Vigilante Nights

Vigilante Nights

by Erin Richards

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A "good boy" will do anything for vengeance when a gang rite kills his twin sister. Will Lucas win, or follow his sister Silver into the darkness?

After a hideous car wreck, Lucas wakes from a coma to find that his world is gutted. Not only is his beloved twin sister, Silver, gone forever, but Lucas is broken in body and spirit. He will never be a college athlete, and is robbed of what he now realizes was the most important bond of his life. Although they weren't identical twins, Lucas and Silver shared a bond so fierce it defied reason, and was nearly supernatural.

After her death, that bond seems to endure when Lucas sees Silver everywhere he turns. Either he's crazy, or Silver is trying to tell him something about the California gang initiation they stumbled into that cost Silver her life. Lucas is bent on revenge, turning on Raymond, Silver's former boyfriend; the one Lucas never wanted her to date. He forms a posse of vigilantes to take out the gangsters responsible for Silver's death, but he risks not only his own life, but the love of the new girl on his block, who knows more about Lucas and Silver than can be accounted for by mere chance.

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ISBN-13: 9781440562365
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication date: 06/18/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Lexile: 650L (what's this?)
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

A seasoned romance writer, Erin Richards fell in love as a teen with S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders. Then, her own memories of a deadly street race by rampaging gang members in her California hometown inspired her first novel for young adults, Vigilante Nights. Richards's romantic suspense novel, Chasing Shadows, was an EPPIE Award finalist. Richards lives in California, where she confesses to a fascination with muscle cars. Visit her on the web at

