Violent Delights

Violent Delights

by Jessica Hawkins

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In the de la Rosa family, old grudges run deeper than loyalty, and betrayal is a three-letter word: war. But this feud isn't between enemies. It's between brothers. And I'm the prize.

I was born a princess among criminals. An untouchable among thieves. Heiress to a life others have killed for, and one I'd do anything to escape. I vowed not to leave without Diego, my first love and best friend, but if his ruthless brother has his way, I won't leave at all. Cristiano de la Rosa is a man as big and bold as his legend. Once upon a time, he was our cartel's best soldier . . . until he became my family's worst enemy.

A man like Cristiano will bend fate to his will to get what he wants. Even if it means dragging me to hell—and tearing me from his brother's arms.

"She is mine." Three words from two different men.
A life, future, and love I don't get to choose.

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BN ID: 2940161468920
Publisher: 518 Books, Inc.
Publication date: 03/19/2019
Series: White Monarch , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 13,094
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About the Author

Jessica Hawkins is a USA Today bestselling author known for her "emotionally gripping" and "off-the-charts hot" romance. Dubbed "queen of angst" by both peers and readers for her smart and provocative work, she's garnered a cult-like following of fans who love to be torn apart...and put back together.

She writes romance both at home in New York City and around the world, a coffee shop traveler who bounces from café to café with just a laptop, headphones, and a coffee cup. She loves to keep in close touch with her readers, mostly via Facebook, Instagram, and her mailing list.

