Vocal Groups: Classic Doo Wop

Vocal Groups: Classic Doo Wop


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Release Date: 08/29/2006
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065777524
catalogNumber: 7775


Disc 1

  1. Nagasaki
  2. Sweet Georgia Brown
  3. Sweet and Slow
  4. Swing Is the Thing
  5. My Walking Stick
  6. I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
  7. If I Didn't Care
  8. Knock-Kneed Sal (On the Mourner's Bench)
  9. Whispering Grass
  10. Hey, Doc!
  11. That's the Rhythm
  12. I Like Pie, I Like Cake
  13. Milk Shake Stand
  14. I've Learned a Lesson I'll Never Forget
  15. The Blues Can Jump
  16. (I Wonder) Where Is My Love
  17. Hoe Cake, Hominy and Sassafras Tea
  18. Ooh Looka There Ain't She Pretty
  19. Wig Blues
  20. Write Me a Letter
  21. Around About Midnite
  22. Ever Lovin' Slick
  23. It's Too Soon to Know
  24. Five O'Clock Blues
  25. Jumping Jack
  26. Rival Blues

Disc 2

  1. Too Much of a Little Bit
  2. What's the Matter with You
  3. Lemon Squeezing Daddy
  4. Please Don't Leave Me
  5. My Baby's Gone
  6. How Could You
  7. One More Time
  8. Will You Be Mine
  9. Sixty Minute Man
  10. Make Me Thrill Again
  11. Mary Jo
  12. Ting-A-Ling
  13. Stormy Weather
  14. Eyesight to the Blind
  15. The Glory of Love
  16. Lonesome Baby
  17. Good Googa Mooga
  18. Just Walking in the Rain
  19. I Wasn't Thinkin', I Was Drinkin'
  20. Money Honey
  21. Gee
  22. I Found Out
  23. A Sunday Kind of Love
  24. Get with It
  25. Baby Please
  26. I-Yi

Disc 3

  1. Be Bop Wino
  2. Feel So Good
  3. Goodnite, Sweetheart, Goodnite
  4. Fine as Wine
  5. Tell Me
  6. Big Leg Mama
  7. Don't Let Go (Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me)
  8. Is It a Dream
  9. Work with Me Annie
  10. Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream)
  11. Hearts of Stone
  12. Baby Let Me Bang Your Box
  13. The Stars Are out Tonight
  14. Rice, Red Beans and Turnip Greens
  15. Gloria
  16. Riot in Cell Block No. 9
  17. Oop Shoop
  18. Grief by Day, Grief by Night
  19. What Do You Do
  20. Mary Lee
  21. Love Me Girl
  22. Trying to Get to You
  23. Buick '59
  24. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)
  25. Newly Wed
  26. Your Cash Ain't Nothin' at Trash

Disc 4

  1. Smokey Joe's Cafe
  2. You Didn't Learn It at Home
  3. Witchcraft
  4. Chop Chop Boom
  5. Rollin' Stone
  6. No No Cherry
  7. My Angel
  8. I'm Leavin' (Clickity Clack)
  9. The Door Is Still Open
  10. That's Your Mistake
  11. Baby Let's Play House
  12. Be Bop Baby
  13. And I Need You
  14. Hug a Little, Kiss a Little
  15. I Need You So
  16. When You Dance
  17. At My Front Door
  18. Lonely Nights
  19. Red Hots and Chili Mac
  20. Bye Bye
  21. A Story Untold
  22. Don't Play No Mambo
  23. Peace and Contentment
  24. Nobody Knows
  25. Tears of Love
  26. The Great Pretender

