Visions in Mathematics: GAFA 2000 Special Volume, Part I pp. 1-453

Visions in Mathematics: GAFA 2000 Special Volume, Part I pp. 1-453


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ISBN-13: 9783034604215
Publisher: Birkh�user Basel
Publication date: 03/22/2010
Series: Modern Birkh�user Classics
Edition description: 2010
Pages: 454
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword.- Program of the Conference.- Gauss-Manin determinant connections and periods of irregular connections (S. Bloch and H. Esnault).- Problems in Hamiltonian PDE's (J. Bourgain).- On a classical limit of quantum theory and the non-linear Hartree equation (J. Fröhlich, T.-P. Tsai and H.-T. Yau).- Rough structure and classification (W.T. Gowers).- Spaces and questions (M. Gromov).- Classification of infinite-dimensional simple groups of supersymmetries and quantum field theory (V. Kac).- Geometrization in representation theory (D. Kazhdan).- Geometric and unipotent crystals (A. Berenstein and D. Kazhdan).- y-functions of representations and lifting (Appendix by V. Vologodsky)(A. Braverman and D. Kazhdan).- PDE as a unified subject (S. Klainerman).- Lessons for turbulence (A. Kupiainen).- The mathematics of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (E.H. Lieb and J. Yngvason).- Discrete and continuous: two sides of the same (L. Lovász).- Pythagorean and Platonic conceptions in XXth Century physics (Y. Ne'eman).- 1. Classical and modern topology; 2. Topological phenomena in real world physics (S. Novikov).- some problems in the theory of dynamical systems and mathematical physics (Ya.G. Sinai).- Some geometrical concepts arising in harmonic analysis ( E.M. Stein).

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