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Violent Delights 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Couldn’t put it down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kayla_Davis More than 1 year ago
“Believe me when I say, if Diego’s and my roles were reversed, I would hold you so tight, you would forget what it was to breathe. And I would not, for neither money nor power, ever send you into the fire just to see my enemy burn as he has done.” Violent Delights was my first read by Jessica Hawkins... And WOW. I. AM. IN. LOVE. This is seriously my best read of 2019. Every single page of this story left me captivated and enthralled. I just could not devour the pages quick enough. This is not your average love story. Its is haunted, intense, and dark. And I LOVE it. This author knows how to bring the angst. I was hit with so many different feels this book. It was a perfectly spun wed of deceit, betrayal, and revenge. Violent Delights takes you on a intense, jaw dropping, ride you do NOT want to end. The dynamic between Natalia, Diego, and Cristiano had me on the edge of my seat. The chemistry these characters bring left me breathless. The suspense these characters brought, is what hooks me the most. They leave you no choice but to choose one brother over the other. I love a good love triangle, and man did this book deliever. “This is a game, Natalia, and you have to play—or you’ll lose. Learn your lesson should someone care enough to teach you. And never doubt that you are a prize to hold tight.” Natalia has quickly become one of my favorite heroines. She was the perfect contradiction of haunted, curious, and brave. So many times I just wanted to shake her character for being so naive. While other times I couldn't help but admire her determination and strength. Torn between the brother she loves, and the brother she loves to hate. Natalia's character really takes you on a heart pounding journey. “Cockroaches survive fire. Butterflies, on the other hand . . .” He tightened his hold on me. “They go up in smoke." Diego is one of those characters that leave you on the fence. I had a love hate relationship with him throughout this book. Something about him just always seemed to be to good to be true. I couldn't help but feel his character had this air of deciet lurking just under the surface. Its almost as if Diego lives two lives. Everybody has secrets, but the funny thing about secrets is they don't stay secrets forever. "The Dust. That was what some had called Cristiano when he’d worked for my father. “Because he arrives on a cloud of dust, delivering death before the dirt clears.” Cristiano is rapidly winning over my heart. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the bad boy. Everything about his character commands your attention. While demanding your heart. Cristiano is as intense, as he is mysterious. His character has this air of darkness that calls to your soul. I was entranced with his every word. Cristiano is a man you knows what he wants, and will stop at nothing to get it. "Apparently, my discomfort amused him—but so did my fight. That didn’t surprise me. Cristiano would pinch a butterfly’s wings together just to watch her struggle." *5 STARS* Will NEVER feel like enough, I wish I could give this book 10. This is one of the most consuming starts to a series I have ever read. I can NOT recommend this book enough. Like seriously you need to read it! I am beside myself waiting for book two! I NEED MORE!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book!
MelB_BookedAllNight More than 1 year ago
Holy cow. I hate cliffhangers. HATE I need to really love an Author and trust them if I know I'm getting into something that could end with a cliffhanger. Fortunately for me, I love and trust Jessica Hawkins because let me tell you-this book was great. If you read this blurb and think it's going to be mafia heavy and hesitate against reading it-I urge you to try it. This takes a different look at that kind of book. I mean, there's families and cartels but it wasn't overwhelming for a reader like me. These characters? They were amazing. The set up of the dynamics between them absolutely works. I am not going to spoil anything, but I've picked a side in this triangle already. It wasn't an easy decision-because I can understand multiple sides here-but it's going to take a lot for me to switch sides in this case! I'm anxious to see what these characters will get up to next. Jessica Hawkins took a topic I wasn't sure I'd love and pulled me right into the story. I was there with these characters and I felt for them. That's just talent right there. The writing flowed, the pacing really worked for me. The ending of this book-even though I somewhat anticipated it-had me saying wow. Just wow. I'm not one to wish time away usually...but I'm ready for June so I can see what happens next in this series. Books like this are difficult to review without spoiling-and spoilers are no fun. But I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it.
Laura Foster More than 1 year ago
