by Al E. Gateson

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Viper by Al E. Gateson

BOOK DESCRIPTION On 9/11/2001 America declared itself at war with International terrorism. As of this date, this war continues with no end in sight. The controversial war in Iraq rages on to this day not a war with organized opposing armies but one of the might of the united States military and its coalition partners against an undisciplined, motivated army of insurgents waging a guerrilla war. These insurgents and the foreign fighters that make up their number have only one objective in mind and that is to kill the occupying forces and innocent Iraqis in a vicious, sectarian struggle and they don’t mind dying to accomplish this task. This book, for the most part, is concerned with the other facet of the war and that is the one against Al Queda and its evil masters who plan world domination in a world wide caliphate with its capital in Baghdad. It is the intelligence networks with their field operatives who oppose the terrorists in every Western democratic country who hunt their enemy down based on information gleaned from many sources. Among the many dedicated agents from the United States, Britain, France and Germany there is a special international force which has been named VIPER and is funded and manned by all of the above nations. In the story, the headquarters for this unit is in Miami, Florida. Viper goes much further in combating terrorism. It takes the war to the enemy and most of the time, negates the necessity of bringing these enemies of mankind to trial by eliminating them where they find them. Some of their people are in deep cover, working covertly with the terrorists until the opportunity comes to subdue them, others are waiting for an assignment and still others are scanning computer screens gleaning intelligence to be passed on for interpretation. The Viper unit has its successes and it inevitably has its failures but the terrorists have learned that they have a special opponent out there and are starting to look over their shoulders as they prepare to execute their evil deeds.

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Publication date: 05/16/2007
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