Visions of the Rapture and Unseen Realm: While Experiencing a Life Similar to Job's and Visions Beyond the Veil, an Angel Showed Me the Rapture.

Visions of the Rapture and Unseen Realm: While Experiencing a Life Similar to Job's and Visions Beyond the Veil, an Angel Showed Me the Rapture.

by Glenda Dumas


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Visions of the Rapture and Unseen Realm: While Experiencing a Life Similar to Job's and Visions Beyond the Veil, an Angel Showed Me the Rapture. by Glenda Dumas

The Lord shall descend from heaven with the voice of the archangel. The angel that I saw may be Michael. Michael and Gabriel are the only archangels that are mentioned in the Bible. Michael appears to have a key role in the end-time plan of God. Therefore, it may be a strong guess that Michael is the angel that I saw and communicated with about the Rapture. I also have a special message for gang members, drug abusers, adults, teenagers, and the youth. I wrote my visions down for you to know what is out there waiting for you on the other side of the veil. I peeped over and saw some things that were good and witnessed a horror that was beyond my wildest dreams. Most of you have not read the Bible, and a number of you who have, act as though you have forgotten what is in it. I often encounter people, old and young, who say that they can’t understand the Bible. Therefore, I use a number of verses that are taken directly from the Bible to support the visions that I have seen. I am doing this purposely to acquaint you with a book that you all know but very seldom pick up to read. Hopefully, it will be a reminder that the Bible is inclusive of everything from the beginning of time to the end. Most of these Bible verses are self-explanatory.

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ISBN-13: 9781504368056
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/30/2016
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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Visions of the Rapture and Unseen Realm

While Experiencing a Life Similar to Job's and Visions Beyond the Veil, an Angel Showed Me the Rapture

By Glenda Dumas

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Glenda Faye Bryant
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6805-6


Why Me?

A veil or covering keeps the people on earth from looking into other dimensions. I don't know exactly what it is or what it is made of at this time. However, I do know that someone is watching us and taking notes on the things that we do and say. Our very thoughts are also recorded somewhere out there beyond the veil. Yet, at times the veil opens, and angels and demons may slip through. Angels may come with messages to help or warn us. Demons come to harass, intimidate, and harm us. They have a resolve to do everything in their power to deny our entry into heaven to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Most of you should be mindful of what is waiting for us beyond the veil. We are to know right from wrong, but most of us don't show it. There is definitely someone watching us. However, we choose to believe and live as though we are the masters of our fate. Where are you going?

The last days of man's quest for peace on this earth are coming to an end. The stage has been set for Armageddon to take place. This is the war that the Bible states is the last and most horrific battle that will involve Israel, and end in the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to set up His kingdom on earth. The violence and horrors that take center stage each day here on earth have signaled that the time is near. The villain, the deceiver in the form of the Antichrist, is about to take a bow. The Antichrist is the world leader that will bring the world to this last battle as he lays out the plans for the tribulation of the time that is about to emerge from this increasingly violent world.

Many established prophecy teachers know the Bible and have an audience for their words of knowledge. Many books have been written about God, Jesus Christ, the end-times, angels, and demons. We also have the Bible, which has been the standard for Christian believers. The Bible gives a history from the beginning of life: the redemption of man by Jesus Christ, and the time of God's judgments that are to befall His rebellious children. For many years, I have relied on my Bible, pastor, and prophecy teachers on the television to help me understand the messages of Christ and the prophets. However, I never imagined that I would be favored to witness the awesome power of our Lord and Savior. Therefore, I must explain all of the negativism that I encountered before yielding to the Lord and completing this book.