***ARC Provided by the Author*** Well, that didn't go as planned. Although, there was a part toward the end where I had a pretty good idea where it was going to go, and where we were going to be left at the cliffhanger. (Spoiler Alert: I was right.) But, let me be clear...I wasn't right because the story was predictable. Nope. I was right because of how incredibly well written it was...there were things that hadn't happened, and then they did, and you just knew where things were going with Diego, Cristiano, and Natalia. There are some conventions of a love triangle that this book is poised to break (YAY!!!) that I am not going to get into because, spoilers, but let me just say I love that this book is going to go there, that it's not going to pull back from this. I think, for me, this is why I read Jessica Hawkins. I know she is going to pull no punches, my heart is going to be in my throat, and I am going to like characters who maybe I really shouldn't because, well, they are not always the best of people. Oh, and one more thing...yes, this is set in the world of the cartels, but it's really not a mafia title. Really. The body count is fairly low and it's lacking the gruesomeness of the genre. This is a romance set in the world of the cartels, but it's not the traditional mafia. Read it, you will see what I mean. Oh, and the cliffhanger. THE. CLIFFHANGER. I saw it coming, I was SO positive I knew where it was going once I got close to it. I was right, but the actual point where it cut off was so riveting, and so perfect, I can't lie...when I went to the next page and it was the "thanks for reading" page...well, I can't lie...I was not happy I have to wait until June. I loved and recommend this title.
kmccarthy27 More than 1 year ago
When tragedy struck Natalia’s family, she had to decide who was in the right and who was wrong. Cristiano or Diego, both are brothers but are standing on different sides. Diego continues to stick by her and they develop feelings. Is he there for right reasons or using her? Cristiano has been gone but once back will it change what Natalia believes happened that terrible night. Both brothers want her but who will she choose?
nicolereads More than 1 year ago
How much I LOVE this book! I'm astonished on the author's ability to craft this intricate story, it's just incredible how you are capable of building the Violent Delights world in your mind through every detail the author carefully put into the storyline. From moment one I was easily lured in by the many questions that came to mind with just the first few pages. I was like a kid in a candystore, dying to taste every bit of the sweet temptation that surrounded me as I immersed myself deeper and deeper into the cartel world. I was super curious about every event that took place in the Violent Delights timeline, that shaped every trait of each of the characters personalities. Natalia, Diego and Cristiano will make you fall in love with them so deep that even when you should probably hate them, or at the very least, be mad at them, you'll do it passionately for a moment or a bit longer but it won't destroy the love you feel for them, it will probably just put a dent on it. From the layered characters to the complex build up and development in their relationships and how the author beautifully weaves the story with every string of words she puts in it, you'll find out how quickly this one will captivate your attention and how gladly you will give yourself to the angst, the suspense and the sensuality of it. A breathtaking, thrilling and spellbinding story.
Sasha_E More than 1 year ago
Well, Hawkins brought everything to the table with this book. Heat, angst, suspense and twists. This story was the very definition of binge worthy. Get ready to loose sleep over this, because it is just that good. Where do I even start with Natalia. Having been born into a dangerous life, she’s completely aware of her families involvement in organized crime. She’s not your typical damsel in distress in the story. She’s constantly digging for answers and putting herself on the line for her love interest. I really liked her, even though she seemed a tad naive about certain situations. I think that’s because she has dreams of a life outside of the cartel. She’s still hopeful even though her family history has taught her she shouldn’t be. The men in this story are polar opposites. Diego is kinder and gentle. Where as Cristiano is rough and raw. I have so many theories about these two, but I’ll keep that to myself. All I can say is that anytime I think this author is going to go right, she goes left. And with two men in the story , there’s bound to be more nail biting twists and jaw dropping moments. This was so different and yet so completely what I love and expect from Jessica. I can’t wait so see what wild ride she’s going to take us on. I’m ready lady, bring it on.
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
5 gripping stars! Review by Nancy Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Violent Delights by Jessica Hawkins is an angsty, slow-burn, page-turning, perfect beginning to a great series. The cover was what drew me to want to read the book, as she is a new to me author. The words are what kept me engaged and transfixed on this story. Natalia is a princess born amongst the Mexican cartel. She is born to one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico and lost her mother to the cartel. For this, she blames one of the De La Rosa brothers. Strong willed, strong-minded, and determined, she falls in love with the younger of De La Rosa brothers, Diego. But this love story isn’t black and white. Natalia has been away from her home for too long and doesn't plan on going back. Now a California native, she has big plans to bring Diego with her, take him away from the cartel, and start a life with him. That is until her visit back to Mexico has her encountering none other than the older De La Rosa brother, Cristiano. This book had me going back and forth between Diego and Cristiano. Who is the real bad guy? Who really wants Natalia for personal reasons and who needs her to up their game in the cartel? This book was told in Natalia's POV except for two chapters. I think I figured out who I was rooting for in those two chapters. Both brothers are strong, charming and intelligent. Diego has a soft side he shows and Cristiano is rough around the edges, but they both share a weakness, Natalia. Diego is Natalia’s first love. She has always known he was it for her but her body betrays her every time Cristiano comes around. She is physically attracted to him and can’t help but have a reaction every time he is near her. A reaction she doesn’t seem to have when she is near Diego. But Cristiano is the worst kind of criminal, even more so than Diego and she can’t go there with him. Her heart already belongs to Diego. That is, until Diego decides to take matters into his own hand and save his life in exchange for hers. So who is the worst of the two? This ends in a huge cliffhanger! I hate cliffhangers, but this is definitely worth reading. I was at the edge of my seat the entire last part of the book! I was in shock at some of the things that were clear as day to everyone except Natalia. I hope she realizes that her world is about to drastically change, and she chooses the right brother. But I guess just like everyone else, I will have to wait until book two.
