrissel More than 1 year ago
View from the Medicine Lodge is a soul-stirring, poetic, wise collection of Indian stories and life experiences from the heart of Jim Great Elk Waters: "Our religion is not of paint and feathers. It is a thing of the heart." Once begun, this inward trek into what is the best of being Indian and human is not easily put down. Curled on the couch with my cat, I journeyed on under the gentle, eloquent guidance of Great Elk as he led me to a richer understanding of what has gone before us, where we are now -- and most importantly, all that we CAN BE: "No dream comes true unless you breathe into it life." And: "To be human is to be truth, less will make us hollow." Great Elk exudes a positive, irrepressibly hopeful spirit that is contagious. He makes me believe in the rich possibilities of this great land we call America and calls me to affirm those possibilities within myself. Despite his people's tragic history, which he touches on in a poignant and comprehensible way, they and he have held to the truths and traditions that make them Shawnee: "We are the total sum of all our ancestors." But you need not be Shawnee or from any other tribe to appreciate the wisdom and poems threaded throughout this unique perspective: "One cannot be long angry in the loving arms of another." Great Elk teaches with warmth, humor and a noble dignity that does us all honor. His reverence for the Creator and the earth, living in rightful harmony with ourselves and others, remembering those who have gone before us, and our place in the great circle and dance of life shines forth in this inspiring book: "Happiness, laughter, and family voices in a home keep more people living right than all the laws man can make." This is a must read for anyone with a soul. It is brimming with food for those weary in spirit, and anyone who desires a better understanding of what makes us good. It is also a visual treat with beautiful illustrations by the author.