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Collections of encores are commonplace in the recording catalogs, but violinist Leonidas Kavakos comes up with something new here: a collection of showstoppers. With a couple of little Russian tunes from Stravinsky to ramp up, and Fritz Kreisler's arrangement of Dvorák's "Humoresque in G flat major, Op. 101, No. 7," to wind things down, the rest is a nonstop cavalcade of extreme violin, with the various national traditions of the great virtuosos (Sarasate, Wieniawski) and composer showpieces (Richard Strauss and, unexpectedly, Benjamin Britten) providing variety. It all builds to Paganini's "Variations on God Save the King" (track 14), which you can sample for a taste of the violin's outer possibilities: it's one of Paganini's really over the top pieces and is for some reason less well-known than the others. Kavakos tosses off the whole thing with trademark nonchalance, and really this is a program that would have blown the minds of an audience a century ago and still amazes today.

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Release Date: 04/08/2016
Label: Decca
UPC: 0028947893776
catalogNumber: 002454402
Rank: 171618


  1. Russian Dance, transcription for violin & piano (after Petrushka, with Samuel Dushkin)  (02:51)
  2. Mavra, opera buffa in 1 act: Chanson russe (The Russian Maiden's Song)

    1. Chanson russe (The Russian Maiden's Song)  (04:10)
  3. Caprice basque (Capricho vasco), for violin & piano, Op. 24  (05:24)
  4. Romanza andaluza y jota navarra, for violin & piano, Op. 22 (Danzas Españolas Nos. 3 & 4)  (05:03)
  5. Recuerdos de la Alhambra, for guitar  (02:41)
  6. El Sombrero de tres picos, ballet in 2 parts, G. 53: Danza del molinero

    1. Danza del molinero  (02:36)
  7. Capriccio on "Nel cor più non mi sento", for violin solo in G major, Op. 38, MS 44: Introduction and Variations on "Nel cor più non mi

    1. Introduction and Variations on "Nel cor più non mi sento"  (12:50)
  8. Capriccio-valse, for violin & piano in E major, Op. 7  (06:14)
  9. Der Rosenkavalier, opera, Op. 59 (TrV 227): Waltzes

    1. Waltzes  (07:55)
  10. Ruralia Hungarica, pieces (3) for violin & piano, Op. 32c: Andante alla zingaresca ("Gypsy Andante")

    1. Andante alla zingaresca ("Gypsy Andante")  (06:01)
  11. Reveille, concert study for violin & piano  (05:13)
  12. La capricieuse -- morceau de genre, for violin & piano, Op. 17  (04:05)
  13. Valse sentimentale, for piano (or violin & piano) in F minor, Op. 51/6  (03:00)
  14. Variations on "God Save the King", for violin & orchestra, Op. 9, MS 56  (06:34)
  15. Humoresque No. 7 for piano in G flat major, B. 187/7 (Op. 101/7)  (04:01)

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