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnny Otis   Drums
Hank Ballard   Vocals
Vernon Green   Vocals
Clyde McPhatter   Tenor (Vocal)
Bobby Nunn   Bass
Arnett Cobb   Tenor Saxophone
Tiny Grimes   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Harris   Tenor (Vocal)
Red Holloway   Tenor Saxophone
Barney Kessel   Guitar
Norman Simmons   Piano
Tuts Washington   Piano
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Chamblee   Bass,Guitar,Piano,Drums,Tenor Saxophone
Norman Brown   Guitar
Billy Williams   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Otis Williams   Vocals
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Richard Berry   Bass,Vocals
Steve Gibson   Guitar,Vocals
Thurston Harris   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Gloria Jones   Vocals
Joe Lamont   Baritone
Herb Reed   Bass
Jimmy Ricks   Bass
Sam "The Man" Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Sonny Thompson   Piano
Bernard Addison   Guitar
Clarence "Sleepy" Anderson   Vocals
Louis Armstrong   Trumpet,Vocals
Abie Baker   Bass
Chuck Barksdale   Bass,Vocals
Prentiss Barnes   Bass
Lefty Bates   Guitar
Gil Bernal   Tenor Saxophone
Howard Biggs   Piano
Louis Bradley   Tenor (Vocal)
Johnny Bragg   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Ted Brinson   Bass
Melvin Butler   Tenor (Vocal)
James Cannady   Guitar
Chuck Carbo   Vocals
Jake Carey   Bass
Zeke Carey   Tenor (Vocal)
Earl "Speedo" Carroll   Vocals
Grady Chapman   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Clifford Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Mario Delagarde   Bass
Duncan   Drums
McKinley Easton   Baritone Saxophone
Frank Fields   Bass
Clarence Ford   Baritone Saxophone
Vernel Fournier   Drums
Panama Francis   Drums
Edward Frank   Piano
Harvey Fuqua   Vocals
Joe Gaines   Tenor (Vocal)
Carl Gardner   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Rex Garvin   Vocals
Cliff Givens   Bass
Johnny Green   Guitar,Vocals
Gerald Gregory   Bass
Cornell Gunter   Vocals
Rene Hall   Guitar
Ralph Hamilton   Bass
Leroy Henderson   Vocals
Margie Hendrix   Vocals
James Hudson   Vocals
Ed Jackson   Vocals
Rodney Jackson   Bass
Obie Jessie   Vocals
Donald Johnson   Vocals,Baritone
Jewell Jones   Tenor (Vocal)
Jimmy Keyes   Tenor (Vocal)
Pete "Guitar" Lewis   Guitar
Clarence Mack   Bass
Alan Martin   Vocals
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Donald Mills   Vocals
Harry Mills   Vocals
Herbert Mills   Vocals
Jimmy Moore   Vocals
Pirkle Lee Moses   Vocals
Gene Mumford   Tenor (Vocal)
Matthew Nelson   Bass
Nate Nelson   Tenor (Vocal)
Richard Nickens   Bass
Earl Palmer   Drums
Richard Parker   Vocals
Robert Phillips   Vocals
Sonny Sanders   Vocals
Mike Stoller   Piano
Jesse Stone   Piano
Edwin Swanston   Piano
Zola Taylor   Vocals
Ty Terrell   Tenor (Vocal)
Ed Thurman   Tenor (Vocal)
Ernest Warren   Tenor (Vocal)
James Waters   Baritone
Viola Watkins   Piano
Harold "Doc" West   Drums
Williams   Vocals
Ira Williams   Vocals,Baritone
Tommy Williams   Vocals
Tony Williams   Vocals
Quinn Wilson   Bass
Eddie Rich   Vocals
Marcell Sanders   Bass
William Stewart   Guitar,Baritone
Paul Wilson   Baritone
Danny Joe Crump   Piano
Doles Dickens   Bass,Vocals
John Drue   Tenor (Vocal)
Tom Fox   Vocals
William "Shorty" Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Rudy West   Tenor (Vocal)
Bill Westbrook   Tenor (Vocal)
Sonny Til   Tenor (Vocal)
Harold Lucas   Baritone
Matthew McQuater   Tenor (Vocal)
Pico Payne   Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Seneca   Vocals
Charlie White   Tenor (Vocal)
Harold Winley   Bass
Earl-Jean   Vocals
John Berry   Vocals
Obadiah "Scoop" Carter   Vocals
Opal Courtney   Baritone
Edison Gore   Drums
Otto "Jeff" Jeffries   Vocals
James Martin   Vocals
David McNeil   Bass
Gus Miller   Bass
