The View from Under the Pew: Braille Version

The View from Under the Pew: Braille Version

by Diane Winters Johnson

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This beautifully-illustrated storybook introduces children to the true story of Walter, a guide dog who assists Pastor Diane through her day at the church. Walter helps Pastor Diane minister to others as they visit the sick at the hospital and attend church meetings and potluck suppers. Walter is her faithful companion as Pastor Diane conducts Bible studies and leads worship. Walter loves his view from under the pew, where he can listen to the choir sing and see the faces of families who have come to church to worship God together.

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ISBN-13: 9781426721502
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication date: 09/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Diane Winters Johnson is an ordained deacon in The United Methodist Church. She graduated from Ohio State University and The Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio, with a master's degree in Christian education. Rev. Johnson also writes Sunday school curriculum. She lives in Wooster, Ohio.

Walter the Guide Dog was awarded an honorary degree in "dogmatic theology" by The Methodist Theological School in Ohio for his faithful participation in classes and his contribution to campus morale. Following a ten-year ministry with Diane Johnson, Walter is now retired and living with the Helmuth family in Wooster, Ohio.

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The View from Under the Pew

By Diane Winters Johnson, Margaret Freed

Abingdon Press

Copyright © 2004 Rev. Diane Winters Johnson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4267-2150-2


Walter is a beautiful blond golden retriever who born for a very special purposes. He works as a Seeing Eye® dog with Pastor Diane. Pastor Diane has difficulty seeing, and Walter's job is to guide her through the day so she can do her work of caring for the church.

To become a Seeing Eye® dog, Walter had to go to school. He had to learn how to guide in the harness, how to follow directions, and how to keep Pastor Diane safe in traffic. To become a pastor, Diane went to school, too, first to college and then to a special school called a seminary. Walter was right there beside her all the way. Her job was to learn, and Walter's job was to guide her away from danger as she walked through the town, in the halls, and around the school grounds. They worked very well together.

When Diane graduated, she was ready to become a pastor. Together Walter and Diane went to a ceremony called an ordination. The bishop prayed a blessing prayer. Some of the people wore long robes over their clothes. These robes helped the congregation know which people were the pastors. Over the robes most wore long red scarves called stoles. Aer the ordination, it was decided that Walter and the new pastor would go to a church downtown to begin their ministry together. They were very happy.

Now, Walter guides Pastor Diane down the sidewalk each day to the big church downtown and sits in Pastor Diane's study as she works. As Walter lies on his big green pillow under the desk, he can see many different people come to visit with Pastor Diane. Some people come to plan Sunday services. Other people come to talk about their worries, to pray, or to find help with their lives. Pastor Diane tries hard to help everyone who comes to see her.

On Monday, Pastor Diane begins to write the church newsleer. She types into her computer. Pastor Diane and Walter hear the computer talking as she types. The talking of the computer helps Pastor Diane know what the screen says. Soon the newsleer is done, and they can go home for the day.


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