JanBookShelf More than 1 year ago
Wow I don’t even know what to say other than Jessica Hawkins just delivered such an amazing and unforgettable story. Just when you think Jessica couldn’t give us another epic book, she gives us Violent Delights. Please note that if you’re going into this book you need to keep in mind that it is a SERIES. Violent Delights is a story about a girl who she wants to be happy with the love of her life. Natalia hasn’t had an easy life, but she is working on making it better with the guy who she loves. I loved Natalia, she’s such a queen, she loves hard, and truthful to who she is and what she wants. The last thing she expects is to be stuck in between two broths. Diego and Cristiano… wow, I got to say, I was going into this story loving the good guy but ended p loving the bad boy who I know isn’t who he claims he is. Diego and Cristiano have one thing in common, and that is they both want the same girl. Get ready for the suspense, the shock, the thrill, and the unforgettable story you’re about to read. I cannot wait for book two…. Do we really have to wait until June for the next book?? THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!
Lbzoza More than 1 year ago
Oh my wow! I’m speechless and wishing it was June! I loved this book! It is different and wonderfully written!
Gibsongal More than 1 year ago
Holy Hell!! This book! I’m honestly just mind blown! It was so good, I would give it 10 freaking stars!!! The suspense, the twists, just everything is blowing my mind! I have a love hate relationship with book! It tugged every string in my body! I can not wait to read this need the next book!!
Gibsongal More than 1 year ago
Holy Hell!! This book! I’m honestly just mind blown! It was so good, I would give it 10 freaking stars!!! The suspense, the twists, just everything is blowing my mind! I have a love hate relationship with book! It tugged every string in my body! I can not wait to read this need the next book!!
berry_nice More than 1 year ago
I'm so happy and super beyond excited for the rest of this series. This book was an amazing introduction of all the characters. Many characters and especially Diego, Natalia and Cristiano. I did NOT expect what I got from this story #Great Yes, I was stoked to read it and once I found myself in their world I couldn't turn away. The setting in Mexico was a nice change. Jessica Hawkins IMO did an amazing job with the Spanish that is used throughout. QUOTE ~ “Once a man gets a taste of power, his need for it surpasses hunger. It’s a sickness that demands more.” ~ ~ Excitement. Action. Betrayal. Loyalty. Deception. AND LOVE the blind kind. QUOTE ~ I give honesty where I get it. You’ll find me dead before you find me a liar.” ~ ~ QUOTE ~ “This is a game, Natalia, and you have to play— or you’ll lose. Learn your lesson should someone care enough to teach you. And never doubt that you are a prize to hold tight.” ~ ~ I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
"What just happened?" is what I said at the end of Violent Delights. There are two men who love Natalia dearly. They are her protectors, her wildest dreams. The only problem is that they are brothers. I am still unsure where their relationship as brothers stand. There is only one common denominator and that is our lovely Natalia. Is this a love triangle? Honestly I have not drawn a conclusion for that question. I am left with so many thoughts of what will happen next! From the beginning it was a flurry of a mess happening. A tragedy in Mexico that scars 9 years old Natalia. The monster lurks in the shadows. A hero takes a bullet for the innocent child. But what happens when you think you have this story figured out was just an illusion. I have no idea who is the villain of this story. Is it Cristiano as everyone perceives him to be? Or is it Diego who Natalia loves with all of her being. The ending blew my mind! I am barely hanging on as I need book two to get my answers. I am rooting for Cristiano for now. But that can all change with the next book. The chills are still running down my spine. What A Story!
DeeSwan19 More than 1 year ago
WOW!!! Loved this book!!! I devoured this one!! COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!! Jessica never disappoints with her storytelling and this one was no different!! Cannot wait for the next book!!!
Aras40 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the White Monarch series and it immediately sucks you into Natalia, Diego and Cristiano's world. This is a fast-paced, dark, emotional read with a great slow burn romance thrown in. Since this is the first book in the series, expect a cliffhanger, but it really just makes the anticipation for book two that much more sweeter. This book has all the angst that I would expect from a Jessica Hawkins book. I cant wait for the next one!
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in Ms. Hawkins new trilogy and it's a mafia story done right. So many twists and turns. There is so much angst and steam. I could not put down this book! If you pick up this book you will be sucked in right away. And what a cliffy!!! Can't wait for book 2!
shabbyarora More than 1 year ago