Robert O'Neil   Tenor (Vocal)
Lowman Pauling   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Springer   Piano,Vocals
Norval Taborn   Baritone
Andrew Thrasher   Baritone
Gerhart Thrasher   Tenor (Vocal)
James Van Loan   Tenor (Vocal)
Harry Van Walls   Piano
Banks   Vocals
Raymond Barnes   Tenor (Vocal)
Clarence Bassett   Tenor (Vocal)
Henry Booth   Tenor (Vocal)
Rolland Bradley   Vocals
Romaine Brown   Piano,Vocals
Randolph Bryant   Baritone
Alden Bunn   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Byrd   Vocals
Papa Clark   Vocals
Eddie Daye   Bass
Herman "Junior" Denby   Bass,Tenor (Vocal)
Curley Dinkins   Vocals
Laverne Drake   Vocals
Cleveland "Cleve" Duncan   Vocals
Billy Emery   Vocals
Carl Feaster   Vocals
Claude Feaster   Baritone
Willie Ferbee   Bass
Ira Foley   Bass
Charlie Fuqua   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Gaither   Guitar
William (Dicey) Galloway   Baritone
Gerald Hamilton   Bass
Ripley Ingram   Tenor (Vocal)
Orville "Hoppy" Jones   Bass,Vocals
Bill Kenny   Vocals
James Maddox   Baritone
Harold Major   Tenor (Vocal)
Maithe Marshall   Tenor (Vocal)
Floyd McRae   Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel "Sonny" Norton   Tenor (Vocal)
Danny Owens   Tenor (Vocal)
Joe Penn   Vocals
Richard Penniman   Piano,Vocals
Joyce Peterson   Vocals
Maryland Pierce   Tenor (Vocal)
Matthew Platt   Tenor (Vocal)
Leonard Puzey   Tenor (Vocal)
Willie Ray Rockwell   Vocals
Thermon Ruth   Baritone
Alexander Sharp   Tenor (Vocal)
Dickie Smith   Baritone
Jimmy Springs   Vocals
Charles Sutton   Baritone
Johnny Tanner   Vocals
Bruce Tate   Baritone
Dexter Tisby   Tenor (Vocal)
James Coco Tyson   Vocals
Bernie West   Bass
Willie Winfield   Tenor (Vocal)
Sonny Woods   Bass
Leonard Carbo   Vocals
Jimmy Swan   Vocals
Harold "Money" Johnson   Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
Chuck Norris   Guitar
Floyd McDaniel   Guitar,Vocals
Raymond Taylor   Guitar
William Dempsey   Tenor (Vocal)
Julius Caleb Ginyard   Tenor (Vocal)
Bob Kornegay   Bass
Joe Maxon   Vocals
Leroy McNeil   Vocals
Bob Pease   Bass,Vocals
Florence Pleasant   Piano
Val Poliuto   Vocals
George "Bon Bon" Tunnell   Piano,Vocals
Nooruddin Zafar   Drums
Bill Davis   Baritone
Warren Suttles   Baritone
Johnny Reed   Bass
Irving Charles   Guitar
Mark Jackson   Guitar,Tenor (Vocal)
Norris Mack   Bass,Piano
Mickey Owens   Bass
Vernon Britton   Vocals
Walter Adams   Guitar
Henry Austin   Vocals
Allene Matthews   Vocals
Richard Thomas   Bass
Walter Spriggs   Vocals
Pat William Best   Baritone
Joe Duncan   Vocals
Alfred Frazier   Vocals,Baritone
Albert Evans   Vocals
Austin Powell   Guitar,Vocals
Barry Lee Gilmore   Vocals
David Lynch   Tenor (Vocal)
Billy Wilson   Vocals
Melvin Chapman   Bass
Willie Chapman   Drums,Vocals
Robert C. Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Shirley Gunter   Vocals
Charles Middleton   Vocals
Leonard Bibbs   Bass
Howard Doug Daniel   Bass,Vocals
John H.R. Mills   Guitar,Vocals
James Williams   Baritone
David Ford   Vocals
Bobbie Brooks   Vocals
Leon Carter   Baritone
Eric Miller   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Richards   Baritone
Bobby Baylor   Baritone,Tenor (Vocal)
Lamar Cooper   Bass
Slim Furness   Guitar,Vocals
Frank "Jake" Hardy   Bass
Francis Henry   Baritone
Oliver Howard   Vocals
Earl Hurley   Tenor (Vocal)
Edward Jackson   Tenor (Vocal)
Frederick Johnson   Guitar,Baritone
James Long   Tenor (Vocal)
Ronald "Poosie" Miles   Tenor (Vocal)
Earl Plummer   Tenor (Vocal)
Arthur Porter   Guitar
Ernie Price   Vocals,tiple
Harvey Ray   Baritone
Willie Ray   Tenor (Vocal)
Eugene Stapleton   Tenor (Vocal)
Rollie Willis   Vocals
Joyce James   Vocals
James "Sally" Nolan   Baritone
Henry "Shorty" Womble   Tenor (Vocal)
Leon Hardy   Bass,Vocals
Bernard Dixon   Tenor (Vocal)
Walter Stephenson   Baritone