I love the Lord, but I am not a preacher with a huge congregation. I don't hold an office in my small town, and some people have never heard of me. However, the Lord allowed me to observe the manner in which the Rapture will take place by being transported into the future. I actually saw three visions that I attribute to the Rapture; witnessed horrifying visions from beyond the veil; survived being transported into towns populated by demons, and so have a better understanding of Satan's world; and witnessed angelic and demonic activity. To my knowledge, I don't recall anyone, or any books or movies, having this type of understanding about the Rapture. I devote most of my writing to the Rapture because this event was life-changing for me and was actually my first life-changing vision. I must warn you that this book is not for the fainthearted. However, if you love horror stories, please read my true story. Lastly, if you love the Lord, I believe that you will understand and believe my message.

A lesson learned: we have control over demonic activity or influences in our lives because demons can't control us if we don't let them. I realized very quickly that they are afraid of people who are truly filled with the love of God. The main role of demons is to intimidate us and make us afraid. Satan and his demons will flee us if we don't give them an audience. Will you try it and give the Lord a chance? I did by filling my life with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to control my daily activities.

In this book, I address the dreams and visions that the Lord has given to me. I use biblical verses to explain what the Lord has shown me because the Bible explains itself very well. There may be repetition of verses and statements because this book began as a narrative and was presented in the order in which I received these visions, and later I organized the material for a book. Please know that I am continuously adding information as I receive it until publication. I try to be very precise and descriptive in the documentation of these dreams and visions and offer some explanations as to their meaning as the Lord leads me. Also, I want to make it clear to my reader that I am not really differentiating between the terms dreams and visions, because I don't know the difference according to the Bible's usage.

"For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.

"In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed" (Job 33:14–15).

The book of Job above states how God speaks to man. There can be no doubt that God speaks to us through dreams and visions of the night when one is in deep sleep or slumbering (napping). I want to state that I view some dreams as random occurrences of things that happen to us. Some dreams can be a rambling collage of the day's or past days' memories. Conversely, a vision is an occurrence that has meaning and in which one is physically present. A person has a mental picture of everything that goes on, although there may not be a clear understanding at the time. One's cognitive skills or mental abilities to think, analyze, or process these visions are at their highest level, as though one is awake. I often experience pain, touch, and smell in visions. Also, time continuum is definite in a vision. Visions are of the moment, and one's body is physically present in a vision. Visions may also occur during the dream stage of sleep. I must admit that I just don't know the Bible's definition of dreams and visions but have tried to convey a meaning through my personal experiences because I was asked to give a definition by an acquaintance.

I use the terms interchangeably because the Bible states that messages come from the Lord through dreams and visions. I really don't have a definitive explanation for either term and will use them as stated. I do, however, know when I am having a regular dream during the night, and I can differentiate between visions that I receive from the Lord. I actually state in one of my visions, "I am in a vision." In my visions, I am aware of what is happening around me and to people who are asleep in the house. All of my visions have truly captured my mind and heart. I truly feel blessed.

I must admit I was hesitant and confused about these visions when they started coming to me. I prayed and cried for answers, and continue to ask the question, "Why me?" I am a Christian, and I love the Lord with all of my soul. I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer for me to enter heaven. However, I remain in awe of searching for an answer as to why I was chosen to witness these visions: how the Rapture will take place; a waiting area outside of heaven for the dead; diversities in demons; and, a vision of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While being troubled for several years about the vision of the Rapture and more, my reluctance intensified when I received a day, not the date, but a day for the Rapture. Please understand that I am not setting a date. Do not let this message of a day encourage anyone to consider setting a date for the Rapture. This is not my purpose. Let me add here that Satan knows what is happening in his world (earth), and he tries to counterfeit God's actions by inserting his thoughts in our dreams. Again, I am not setting a date, and neither should you.

