Views into the Chinese Room: New Essays on Searle and Artificial Intelligence / Edition 1

Views into the Chinese Room: New Essays on Searle and Artificial Intelligence / Edition 1

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Oxford University Press, USA

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Views into the Chinese Room: New Essays on Searle and Artificial Intelligence / Edition 1

The most famous challenge to computational cognitive science and artificial intelligence is the philosopher John Searle's "Chinese Room" argument. Searle argued that, although machines can be devised to respond to input with the same output as would a mind, machines—unlike minds—lack understanding of the symbols they process. 19 essays by leading scientists and philosophers assess, renew, and respond to his challenge.

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ISBN-13: 9780199252770
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 08/28/2002
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 426
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction, John Preston
1. Twenty-One Years in the Chinese Room, John R. Searle
2. Searle's Arguments Against Cognitive Science, Ned Block
3. Understanding, Orientations, and Objectivity, Terry Winograd
4. A Chinese Room that Understands, Herbert A. Simon, Stuart A. Eisenstadt
5. The Chinese Room from a Logical Point of View, B. Jack Copeland
6. Nixin' Goes to China, Larry Hauser
7. Real Robots and the Missing Thought-Experiment in the Chinese Room Dialectic, Selmer Bringsjord, Ron Noel
8. Wittgenstein's Anticipation of the Chinese Room, Diane Proudfoot
9. The Hinterlandof the Chinese Room, Jeff Coulter, Wes Sharrock
10. Searle's Misunderstandings of Functionalism and Strong AI, Georges Rey
11. Consciousness, Computation, and the Chinese Room, Roger Penrose
12. Neural Depictions of 'World' and 'Self': Bringing Computational Understanding to the Chinese Room, Igor Aleksander
13. Do Virtual Actions Avoid the Chinese Room?, John G. Taylor
14. Minds, Machines, and Searle 2: What's Right and Wrong about the Chinese Room Argument, Stevan Harnad
15. Alien Encounters, Kevin Warwick
16. Cyborgs in the Chinese Room: Boundaries Transgressed and Boundaries Blurred, Alison Adam
17. Changes in the Rules: Computers, Dynamical Systems, and Searle, Michael Wheeler
18. Dancing with Pixies: Strong Artificial Intelligence and Panpsychism, Mark Bishop
19. Syntax, Semantics, Physics, John Haugeland
A Short Bibliography on Searle's Arguments
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