Vital Signs for Cancer Prevention: Protect Yourself from the Onset or Recurrence of Cancer

Vital Signs for Cancer Prevention: Protect Yourself from the Onset or Recurrence of Cancer

by Xandria Williams


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Vital Signs for Cancer Prevention suggests that cancer is a two-phase process. In Phase One you do not yet have, and may never have, cancer, but predisposing factors—poor diet and digestion, toxins, adrenal exhaustion, and blood sugar imbalances, among others—can progressively and cumulatively increase your likelihood of developing it. Phase Two begins when the first permanent, transformed or cancerous cells form and are not destroyed by your defenses. Understanding that the predisposing factors of the first phase lead toward the second can help you prevent the onset of cancer by correcting or minimizing those that apply to you.
Author Xandria Williams takes a natural therapies approach to healing cancer—one based on an understanding of nutrition, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, osteopathy, and energy medicine—rather than one based strictly on medicine, drugs, and surgery. She sees cancer as a problem that affects the whole body, not just the organ or system that is faulty, and thus her recommendations are systemic rather than aimed specifically at the tumor. Her main emphasis is on a series of scientifically validated tests (many of which can be self-administered) she proposes that provide vital information as to the state of your health. She also describes the CA profile, a test that can indicate the presence of permanent cancer cells within the first six weeks and possibly years before a tumor can be detected, allowing a crucial warning and the time to start an effective recovery program. Williams suggests a number of supplements, specific foods, and other remedies (detox procedures, stress reduction) to correct any of the predisposing factors that could, with a final trigger, move you from Phase One to Phase Two of the cancer process.
You will learn how to avoid cancer if you have not yet developed it, avoid recurrences if you are in remission, and overcome cancer if you have been diagnosed with it.

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ISBN-13: 9781583944530
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 07/24/2012
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 1,284,896
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 8.82(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Xandria Williams, ND, is an expert in the fields of biochemistry, human metabolism, nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and psychotherapy. She has been a practicing naturopath for 30 years, specializing in cancer for most of the past decade. Williams has been head of the Nutrition and Biochemistry departments at several colleges in Australia and the UK and has appeared frequently on radio and television. She has written 20 books and more than 400 articles on health care.

Table of Contents

Introduction and General Concepts 1

Part I A New Approach to Cancer

1 Overview 7

2 An Alternative Approach 21

3 The Cancer Process 29

4 What Is CAM? 33

5 Prevention-It's Critical 45

Part II What to Do, and How Much at Risk Are You?

6 Your Anti-Cancer Program 57

7 Do You Have Cancer? 65

Part III The Predisposing Factors

8 Predisposing Factors and Risk Factors 73

9 #1: Poor Diet 77

10 #2: Macronutrient Errors 109

11 #3: Vitamin Deficiencies 129

12 #4: Mineral Deficiencies 145

13 #5: Faults of Your Digestive System 151

14 #6: Poor Liver Function 183

15 #7: Toxins--The Silent Killers 191

16 #8: Fatigue and Faulty Energy Production 225

17 #9: Faulty Glucose Metabolism 233

18 #10: Faulty Neurotransmitters 245

19 #11: Stress and Emotional Issues 253

20 #12: Exhausting Your Adrenal Glands 271

21 #13: Underactive Thyroid Gland 279

22 #14: Poor Immune Function 285

23 #15: Faulty Estrogen Ratios 297

24 In a Nutshell 303

Glossary 309

Appendix A Inflammation as a Predisposing Factor for Cancer 319

Appendix B The Cells of Your Immune System and What They Do 323

Resources 325

Notes 341

Index 359

About the Author 376

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