A sweeping tale of tumultuous love, set against the backdrop of vicious world of Mexican cartels. They're bloodthirsty people low on tolerance of betrayals and treason. A heady saga of power hungry men and what they won't sacrifice to grab it. Love...Life....Loyalty!! “Once a man gets a taste of power, his need for it surpasses hunger. It’s a sickness that demands more.”  Dark grey clouds of murder and treachery hang low and growling over the entire cast of characters. Each character suffers and I did with them.  I fell in love with tender kisses of Diego, was scared and thrilled with Cristiano, sympathized with Costa. Trapped in this swirling thunderstorm I found a delicate butterfly, Mariposa- The White Monarch! Natalie Lourdes King Cruz  “She is a heavenly creature cut from the finest cloth with which God had to work. A fabric so fine, that to be dressed in it is to be a king, and to forget anything that came before it.”  But right now She's a pawn!  The three men in her life are seemingly set to ruin her life Costa King Cruz- her indulgent & grieving father Diego De La Rosa- her childhood first love And Christiano De La Rosa- her worst nightmare, her fierce protector and her heart slayer It's a very intriguing & colourful story. Most of the time my heart was in my mouth. Double crosses and nefarious dealings crisscrossing its landscape. The narration was volatile & dangerous. The mood very dreadful and horrific. So many hints of gruesome violence in the background made my heart thud faster throughout the story, I was running full speed ahead without a pause button. It's an unputdownable read. I can't wait for next book to see what does freedom buy!! 5 stars for webs of deceptions 
CarolN27 More than 1 year ago
Violent Delights is a sensual tango between three people. Jessica Hawkins leads you around the dance floor as she introduces us to strong willed, intriguing characters who cut in and out of the dance with an allure of secrecy. The slow building tempo is enriched with heritage, honor and tradition. Each character more passionate than the next. Closely guarded secrets keep you guessing as Latin heat is cranked up a notch with each chapter. I’m a huge fan of Jessica Hawkins. She absolutely stuns her audience with this forbidden cartel story. Who’s the ‘leader’ and who’s the ‘follower’ is yet to be determined. Book two can’t arrive fast enough.
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
Wow!! Ok. To start this is book one of a trilogy, so yes, there will be a cliffhanger and I am not going to lie, it's a stunner! That all being said, this series gets off to one heck of a start. Dark, emotional and intense, this book introduces you to the characters and the story starts to unfold. With a plot that features Mexican Cartels , an unhappy Mafia Princess and brothers that are enemies, you know that you better "buckle up", because things are going to get gritty, raw, intense, emotional, steamy and dangerous! I'm already fully invested in Cristiano, Natalia and Diego's story and need more right now!
Jenny_B_AZ More than 1 year ago
What a tangled incredible web Jessica has thought through in bringing this story to life. Natalia is the princess in a Mexican drug cartel and her life is uprooted when her mother is murdered. She has always relied on her confidante Diego who is estranged from his brother Cristiano. This book has so many complexities to it and given this is the first book the foundation is laid for an incredible journey ahead. All I can say to keep this spoiler free is I think the characters have all been described and brought to life in the most amazing of ways and I love all the intricacies of them. Lines are blurred at times and being a cartel book you have no idea who is truly trustworthy in the whole scheme. The characters have such great dimension and left me questioning everything I had based my original opinion on which I loved. Book 2 -- it's time.......
jenzny More than 1 year ago
Wow! I'm not certain that I have the words for this story. I wanted to read it as fast as I could yet... I was scared to read more.. if that makes any sense. It was a heart-throbbing, suspenseful, mysterious read. I will tell you for certain that I really loved Natalia's character. She is a strong, loyal, devoted woman. Not sure what to make of the guys yet... But love triangles feed my soul, so I'll be counting down the days until June.
RLLind More than 1 year ago
I tend to go into books blind. I rarely read reviews. And while I did on this one, I don’t often read blurbs. The blurb on this book got my interest up, but I really didn’t expect such a masterfully plotted book. There were so many things about this story that had me sitting on the edge of my seat, gripping at my heart as I chewed my fingernails to shreds. From the moment I met Cristiano, I was intrigued - and considering the circumstances, I have to wonder how messed up that makes me. He was billed as a viscous monster, a brutal murderer. And yet, from the very start, something in me screamed that what was happening wasn’t right. I needed to know the truth, and I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what it was. Diego and Natalia seemed so right together, and yet something - perhaps the same thing that had me begging for a deeper look at Cristiano - was whispering quietly that there had to be something wrong. How is it that I crave the monster while questioning the protector, the lover, the man of my dreams? That is the mastery behind this book. It has me questioning myself, questioning right and wrong, and salivating for more of this amazing story. And yes, this is a trilogy, but I’m so glad that it is. Because I’m not done with this. I need more Cristiano. I need to unwrap the mystery that’s hiding within Diego. And I need more of Natalia’s special brand of courage. This book ended with the most perfect kind of cliffhanger - the perfect resolution to so many things, the perfect promise of all the dark and delicious things to come.