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Visions of an Enduring People: A Reader in Native American Studies / Edition 2

Visions of an Enduring People: A Reader in Native American Studies / Edition 2

by Walter C. Fleming, John G. Watts

ISBN-10: 0787274399

ISBN-13: 9780787274399

Pub. Date: 01/01/2000

Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

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Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company
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Table of Contents

Part 1Culture
Chapter 1Everything Has to Be in Balance3
Chapter 2Men Who Are of the Good Mind11
Chapter 3Crow Kinship Systems19
Chapter 4From Blue Horses Rush In31
"Sometimes On Summer Evenings"
"Notes for the Children"
Chapter 5Shadow of a Nation: The Crows, Once Proud Warriors, Now Seek Glory--but Often Find Tragedy--in Basketball37
Chapter 6A Woman of the People55
Chapter 7Meatless Pemmican: Indian Tribes, Identity, and Pan Indianism in 20th Century Culture67
Chapter 8American Indian Identities: Issues of Individual Choices and Development87
Chapter 9This is How They Were Placed for Us117
Part 2History, Policy and Law
Chapter 10Commentary: The Cost of Columbus123
Chapter 11Federal Indian Policy: A Summary137
Chapter 12In 1864149
Chapter 13Politics of Allotment153
Chapter 14A Clear signal from Congress is Needed on Indian Rights171
Chapter 15Indian Rights Deserve International Protections177
Chapter 16Sacred Lands and Religious Freedom185
Part 3Contemporary Issues
Chapter 17Native Americans at a Glance199
Chapter 18The Reburial of American Indian Remains and Funerary Objects207
Chapter 19The Tribe Called Wannabee: Playing Indian in America and Europe215
Chapter 20Notes from Indian Country: Mascots249
"Pepsico Stand Against Mascots Is the Right One Baby"
"Mascot Issue Won't Go Away and Neither Will Indian People"
Chapter 21Prophets for Profit253
"Lakota Rituals Being Sold"253
"Medicine Men for Rent"255
"Sacred Pipe Keeper Fears Feds Will Step In"259
"After The Sweat: Caviar, Wine and Cheese"263
"False Prophets Will Suffer"265
"Oh Shinnah; Prophet for Profit"267
"Paid Ads Call Her 'Medicine Woman'"272
"Sun Dances Take Place on Artificial Turf"274
"Is Lame Deer Society of Europe Real?"277
"Sacred Pipe Center of Debate"281
"'Ticket to Ride' on the Good Red Road"286
"Patchwork of Rituals for Sale"289
"'Spiritual Orphans' Peddle Religion in Great Round"291
"'Real Sex' Offends Cherokee"295
Chapter 22Gaming: The Apex of a Long Struggle299
Chapter 23Diabetes Among Native Americans319
Chapter 24The State and the American Indian: Who Gets the Indian Child?337
Chapter 25The Fragile Grandparent355
Chapter 26Reading the Clouds: Native Perspectives on Southwestern Environments375

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