Ronald Cuffey   Vocals
Bass Robinson   Bass,Vocals
Patrick Ross   Vocals
Johnny Lee Moore   Tenor (Vocal)
Curtis Williams   Bass,Piano
Donald Peak   Vocals
Lucky Enois   Guitar,Vocals
Gennelle Hawkins   Tenor (Vocal)
Hal Hebb   Vocals
Lester Harris   Drums,Vocals
Horace Palm   Piano
Albert Veal   Tenor (Vocal)
Ben Iverson   Baritone
Meredith Brothers   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Sam Aydelotte   Guitar,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
James Marshall   Piano,Vocals
Johnny Carter   Tenor (Vocal)
Grover Barlow   Vocals
Annette Williams   Vocals
Fanita Barrett   Vocals
Tom Duckett   Piano
Tommy Braden   Bass,Vocals
Paul Gusman   Drums
Thurman "Red" Cooper   Drums,Tenor (Vocal)
Josephine Reed   Tenor (Vocal)
Andrew Goodwin   Vocals
Lionel Cobbs   Vocals
Joe Dandy   Vocals
Kenneth Perdue   Vocals
Lonnie Carter   Vocals
Charles Fitzpatrick   Vocals
Howard Green   Vocals
Leroy Griffin   Vocals
Ray Jr. Grant   Guitar,Vocals
Bill Brown   Bass
George Nelson   Baritone
Matthew West   Vocals
Herman Dunham   Tenor (Vocal)
Ivory Watson   Vocals
Roy Richards   Tenor (Vocal)
Billy E. Brown   Bass
Rick Edwards   Bass
Bobby Joe Lester   Tenor (Vocal)
Lee Allen Orchestra   Tenor Saxophone
Drifting Johnny Smith   Baritone
Henry Abrams   Bass
Buster Banks   Vocals
Arthur Bassett   Tenor (Vocal)
Jimmy Bethea   Bass
Count Cablo   Baritone
Melvin Carr   Vocals
Sonny Chaney   Vocals
Alfonso Feemster   Tenor (Vocal)
Sam Fickling   Vocals
Maggie Furman   Alto
Jim Gordon   Bass
James Griffen   Vocals
Jerry Halfhide   Vocals
Andrew "Chet" Jones   Bass
David Jones   Baritone
Doretta Jones   Vocals
Leoporte "Chink" Kinney   Tenor Saxophone
Lula Bee Kinney   Soprano
Ty Terrell Leonard   Tenor (Vocal)
David Martni   Tenor (Vocal)
Jackson "Flap" McQueen   Bass
John "Buddy" Morris   Baritone
Clarence Moten   Bass
Ira Mumford   Bass
Jimmie Nabbie   Tenor (Vocal)
Robert C. Nesbary   Piano,Tenor (Vocal)
Curtis Nevils   Vocals
Monteith "Monty" Owens   Guitar,Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Paige   Tenor (Vocal)
Edward Parton   Vocals
Oscar Robinson   Baritone
Paul Roby   Baritone
James Sherman   Piano
Charles Strider   Vocals
Gene Strider   Vocals
Jim Strider   Vocals
Lula Mae Suggs   Harmony
Mildred Taylor   Drums
Willie Thrower   Bass
Carlos Tollerver   Vocals
Chandler Tribble   Tenor (Vocal)
Alexander Walter   Tenor (Vocal)
Gilbert Warren   Vocals,Tenor (Vocal)
Fred Washington   Vocals
Obie Washington   Tenor (Vocal)
Booker T. Weeks   Tenor (Vocal)
Earl "Ricky" Wells   Vocals
Charlie Williams   Baritone
Fred Williams   Vocals
Matthew Williams   Vocals
Ray "Buddy" Wotten   Vocals
Buford Wright   Bass
Doc West   Vocals
Arthur "Boxy" Williams   Tenor (Vocal)
Matthew McKinney   Bass (Vocal)
Joe Jones   Guitar
John "Buddy" Bailey   Vocals
Henry Jones   Vocals
William Walker   Baritone
James Campbell   Tenor (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Louis Prima   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Buck Ram   Composer
Ben Bernie   Composer
Rube Bloom   Composer
Johnny Bragg   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Buddy Killen   Composer
Johnny Mercer   Composer
Eddie Miller   Composer
Lois Roisman   Composer
Charlie Singleton   Composer
Neil Slaven   Liner Notes
Mike Stoller   Composer
Rudy Toombs   Composer
Billy Ward   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson [II]   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Maceo Pinkard   Composer
Kenneth Casey   Composer
Anita Leonard   Composer
Rose Marks   Composer
Stan Rhodes   Composer
Robert Riley   Composer
Blondie Taylor   Composer
Barbara Belle   Composer
Deborah Chessler   Composer
Joe Duncan   Composer
Shirley Gunter   Composer
Peacheroos   Composer

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