Vigano Vs the Vatican: The Uncensored Testimony of the Italian Journalist Who Helped Break the Story

Vigano Vs the Vatican: The Uncensored Testimony of the Italian Journalist Who Helped Break the Story

by Marco Tosatti


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In an explosive August 2018 document, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò implicated many Catholic bishops - and Pope Francis himself - in a decades long cover-up of the sexual crimes of the now-disgraced serial predator, former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, long the most powerful figure in the American Church. Shocking faithful Catholics worldwide, Pope Francis refused to deny the accusations that Archbishop Viganò made against him in that ten-page document. Stunned himself, Marco Tosatti, the Italian journalist who first broke the story of the cover-up, here recounts the whole sordid tale. In this alarming report, you will learn of McCarrick's long-time abuses of seminarians and young priests, his inexplicable promotions to the highest ranks in the Church (despite widespread knowledge of his crimes), and the scandalous cover-up that has traumatized the Catholic world and continues to this day. It is all here - the names, dates, and damning documents - details that lead many to conclude, with Archbishop Viganò, that far from finally drawing to a close, the cover-up of clerical sexual crimes continues apace and appears to reach to the very highest offices of Holy Mother Church.

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Table of Contents

The Origin of the Drama 3

The Beginning of the Great Silence 13

The Mud-Slinging and Disinformation Machine 29

The Vatican Is Silent 39

The Strategy of Business as Usual in the Vatican 51

Viganò Returns to Speak: He Calls Ouellet into Question 61

The Holy See and Ouellet Speak 73

The Third Testimony of Viganò: A Cry from the Heart 91

The Silence of the Pope: A Wound for the Church 109

A Provisional Conclusion 123

Postscript 131

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