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Vigilante Nights 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
BorderBabe More than 1 year ago
This is the third Erin Richards book that I've read and I enjoyed the first two so much I really wanted to see how she handled a YA. Granted, I'm not exactly the target audience for a YA but I truly enjoyed, Vigilante Nights. The narrative, told from the protagonist, Lucas's point of view, was interesting and brought two rich classics to mind; The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders. The first, because we get a very personal and meaningful glimpse into a young man who's been damaged, inside and out, and must come to terms with the tragic changes in his life. The second, because of the gangs and the role they play, not just in Lucas's community and school, but in the very life-altering accident that transforms and haunts him afterwards. This story is also about his metaphorical swim back to the surface after being seized by the undertow. It's his gasp for air, his decision to fight for his life and for what he's lost, and ultimately, move on. He doesn't forget but he finds, with the support of his friends and family, perhaps he can heal. Bravo, Ms. Richards. Bravo. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
gymmom_027 More than 1 year ago
Lucas and Silver are twins, two halves of the same whole. When tragedy strikes in the form of a horrific accident, ripping Silver from life, Lucas is left clinging to life and with Silver's lingering presence. Could she have really left him? Why? How could she leave him when he needs her the most? It nearly tears his family apart to lose Silver, his mother and father can't deal, and Lucas really doesn't want to live without her. As he's forced to come back to life, Silver's presence surrounds him, keeping him sane at times, but a constant reminder of what's he's lost. He needs her, but what he really needs is Silver, back in the living. But, no matter how bad life is, it does go on, regardless if you want it to or not. New neighbors move in, and Tara steps into Lucas's life, helping to relieve the empty hole left by his sister's loss. Tara is everything Lucas didn't know he wanted, she's life after football, life after the accident. His one time friends ignore him now that he's off the football team and no longer part of their crowd. His true friends are the ones that matter, Kevin, Chris, Mikey D., and his new friend, Denny, Tara's brother. But, there's one thing no one but Silver knew, and that's who caused the accident. Lucas forms Silver Ghost, his vigilante group that investigates gang happenings, alerts the police, and ultimately, to have retribution for his sister's loss. But, retribution isn't what he thought it would be, or as costly, to himself and those around him, those he loves. Vigilante Nights by Erin Richards is both poignant and endearing, a tale of struggling through life after a loss. Lucas starts out as a brother, looking out for his sister and ends with having to grow up faster than he wants or needs to, but with that growth, he becomes a stronger person. He learns to see beyond his own needs and that of his lost sister, Silver. If you enjoy YA reads that deal with the complexities of life, I would definitely recommend this one, it grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. Excellent read, five fairy kisses for this reader.
CaryMorganFrates More than 1 year ago
Dark, sad, disturbing, and . . . wonderful! Erin Richards takes the reader on a ride they won’t soon forget. When a twin is left behind through the evil of others, the bond they share lives on, teaching, encouraging, inspiring, and in the long run, healing. This is a tale of survival, both physical and psychological, after tragedy and loss. While dealing with dark topics, Vigilante Nights is beautiful and inspiring and left me very, very glad to have met the characters, lived in their world for a time, and come through to the other end, as they do, with a sense of peace, warmth, and abiding love. I purchased this book online and have given this review freely and without compensation of any kind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The moment I found out about this book by Ms. Richards I wanted to get my hands on it. I don't have much time to read these days so I'm selective. I am so glad I picked Vigilante Nights to spend my reading time on. The world building sucks you in and Silver is just my favorite. That sassy beautiful inside and out teen and her twin Lucas, the overprotective brother just pulled at my heart. I don't write reviews that spoil so it makes it even harder for me to share my enthusiasm. But rest assured, Vigilante Nights is a book you won't want to put down.
rockygirl1 More than 1 year ago
Wow.  So the beginning of this book just kinda of throws you into the story.  And man does it take off, literally.  Lucas looses his twin sister to an illegal street racing accident after escaping from what he thinks is a gang initiation. This sets him into a sequence of events where he forms a posse of sorts to hunt down people who are doing bad things. Added to this, Lucas can still communicate with his dead twin sister. Kinda weird, huh? So, I wasn’t sure that I would like this one, I have to admit.  But the more that I read and got into the book, the better I liked it.  I have been slightly fascinated with gangs.  I don’t want to get too close, but the whole mentality of a gang is completely fascinating to me.  So to see this kind of ‘war’ on gangs from this side was really interesting.  Also, to see the connection between the twins, and see it survive death was also really interesting. This book was defiantly not one I would have just picked up and read, but at the same time, there was something in it that really pulled me to it, and like many, it was one that I was glad I had read when all was said and done.  This story was one that was really different from anything else I have read this summer. Lucas was truly able to heal and move on through the course of what he did through the summer. I really enjoyed watching his journey through this book. I also loved the characters that we meet in this book that support him on his way, from the Nomads, his best friends, to the girl next door who knows a lot about Lucas and his sister, this was a great story.
InkandPage More than 1 year ago
The Low Down: Driving home late one evening on a dark county road, Lucas and his twin sister, Silver, find themselves in the middle of what seems to be a gang initiation. Trying to get away in his rebuilt Camaro, the crowd disperses only when they see what is coming directly at them: a street race. Before they know it, the Camaro it totalled and Silver is dead. Lucas and Silver always had a twin connection anyway, but now it has gone to the extreme: Lucas can see and speak with Silver’s ghost. And all they both want is justice. Whadja Think?: The first thing I noticed about this story was the voice. It is told in first person by Lucas, and, to be honest, he didn’t sound like a boy/brother. For me, when reading first person, not only are the comments that person’s, but so are the descriptions. So when the description is “She danced her fingers on her silver bangles into a tinkling vibration,” I can’t reconcile those words with the picture in my mind of a high school football jock driving a Camaro. Had this been told in third person, that description would have been perfect. I felt like there were many, many instances similar to this of things that I just couldn’t imagine Lucas ever thinking. On a related note, he also said things that I couldn’t believe a brother would say. For example, describing his sister as “one the hottest and smartest chicks at school.” That one was weird. To be plain, there were a lot of things that should have been edited talking about “my three-sixty mood reversal” and made-up word usages like he “finagled a bag over his shoulder” “scales of honor” and something that felt like “a lead sarcophagus pressed on my heart.” These are examples of just some of the things that I am more used to seeing in a self-published story, not a “real book.” Lucas sounds like a professor who lapses into slang to be cool. He goes from “How did one have telepathy with a dead person?” straight into “Hella freaky.” There were many times where the sentences just sounded awkward and not age-appropriate. Now, I get that the catalyst is the gang initiation and they chose Hispanics to be the gang members, but the anti-Mexican business got on my nerves. Maybe if the story had been better, it would have at least felt real (I'm looking at you, The Outsiders). But saying that someone’s breath “reeked of tacos” was so stupid and jarring that I had to mention it. And someone is wearing a scrunchie? Bottom Line: This book did nothing for me. The drama felt forced, there was no depth and I feel like I wasted my time. Vigilante Nights by Erin Richards was published today by Merit Press. A free copy of this book was given to Ink and Page in return for an honest review. Big thanks to Merit Press and the Author. Rating: 2 Genre: Young Adult Fiction Fantasy Contemporary Ages: 12 and up You Might Want to Know: Some profanity.
DeborahONeillCordes More than 1 year ago
Intense and fast-paced, Erin Richards's VIGILANTE NIGHTS grabbed me from the start and never let go. I'm not a big fan of novels written in the first person, but the hero's story was beautifully crafted - and could not have been told in any other way. I readily and heartily empathized with Lucas's heartbreak, his need for revenge, his passion for life, and his inherent goodness, shining forth during the darkest times. I was fascinated by Ms. Richards's subtlety as I followed his journey and watched him heal. Additionally, the large cast of characters complimented Lucas and helped give remarkable depth to his story; they never intruded or felt out of place, with touches of light and dark making them seem like real people, not cookie cutter or cliché. Although geared for the YA market, VIGILANTE NIGHTS should also find an appreciative audience among NA and adult readers. Kudos to Ms. Richards for creating a gripping read, one I won't soon forget.