In any case, I decided to share my messages with family and friends. Some of my family was hesitant at first, but soon realized that something was going on that could not be explained through normal processes. My friends began to look at me differently and made no comment. I shared the fact with them that I was receiving some of the same messages as a couple of evangelists on television. One of my friends stated that she doesn't look at the evangelists on television. I don't know why, because I can truly state that for all of you who don't watch a couple of these shows that I would recommend, you are missing out on a tremendous amount of history and knowledge. Some of these people research ancient manuscripts and are very knowledgeable of the past as it relates to scripture. There are several shows that I never miss and totally enjoy watching for the news and history lesson. Also, a number of these evangelists are stating that this is the time for the Lord to reveal His mysteries to His church. And, the Lord is choosing the people He wants to deliver His message. Also, I must note, some of us are seeing the same visions. For me, that is confirmation that what I am witnessing is true.

Please understand that I am an educated person. My visions are very vivid and very real. One day, I thought it would be nice to have the entire family see the things that my children and I are seeing. I really wanted the rest of my family to be witnesses with us. Therefore, I prayed and asked the Lord to let some of my family members see some of these visions and dreams. First, I had them to fast, pray together, and take communion each day. As of September 13, 2010, some of my relatives are now witnesses to visions too. We are dreaming dreams, seeing visions, and hearing things that are miraculous. Some of us are witnessing odd occurrences during the day while we are awake. Therefore, we know that we are not delusional and suffering from some form of sleep deprivation. These visions are real, and one doesn't have to be asleep to see them. I am truthful when I state, "We would not make these stories up." These are dreams and visions that we are seeing, and now are warning you of the imminence of the Rapture. This has got to be one reason for the Lord to allow us to be witnesses to these visions because we have nothing to gain for ourselves by inventing stories about the Lord God and our Savior Jesus Christ. In fact, I think that anyone who is bold enough to invent lies about the Bible or Jesus Christ may be doomed with the rest of an unbelieving world. People, please believe me: I have nothing to gain but everything to lose by inventing lies. I could lose my soul, and I am not trying to do that. I am telling you a truth that the Lord has allowed me to see, and about which to testify. And I have written this material in this book and described it as accurately as I remember. I would imagine a person would be doomed to hell if he or she were to invent lies about dreams or visions similar to what I have seen.

Believe me, I am too afraid of the visions that I have seen to lie about them: the good and the bad. Also, I don't think anyone could invent stories that you are about to read. My daughter and I were shown godly miracles and satanic occurrences as they relate to the world. I will not try to discuss the visions that others have seen. However, we were allowed to observe both worlds in our dreams and visions.

I found that a number of people don't believe in the Rapture. People believe in the supernatural power of demons and paranormal activity. Why is it difficult to get people to believe in the powers of God? There are too many people who try to challenge the powers and wonders of God and correlate them with some natural occurrence to make the Bible's statements appear less significant. Believe me, the God of Abraham is in the miracle-working business, and we are about to witness all of His power.

This is my testament to the visions that I saw. My apprehension continues to grow as I write the visions down and actually see them on paper. I also contacted several television evangelists and asked them for help because of my lack of expertise. The response was as expected. One program tried to assist me in identifying one of their programs that featured a woman who saw the same thing that I saw in heaven. Another program, Prophecy in the News, with Dr. J. R. Church and Gary Stearman, gave me permission to use quotes from its monthly magazine. I want to personally thank Mrs. Linda Church at this time for being so helpful.

After years of being troubled in my mind, I finally submitted to the Lord and asked Him to be my guide after encountering doubt from people who know me, and people I thought may have been as overwhelmed with this information as I. It is very difficult to change people's attitudes about beliefs that are well established in their minds and hearts from years of being educated in their various faiths. I am sincere when I state, "I am not trying to change anyone's beliefs." I am, however, trying to share with you the visions that the Lord has shown me. I feel as though I am encountering brick walls as I try to get my message to people who can make a difference, but as the Bible says, "Christians are long-suffering." And believe me, I am suffering to get this message out. I don't know if the people who have seen this manuscript believe in the Rapture or disbelieve in me. This undertaking has truly been a challenge.

It took some time for me to realize that this book is something that I have got to take charge over and get it out to the world. The Lord, also, reminded me that Jesus spoke in parables because His message was not for everyone when He came to the earth. Similarly, my message may not be for everyone either. Therefore, before you condemn me, please know who you are with the Lord.

