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ISBN-13: 9781852428426
Publisher: Serpent's Tail Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 01/01/2005
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.70(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Ron Butlin was born in 1949 in Edinburgh where he now lives. Having worked variously as a footman, a male model and a barnacle scraper on Thames barges, he has become one of Scotland's most acclaimed writers.

Table of Contents

The lives
Vivaldi, the jumping cardinal, God and the number 33
Vivaldi and the heavens' multicoloured luminous stars9
Vivaldi learns a new skill17
Alma Mahler leaves the nineteenth century behind21
How Bach won the battle against modern technology29
Beethoven's response to the hanging gardens of neglect33
Johannes Brahms goes in search of his first symphony41
The fairy-tale science-fiction world of Antonin Dvorak49
Haydn learns to put his demon to good use57
Mozart tries out a major career move65
Schubert and the magic business card71
Travelling via San Francisco and the moon: seven days in the life of Robert Schumann81
Jean Sibelius is invited to run away and join the circus89
Richard Strauss and Pharaoh Amenhotep IV - their dreams95
Tchaikovsky decides which world he belongs to107
Tafelmusik and cat-scarers: a brief biography of the real Georg Telemann111
The Mighty Handful versus the rest of the world121
The letters
How Composer Q chose a better life131
Girls, glamour and real estate: the secret life of Composer X139
How recent, irreversible changes in the world have affected the life of Composer Y145
Composer Z explores the emptiness lying beyond the end of the alphabet149
The thoughts
David Hume and the pixels of gratification157
Nietzsche breaks through the cycle of eternal recurrence163
Seneca comes to the Southside169
Socrates celebrates the opening of the first supermarket177
The last word
Nadia Boulanger has the last word185
Notes about the composers and philosophers193

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