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Visions Volume 2 by C Edward Sellner, Bryan Baugh, A. David Lewis, Barry D. Yelton

Horror. Suspense. Science Fiction. Fantasy. The Old West. Superheroes. Visions is an ongoing collection of some of the finest illustrated fiction by today's writers and artists, from short stories to novellas to serialized novels. These illustrated tales may span the beginning of time to the far-flung future, but they are connected by a shared universe. These are characters who can, and in many instances will, run into each other from time to time, developing the universe they inhabit-and expanding the universe you will hold in your hands. Volume 2 contains the following: A. David Lewis blurs the lines between the Visionary Universe and our own in Hour Come Round At Last by revealing the secrets of The Powers That Be who control everything you see and read. In the age of magic, a mysterious thief causes no end of aggravation for the elite ruling class. Greydeere is written by award-winning author Dianne K. Salerni. Barry D. Yelton contrasts the horrors of the American Civil War with the horrors of the supernatural in Man At Arms. Years after a devastating nuclear war pushed humanity to the brink, a hunter follows a strange set of tracks with One Bare Foot, by sci fi author Bernd Struben. Nathan Meyer pens a sword and sorcery tale with a horror twist as a no-nonsense fighter is hired to protect a beguiling sorceress in A Warrior's Prayer. A classic tale of horror by Rudyard Kipling, The Mark of the Beast, is revised and presented by Kurt Michaels. A police officer is caught between a bizarre supernatural creature and an enigmatic team of monster hunters called The Forlorn Hope by Michael S. Katz. A scientist has perfected faster than light travel-but why would anyone kill to keep the technology hidden? The Stars, The Stars... is by C. Edward Sellner. A magic drawing book that can bring its pictures to life finds its way into the hands of an unknowing young boy who likes to draw monsters. When the creatures become killers, can the boy put a stop to the rampaging creatures? The second of three parts, The Drawing Book Monsters is by Bryan Baugh. C. Edward Sellner's serialized history of the Visionary Universe continues with part two of Genesis: The Books of Creation, setting the stage for the epic battle between light and dark, chaos and order.

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ISBN-13: 9781932045239
Publisher: Strider Nolan Media
Publication date: 12/01/2009
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 9.00(w) x 6.00(h) x 0.58(d)

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