As I continue to write, I gain information that I don't remember writing. I also lose information when I try to put too much of me and my thoughts into this book. At one point, I lost sixty pages in one week. As this continues to occur, it is my belief that I have divine assistance in writing this book. Believe me when I state that one publisher looked at me and said, "No one is going to believe you when you make statements like that: God giving you something to write?" Anyway, this is my belief; it may not mean anything to you. Again, I am not a biblical scholar, but I read my Bible daily and pray that I am worthy. People, I am not under any influence other than the Lord. I want to be His messenger. I am filled with the fire of the Lord, and I want to share a message with you.

With many prayers and family supporters, I have grown stronger, and feel that I am now ready to reveal the visions that the Lord has given to me. I think this is my assignment, to let the world know what to expect. I can truly say that I have submitted to the Lord, and I am prepared to take on any critics. I consider myself a warrior for the Lord because many of the things that I saw in visions are happening now, and only the Lord could have shown me these visions before they happened.

"At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes" (Matthew 11:25).

Some prophets, preachers, and teachers profess to know all there is to know about our Lord and Savior. However, many things that are hidden from the wise and prudent are being revealed unto babes. I don't consider myself to be a babe in the natural sense, but I do consider myself to be a neophyte or novice as I try to relate my knowledge about the visions and dreams that I am experiencing. Moreover, I continue to ask, "Why me?"

Several friends read my manuscript and stated that I would have trouble convincing others of my visions because they felt that everything God wanted us to know was already written and was in the Bible. They stated, "The Bible is it. There is nothing new to write about! God is not raising up any new prophets." I agree that I am quite baffled by these revelations that I have been privileged to see. However, I do know that I purposely sought the Lord by fasting and praying, and I think He answered me with these dreams and visions. One may also have a problem with me stating that I saw these visions because I am not a preacher or prophet. With that said, let me remind you that Jesus did not choose a rabbi or a religious man to follow Him while He walked on earth. In addition, I draw a comparison for the reader by using Bible verses as the Lord leads me (a noted Christian author told me that I would have trouble convincing people of my visions by using this kind of language). I don't know any other language to use, other than to tell you the truth as I saw it and not by my interpretation. Additionally, we are to know when the Rapture and tribulation are near, according to the Bible. If we are to know this, I do believe that the Lord will let some of us see, hear, and identify the time, which I believe is now. Lastly, if my friends' statements are true, then Acts 2:17 would not be true for the last days.


Excerpted from Visions of the Rapture and Unseen Realm by Glenda Dumas. Copyright © 2016 Glenda Faye Bryant. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Why Me?, 1,
Prepare For Visions, 10,
My First Vision of the Rapture, 12,
Daniel's Interpretation of a Vision, 18,
My Second Vision of the Rapture, 24,
My Third Vision of the Rapture with a Day, 35,
A Vision and Counterfeit Vision, 39,
Why Dreams and Visions, 42,
The Dream that Kept on Going, 48,
Earth after the Rapture, 55,
Know When the Day of the Lord Is Near, 60,
The Law and the Prophets Hang on these Commandments, 63,
Excessive Drug and Alcohol Use Make Demons Show Up and Show Out, 68,
Why God Doesn't Hear Some Prayers, 72,
Peeping and Communicating beyond the Veil, 76,
A Message for Abortionists, 80,
Surviving the Time of Testing Like Job, 83,
City of Demons, 88,
The Holy Spirit Speaks through Me, 92,
Hand-to-Hand Combat with Demons, 98,
Confrontation with a Dracula-like Demon, 100,
Vision of Jesus Christ, 103,
Signs of the End-Time, 105,
A Message to People Who Are in Power, 109,
Cursing and Using the Lord's Name in Vain, 115,
A Message for Our Youth, 117,
Conclusion, 127,

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