Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus

by F. X. Foulke-Ffeinberg



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ISBN-13: 9781880177051
Publisher: Samuel A. Matz
Publication date: 12/28/1998
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

1History and Future of Distant Teaching1
Distant Learning Is Not a New Concept
Electronic Distant Learning is a Relatively New Concept
CIAO is a Brand New Concept
2The Ciao System of Higher Education7
General Principles
Why Rely on Private Enterprise?
Organizational Principles
Who Will Provide the Funding?
3Advantages for Students15
Freedom of Choice
Economic Advantages
4Benefits to the Nation36
Components of College Costs
Taxes for Higher Education
Current-funds Revenues
Current-funds Expenditures for Degrees
Federal and state subsidies to IHE
Hidden Revenues and Expenditures
Indirect or Unfunded Costs to Society
Freedom from taxation
5The Teaching System58
Developing a Course
The Databank of Courses
Future Prospects
6The Testing System66
General Principles
Qualifying for the Tests
Designing the Tests
The Databank of Tests
Universality of Scores
Conditions and Environment
Accrediting Authorities
Obtaining Accreditation
International Accreditation
Operating without Accreditation
Innovative Solutions to the Accreditation Problem
8The Importance of Degrees and Diplomas84
The Monetary Value of a Degree
Are Degrees and Diplomas Necessary?
Declining Value of Baccalaureates
Declining Value of Advanced Degrees
Even an Educationist can Learn
9Tutoring and Other forms of Counseling95
Types of Consultants
10Getting Started with CIAO101
Development Program
Scaling Up
Associations that Promote Distant Learning
11Replacing Certain Functions of Universities109
Post-graduate Training Programs
Training Physical Scientists
Conducting Research Projects
12Athletics and other Subsidized Activities123
Academic Value of Athletics
Collegiate Sports
College Presses
Tax-privileged Competition with Private Enterprise
13Parallel Systems of Higher Education133
Relationship of CIAO to Older Modes of Education
For-profit Training Institutions
14Oversight, Coordination, Standards, and QA136
The Oversight Organization
The Development Group
The Accreditation Commission
15Government-Sponsored edl139
The Western Governors' Association University
Cheap Imitations
The International Market
Campus-administered Distant Learning Systems in the U.S.
What Can We Learn from These Examples?
16Private-Sector edl157
University of Phoenix
ZD Net University
The Teaching Company
Other Ventures
And the Winner Is--
How Will CIAO Fit into the Market?
17The Virtual Classroom is a Blind Alley166
Virtual Classrooms in K-12 Schools
The Internet as a Teaching Resource
Virtual Classrooms in Higher Education
18Hybrid Systems171
Getting in Under the Wire
19Using the Internet175
Hypertext Markup Language
Need to Speed Transmission
Getting Line Time
Utilizing the Internet for IHE Support Services
Dedicated Networks for Higher Education
Web Pages
Domain Names
20Cost Disadvantages of Traditional Colleges184
Factors Causing IHE Cost Problems
Some Causes of Inefficiency
Obfuscation as an Academic Virtue
Is It Possible to Improve Efficiency?
Inefficient Use of Plant
21Wasting Resources on Unqualified Students191
If You Can't Learn, Why Go to College?
Tests are Getting Better
Does Intelligence Affect Learning?
Exploiting Minorities for the Benef't of the University
Matriculation Doesn't Guarantee Graduation
A Plea for Sensitivity
There Is an Answer
22Resources Wasted on Recreational Students204
Career Students
Recreational Students
Education for the Elderly
Turning their Lives Around
Continuing Education
Non-citizens and Prisoners
23Motives for Attending College213
College as a Personal Goal
Reasons for Choosing a Particular College
24Inefficient Utilization of Personnel217
Monetary Compensation
Pay for Hours Spent in Teaching
Value of Perks
Research Time
25CIAO Corrects the Inefficiences of ihe227
CIAO Corrects Plant Inefficiencies
CIAO Corrects Personnel Inefficiencies
CIAO Eliminates the Exploitation of Students
Every Student Pays His Way Under CIAO

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